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She's the only one left by hermharry
Chapter 2 : A scary dream
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I was running through a dark forest and tripped over something sticking up on the ground. I looked down at my shin and there was a deep gash with red blood pouring out of it.

I looked up as a dark figure rose to the ground right in front of me.

“This is the last fight Potty.” It said to me.

“Yes, and that is because you will loose Voldemort.” I replied not daring to look into his snake-like eyes.

“Avada Kedevra,” A green light came out of his wand and hit me square in the chest, I screamed in agony.

“Harry, wake up, Harry, your screaming, wake up.” I heard an angelic voice from above me.

I sat up in bed, sweat running down my face.

“That must have been some nightmare?” Hermione asked me. She went to the bathroom and came back with a cool cloth and started whipping my face with it.

“Hermione, you don’t have to do this every time.” I told her, knowing she’s done it about five times previous to now.

“I know, but I want to, I’m worried about you Harry.” She said, lines creasing her beautiful forehead. “So what was the dream about this time?”

I explained to her everything that happened, not leaving out a detail.

“I think you should tell Dumbledore about this one.” She told me.

“I know, but I don’t want to worry him, he has enough things on his shoulder, do you realize how many of his students died this past year?” I asked her.

“Yes I know Harry but still-“

“But still nothing, now you better get back to sleep, it’s late.” I told her, lifting up her chin so I could look into her eyes.

“Cant I just stay here tonight, with you?”

“But they removed everyone else’s beds and if you sleep with me and they find you it could ruin your reputation.” I replied.

“I don’t give a darn about my reputation.” She said crawling on my bed next to me, “Besides how would sleeping with the most popular wizard of our time ruin it?”

“I’m not so popular anymore since most people think everyone’s deaths are my fault.” I said sadly.

“Who thinks it was your fault, I’ll kill them.” Hermione put up her fists.

I laughed, “Have you read the daily prophet lately?”

“Ah, I don’t care about that junk anymore.” She said.

“Well we better get to sleep before someone comes up here, knowing I’m the only one in my room, wondering why I am talking to myself.” I kissed her forehead and pulled the covers over us.

She buried her head into my chest and I put my arms around her.

‘This feels so right,’ I thought.

“Goodnight Harry.”

“Goodnight Hermione.”

*End of Chapter* I know it was short and pointless but I felt bad ‘cause I haven’t updated this story for awhile and everyone knows I love fluff! Thanks to the people who reviewed!

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She's the only one left: A scary dream


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