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Never Hatred Always Love by hermharry
Chapter 3 : A sad Event
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Ok all of the original characters belong to JKR all of the rest are mine!

Never Hatred Always Love

Chapter 3: A sad event

The time at Hogwarts went by quickly, with Lily’s friends, the marauders plus Jewel; she had the time of her life. Before everyone knew it, it was the beginning of fourth year. When they were all in first year James proved to be the best flyer during class that he was automatically accepted as Seeker of the quidditch team. Sirius was accepted at the beginning of third year as keeper, and Remus (Thanks to Buri, for correcting me, sorry ‘bout that, didn’t have a book w/ me when I was writing this so, well you know!) was accepted to the team at the end of the year as a beater. As for Peter, well Peter tried out every year as chaser and still hasn’t made it. Jewel actually made the team too! She was a chaser!

It was right before the annual Halloween Ball when Lily and James’s owls flew into the common room.

Lily took her letter and read it carefully.

“Oh my, James, what are we going to do?” She cried out falling to the floor.

“What is it Lily, James?” Sirius asked.

“Lily, we’ll be ok, we will take care of ourselves, just me and you, together!” James said bending down next to her, whipping a tear off of his own face, before whipping away hers.

“Lily, James, what is it?” Remus asked.

“Well, now that the dark wizard Voldemort is coming to power, he is killing as many muggles as he can.” James said.

“What does that have to do with you?” Remus asked.

“Well Lily and I live in a muggle neighborhood and well, it was attacked and both of our parents were killed.” James explained tearing up again.

“Oh no, what are you going to do?” Peter asked.

“Well, we could ask Dumbledore if he would let us stay here over the summer?!” James said asking Lily and telling everyone else.

“That would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it Lils?” Sirius asked, bending over also, to face Lily.

“Yes, I guess that would be ok, I’m just going to miss my parents.” Lily said, starting to cry.

“Don’t worry Lily, I’ll miss mine too, but we’ll get through this together, don’t worry!” James said trying to lighten her spirits, (Just to let you know, James hasn’t asked her out-Yet!!)

“Ok, I’m sure we’ll be ok together, and if we aren’t, we still have Petunia!” Lily said, a smile cracking on her face for the first time in a hour.

“She wasn’t killed?” James asked, sort of disappointed.

“No, She was at her boyfriends house when it happened.” Lily explained.

“Oh, great, just who we want to see live!” James said sarcastically.

“Hey, even though she’s not my favorite person in the world, she is still my sister.” Lily said punching James playfully.

“Well ok!” James laughed.

Later after everyone went to bed, James and Lily stayed up late by the fire talking about their parents. By the end of the night James felt he had the courage to ask Lily something very important, well to him!

“Lily?” James asked.


“Will you please come to the Halloween ball with me?” James said after a deep breath.

Lily paused then a big smile formed on her face, “yes James, I would love to go to the ball with you!”


“Of course!” Lily said, giving him a hug.

He wrapped his arm around her and she rested her head on his chest then they both fell asleep.

“Oh Lily, James, smile for the camera!” Sirius smirked at took a wizard picture of the two of them sleeping on the big oversized chair by the fire at 8:30 the next morning, (it was a Saturday and Halloween night, also Hogsmead (how do you spell that??)weekend.

“Oh my Gosh, Sirius, give me the camera!” James said waking up.

“What is it?” Lily asked also waking up.

“Oh nothing!” The two pranksters said solemnly.

“Sure!” Lily said sarcastically.

“Oh, we really have to get to breakfast, I have to go to Hogsmead to buy a dress robe!” Lily said frantically running to her room to change.

“So you asked her?” Sirius asked.

“Yup!” James said happily almost forgetting his parent’s death.

The marauders plus Jewel walked downstairs to breakfast together twenty minutes later.

“So Jewel, who are you going with to the ball?” Lily asked her girl best friend.

“Sirius!” Jewel said.

“Nice going buddy!” James said slapping his friend on the back!

“Good for you guys!” Lily said enthusiastically, “What about you Remus and Peter?”

“Well I’m going with that nice looking girl from Ravenclaw!” Remus said pointing to the table next to them.

“I’m going with a third year, from our house, Melissa Rudy.” Peter said, putting his arm around the short little blond haired, freckly, Gryffindor sitting next to him.

“That very nice!”

“What about you Lils?” Jewel asked her best friend.

“I’m going with James actually!” Lily said smiling.

“Oh my gosh, Lils we have to shop for robes together, lets go!” Jewel said.

“Wait for us girls!” Sirius and James called running after their dates.

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