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Never Hatred Always Love by hermharry
Chapter 2 : Welcome to Hogwarts
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All of the original characters belong to JK Rowling all of the new and few characters belong to me!!!

Chapter 2 Welcome to Hogwarts

Lily was told all about Hogwarts. She was very surprised about it but tried hard to believe James and Sirius and the rest of the wizards and witches that she met, that this was all real.

The Potters took Lily to Diagon Alley to buy there school materials. Lily and James had a wonderful day together. They walked in and out of stores, looked at new brooms, went and picked out owls, and even got fitted for a wand. At the end of the day everyone went to the Three Jolly Bargeman and had a taste of butterbear.

When Lily got home and laid in bed, she thought about going to Hogwarts and how much fun it would be to have classes with James and Sirius and their other friends who Lily was excited to meet, Remeus and Peter.

James told Lily all about the different houses in Hogwarts and all of the competition. Lily and James both secretly hoped that they would be in Gryffindor together.

On the morning that school begun, James and Lily both woke up extra early to get ready. At 7:00AM Lily walked over to the Potter’s house because they would be taking both of the children to the train station. There house was like a mob scene. Everyone was running around, packing James’s trunk, getting his owl into the cage, finding his wand. Nobody even realized that Lily had come in. Finally James got everything together and saw Lily at the entrance of their house looking utterly amused. He walked up to her and she laughed out,

“James, why didn’t you get everything ready last night, so that you wouldn’t have to do all this rushing this morning.

Mrs. Potter walked over to the kids and said, “My point exactly.”

Lily laughed and James just shrugged.

“Ok everybody lets get this show on the road!” Mr. Potter said levitating the two kids trunks to the car.

When Lily and James went through the 9 ¾ barrier, they decided they would stick together. They also decided to find Sirius, Remeus, and Peter.

Once they found them, James introduced her to everyone.

They all seemed nice to Lily, except Peter, he seemed a little shady (sorry I HATE, I mean… I dislike Peter greatly Ahem!).

They found a compartment on the train and talked the whole way to Hogwarts about classes and professors and the houses.

When they got off the train Lily and James heard a powerful voice, “Firs’ years, this ways Firs’ years don’t be shy!”

A giant named Hagrid lead everyone to the boats across the lake and to the head of Gryffindor, Professor MGonnagol.

She lead everyone to the sorting hat and called them all in Alphabetical order.

“Lily Evans!” She shouted when it was Lily’s turn

She walked up slowly, worried that the hat would put her in Slytherin.

Professor MGonnagol put the hat on her head.

“Mm, difficult, very difficult, we’ve got a smart one here, but she is also brave, where should I put you, mm ok, better be, GRYFFINDOR!!!!” The hat said at last.

The Gryffindor table erupted in cheers. Lily blushed and sighed grateful that, that part was over, now just to see if James gets Gryffindor too!

“Remeus Lupin!” MGonnagol shouted going down her list.

The hat whispered something in his ear and Remeus whispered something back, finally the hat called out “Gryffindor!” again the whole table clapped and cheered, Remeus sat across from Lily, who was sitting next to Sirius Black, who also made Gryffindor.

“Peter Pettigrew!”

Peter walked up to the hat, it seemed hesitant but finally called out, “Gryffindor, once more. Lily prayed as he sat down next to Remeus that there wouldn’t be too many boys for James to fit in, surprisingly there were no other first year girls in Gryffindor yet!

“James Potter!”

“Gryffindor!” Lily sighed in relief as James sat down next to her and gave her a hug.

James was also excited, Now Lily and I will get closer then ever! He thought happily.

They all ate their feast happily then went to the Gryffindor common room led by their prefect. It turned out that there was only one other first year girl in Gryffindor. Her name was Jewel Map (ok, I’m writing this in an office and couldn’t think of a last name so I was looking around and found a map!) She and Lily automatically clicked, nothing like James and Lily but they were still close. After Jewel and Lily checked out their room Lily went back to the common room to talk to the boys.

“Alright boys, it looks like we have ourselves a new member to the marauders!” Sirius was saying to the group.

James had told Lily all about his friends group, them not listening to the rules and playing tricks on the bad kids.

“Who is it guys?” Lily asked walking up to them.

“Well we were thinking,” James said blushing and smiling.

“You!” The other boys shouted.

“Really, I can be a marauder?” Lily asked, excited!

“If you want to be!” Sirius said hugging her, as she went around the group, hugging every boy.

“Of course, thank you so much, I feel honored!” Lily said smiling.

“Well, what should our first prank be?” Remeus asked.

“Well me and James were walking around a little when we came to work with our dad’s one day this summer, and met these two boys named Severus Snape, and Lucious Malfoy!” Sirius explained.

“Iw, weren’t they those two weirdoes’s put into Slytherin?” Lily asked.

“Yup!” Sirius said.

“Well anyways, we were thinking we could do a prank on those two sleezeballs first how about it?!” James said.

“Yea!” The rest of the group shouted.

The marauders spent the rest of the night thinking up their first school prank.

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Never Hatred Always Love: Welcome to Hogwarts


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