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My Love the Sequal by Ginny
Chapter 2 : Hell about to break lose.
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Ginny woke up the next morning in a beautiful large room. It was painted red and the drapes were orange. Her former school colors. There was a large dresser, and full size mirror along with a nighstand filled with yellow roses. Her favorite. She then looked at the bed she slept in. It was a king sized bed with the same colors as the room color and the ceiling was enchanted just as it was at hogwart. She noticed every 5 min. a shooting star would pass. She didn't know where she was. She got out of the bed and walked to the door but stopped dead in her tracks when she heard two familiar voices yelling.
"Padma let me talk to her. Let me explain what happened!" Padama snorted.
"She is asleep right now and do you really think you deserve to talk to her after what you did to her?! I wanna here how you were going to try to explain this to her. What you and her were not screwing? You two got drunk? Come on Hermione I want to hear it. You were alway's the smart one in school can't think of anything now can you." Padma was going to unleesh un holly hell and Ginny knew it. She heared Hermione continue.
"It wasn't like was......" Ginny heared Padma slam her fist on her table.
"You remeber that promise I made you. If you hurt her I will hurt you. And I am going to stick to that promise. If you go near her in anyway I will not hesitate in hurting you." They must have been talking by flu b/c the next thing Ginny heared was a giant whoosh and Padma sighing. She opened the door and Padma swirled around and came face to face with Ginny.

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