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Never Hatred Always Love by hermharry
Chapter 4 : The Shopping Frenzy!
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Never Hatred Always Love

Chapter4: The shopping frenzy!

The girls and the guys split up when they got to Hogsmeade to look for dress robes for the ball. The girls insisted on surprising the boys on what they were going to wear.

The girls walked into Dress Robes for Scholars, one of the nicest junior sized dress stores in the town.

“Oh my God, Lily look at this one it would go so nice with your skin and eyes!” Jewel said holding up a pretty emerald green spaghetti strap dress.

“I like it Jewel but I was hoping for something a little lighter colored!” Lily said looking at it, thinking hard.

“Oh my God, Jewel this is definitely the dress for you!” Lily said holding up a light blue dress that would match Jewels pretty blue eyes, and it also had little Jewels running along the top of the tube top, and along the bottom too! It was really pretty!

“I love it Lily, I’m going to try it on right now!!!” Jewel said grabbing the dress from Lily’s hand.

Lily looked all around the shop then she saw it. “Wow!” She breathed out. It was baby light pink, and was a tube top, and it was tight at the top, then went out a little bigger at the bottom. It was the prettiest dress Lily had ever seen.

“That dress would look beautiful on you dear!” The old saleslady said. “What size are you?” Lily was very short and skinny so she wasn’t sure if they would have her size.

“Um I’m not sure you will have it in my size.” Lily said gloomily.

“Well then we can use our fitting spell and fit it to you!” The lady said.

“Ok then, well I’m a three!” Lily said happily.

“Well then your in luck we do have one left, this dress was made for skinny people like you!” The salesclerk smiled!

Lily blushed and took the dress from her, “thank you ma’am!”

Lily rushed into the dressing room and tried on the dress. She had to admit, she did look good in it! She felt like a princess.

She stepped out to show Jewel.

“Wow Lils that looks great on you!” Jewel said in awe.

“Wow you look great to my Jewel! That dress really suits you!” Lily said.

“Oh my God, we are running out of time, we have to buy accessories now!!!” Jewel said quickly running into her dressing room to change.

Now it was a lot easier for the guys.

Sirius bought a dark blue dress robe and James bought a dark black one. They both looked very handsome.

They met the girls back at the station so they could all go back to Hogwarts together. The girls each had like ten bags so the boys offered to help.

“We can do it thank you!” Jewel said.

They got back to school and the girls rushed up to their room to get changed!

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