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Never Hatred Always Love by hermharry
Chapter 8 : Who did it?
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Never Hatred Always Love

Chapter 8

It was finally the end of winter break and all of Lily and James’s friends were back. It was New Years Eve when they returned and the Gryffindor’s held a big party in their common room for people of all years. They had butter bears and cakes of many kinds that the house elves happily baked when the marauders went to the kitchen and asked.

Lily and James never left each other’s sides except for when they had to use the bathroom or for bed. It was ten o clock and all of the first years were starting to get a little tired. Everyone else was still awake and partying. Music from the wizarding world’s most popular band, The Smashing Wizard’s, played over a muggle technology called a CD player.

The boys plus Lily and Jewel were in one corner of the room watching James and Sirius play a high heated game of Wizard’s chess. Sirius, the best chess player in a century was winning of course. Jewel was cheering for Sirius and Lily was cheering for James, even though she knew he was going to loose.

The rest of the girls plus Peter (some of the guys think he might be gay, as most of his friends besides Remus, Sirius, and James, are girls!) were on the other side of the room, semi dancing and talking about different fashions.

By Eleven O’clock a lot of first years were sitting on the couches in sort of a daze as they are supposed to be in bed by nine. Some of the second years were with them. Sirius and James had just finished their game and Lily was assuring James that he would win one of these days.

By Eleven Fifty all of the first years were leaning against each other with their eyes closed. The second years were like the first years were at eleven and some of the third years were starting to sit down. Everyone started cheering as the marauders started to lift up Lucious Malfoy’s knickers on a pole. At midnight they were going to take them down and throw them out the window to the forbidden forest.

“Five, four, three, two, ONE!” Everyone in the common room shouted together, “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” The marauders looked around for James and Lily to throw the knickers out the window but they were still kissing from when the clock struck twelve since it is a common tradition.


The next day at breakfast the whole school was very quiet. Every common room had had a new years party and stayed up very late partying then of course, cleaning up!

All of a sudden the doors to the great hall burst open and everyone turned to see who caused the big noise. Standing at the open doors very red faced was Lucious Malfoy. He was wearing his robe but didn’t look very comfortable.

“WHO DID IT?” He yelled.

Everyone just turned to their friends and started whispering and some from Gryffindor started snickering.

“You!” Malfoy walked up to James and pointed his finger at him.

“Whatever do you mean?” James asked sweetly.

“You know what you did!” Malfoy shouted in James’s face.

“Actually, I have no idea what you are talking about, there is nothing wrong with your hair, nose, clothes-wait Malfoy, are you hiding something from the class that you would like to share?” James asked Malfoy who was standing with his legs very close together and his face getting redder by the moment.

“No, I am quite fine thanks!” Malfoy said stomping off out of the great hall.

Everyone in the great hall, including Dumbledore started laughing.

“I’ll tell you James, that was like the best practical joke that we have done on him all year!” Peter said rather loudly.

“Oh, so it was you?” Severus Snape growled listening in on their conversation, standing behind James.

“Um, Um, No-of course not.” Peter whimpered.

“Actually Snape, it was us, but you know what would happen if you told anyone what we did so you better back off!” James said slyly.

Snape turned around sharply and also left the great hall slamming the doors shut behind him.

At the beginning of the year, the marauders all agreed to pull a large prank on Snape and Malfoy.

They thought day and night about pranks to pull and finally one day in late September, they completed it. They went down to the kitchens and slipped simple love potions in all of the Slytherin table’s food.

They went to dinner later that evening and everyone was laughing. The reason they were laughing was because all of the boys at the Slytherin table had eaten a lot, since they were pigs, the more they ate the more in love with someone else they would be. It turns out that the marauders wish came true because Malfoy was trying to kiss Snape and was chasing him around the great hall quite unsuccessfully as Snape was in love with his dear potions professor, Frankenstein.

Snape found out who pulled the prank and James, Sirius, and Remus all had detentions. (Nobody would believe that Jewel, Lily, or Peter would do such a thing) After the detentions, the marauders decided to pull a prank just on Snape and he never ever told again.

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Never Hatred Always Love: Who did it?


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