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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 38 : Chapter 38 - Joy to the World
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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants

Chapter 38 - Joy to the World

Hello Everyone!! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry that I didn't update yesterday... and I made it up to you by this chapter... which I am very proud of and is long.... hehehe but I must confess that there probably wont be another update till either Thursday, Friday or Saturday, depending on how the week turns out.. I was sooooooo desperate to get it finished for the beginning of my year 10 at school, but I didn't unfortuantly.. but dont you dare worry.. I will never be dis-continuing this sotry!! love you guys!! I am really sorry aboutt eh update. It was my first day of school today for the year and I had to get organised .. which meant going to be early!! so I didn't get to update.. I have not yet written chapter 39.. and I fear of another writers block.. but I will get there! I promise!! just keep updating everyday like I love you to and there will be chapters for you!!.. I need more ideas everyone!! Ideas!!!!! Please??? tell me how you think that title will be incorporated into the sotry... tell what you think will happen next... tell me ANYTHING!!! You dont know how much I love your reviews! specially when you just yack on about anything.. they are soooo interesting.. if you ahve ever gotten a review from me.. you will understand what I mean.. i just... hmm.. BABBLE!!! lol hehehe thanx for the great review everyone! 555 reviews! I cant believe it!!

now if you get bored while I am writing.. here are some stoies you can read!! and you MUST review!!

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If u cant find these stories in the search they are all in my favourites.. yes the humungusly long list of great sotries which I love!! you are very lucky if your story is there. because I have to go over them every month and delete some, so there aren't tooooo many... anyways please review when you've finished this chapter!!

Lotsa love Iced_Cherriez


Harry awoke on Christmas morning not as bright and chirpy as he hoped, but at least he was awake.

“Morning sleepy head! Merry Christmas!” Tonks exclaimed as she kissed the top of his head in a motherly way. Harry smiled and was helped out of bed.

“Did you go last night and get it?” He asked. Tonks frowned but then understood.

“Yes. Its a little boy.” She exclaimed excitedly.

“Can’t wait to see Remus’s face.” Harry said as they made their way into the living room, where Remus was sitting on the couch next to the newly erected Christmas tree.

“Morning, Harry.” Remus said as he yawned. He waved for Harry to sit down on the couch.

“Morning, Remus” Harry replied, also yawning.

Harry sat on the couch and waited for Tonks to sit.

“Okay, who wants to go first?” Tonks asked excitedly.

“Why don’t we both?” Harry asked winking. Tonks took the gesture and ran back into another room.

“Remus this present is from the both of us for you.” Harry said beaming widely.

“Surprise!” Tonks exclaimed as she came out of the room. A small dog-like figure bounded towards Remus on the couch and snuggled into this chest.

Remus’s eyes widened as he surveyed the little creature on his lap.

“Is that -”

“Yep! A genuine and truly cute Wolferine.” Tonks exclaimed. Remus beamed and thanked them.

“You don't know how much I have wanted on of these. But with my condition... I never felt fit to ah - have one.” He told them. He thanked Tonks with a kiss on the lips and looked down at the little wolf.

“What should I call it?” He asked. Harry starred at the little creature in Remus’s arms. He reminded Harry of someone oddly familiar, and with that Harry knew what Remus should call him.

“How about Sirius?” Harry asked. If it was possible Remus smiled even wider and looked down at his new pet.

“Hello little Sirius II.” He cooed.

“Tonks’s turn now!” Harry exclaimed as he placed the newly rapped present in her hands. She looked at the long strangely shaped figure and frowned before tearing off the paper surrounding it.

“A Nimbus 2004!” She screamed and flung herself around Harry’s neck, causing Harry to fall onto the couch again. “My present feels very fitting at the moment.” She picked up the smallest present from under the tree.

Harry could hear the soft fluttering of wings inside and opened it quickly.

A small box fell into Harry’s hand with a small golden, intricately detailed snitch inside. Harry smiled and remembered that the school teams still hadn’t had their first game of Quidditch yet due to the bad weather. Harry hugged Tonks and thanked her for her kindness.

“Now my present for Harry.” Remus exclaimed and Harry smiled as he placed a long rapped box in his hands. Harry carefully unwrapped the delicate rapping of the box and pulled it out into this hands. It was of a dark red coloured wood, which shone on the lights coming from the Christmas tree. Harry noticed two sets of initials were written in the bottom left-hand corner. The newest set of initials was HP, or Harry Potter, but it was the older set that amazed Harry the most. SB for Sirius Black. Harry carefully opened the wooden box which in the velvet insides lay a long knife.

Harry studied it more carefully. The blade of the knife had a small and intricately carved dog running up towards the tip. Around the small creature vines of ivy crept up and wound around the knife's blade.

“Your father gave that to him, you know.” Remus told him and was instantly engulfed in a hug.

“Thankyou Remus!” Harry exclaimed as he placed the box and the knife on the ground next to his boxed snitch.

“And now for my lovely Tonks.” Remus cooed and stood up. He offered for Tonks’s hand, who took his hand and stood up, completely confused.

Remus reached for his pocket and pulled something out. But neither Tonks, nor Harry got a glimpse of, because it went straight behind his back.

Suddenly, without warning, Remus got down on one knee. A look of realisation spread across her face and she smiled so broadly, you would have thought her mouth would split.

“Nymphadora Tonks, you mean the world to me. I can’t go another day without thinking about you. I need you. Will you marry me?” He brought his hand back from behind his back and produced a small velvety box. He opened it carefully and pulled out the ring.

“Yes of course!” Tonks almost shouted in happiness. Remus placed the ring on her small hand and stood up to bring her into a kiss.

“I knew you would say that.” He said as the two lovebirds kissed for the moment, completely and utterly unaware that Harry was still sitting on the couch, a large smile playing across his lips.

The ring that sat on Tonks’s small hand was a big diamond. Tonks studied it harder and noticed it changed colour to what her hair colour was, because at that moment, her hair turned pink in excitement and then yellow, green, purple, blue and then white again. She giggled and hugged Remus, but not before she realised she had something to tell him.

“Remus... I have a surprise for you.” Tonks smiled. Harry tried very hard to hide his own smile, seeing as he knew where this was going. “I don’t know... I don’t know how to say this -” She took a deep breath “Remus, I’m pregnant.”

If someone's jaw was capable of hitting the floor, it was Remus’s. His mouth hung wide open in surprise, but soon it turned into a huge smile, beaming for the entire world to see.

“I can’t believe I haven’t noticed...” He muttered and the two embraced again. Harry had to confess this was probably the best day in both of their lives. Christmas, marriage, baby, puppy, broom... the list went on. Tonks giggled as Remus kissed her stomach, but not before Harry cleared his throat.

“I don’t want to spoil it for you two, but have you seen the time?” He asked as he motioned towards the clock on the wall.

11:45, and they weren't even dressed yet.

“Oh my god! Molly’s going to kill us!” Tonks moaned and rushed out of the room, not before stopping and blowing a kiss at Remus.

Harry sat there for a few seconds after Tonks ran out in smirking at Remus.

“You knew.” Remus said, seeing the face Harry was trying to keep straight. He pulled Harry off the couch and wrestled him to the floor. “You knew, didn’t you!” He said as he pinned Harry to the ground.

“Maybe...” Harry smirked as he got up, but was soon pulled into a brotherly hug. “I wasn’t allowed to tell.”

“This is the best day in the world!” Remus chimed as he let go and picked up Sirius II and carried him into his bedroom.

Harry stood up and pulled his new snitch and knife into his hands and made his way to his own bedroom.

He lay down on his bed for a minute staring at the roof, which for some while seemed brighter than usual.

He pulled off his clothes and got changed into a pair of old, ripped jeans and flip flops. Next to happen was the hunt for a shirt, which Harry was sure would go on forever. Finally he found a black shirt in the corner of his trunk and pulled it on with an old rugby jumper of Dudley's.

He then sat on the bed and started to play with his new snitch, waiting for the others to get ready.

The snitch flew higher and higher to the roof, which it looked like it was going to fly into the morning sky, but just as it did, Harry scooped it into his hands and sat back down onto the couch.

“Well done.” Harry turned to see Remus clapping in the doorway. “You ready?” He asked. Harry nodded and followed Remus and Tonks into the lounge room to the fire place.

“Well let’s go!” Tonks exclaimed as she grabbed some floo powder from the mantel piece and threw it into the fire. “Number 12 Grimmauld Place”.


“Where can they be!? Its almost 12!” Molly Weasley was in hysterics as she paced around the kitchen at Grimmauld place.

“Molly, I am sure they will be here soon.” Albus Dumbledore tried to calm her.

“What it if something happened to them?!” She moaned and climbed the stairs to the living room where a huge Christmas tree was standing. Presents that had been brought there yesterday were sitting in huge piles under the tree, just waiting to be opened.

“I am sure that nothing has happened to them, Mrs Weasley” Hermione told her as she and her parents entered the room from the kitchen.

Suddenly there was a burst of flames and a clumsy figure fell to the ground moaning.

“WHERE ON EARTH HAVE YOU BEEN!” Molly screamed as she helped Tonks up off the ground. Suddenly there was another flash of light and a man holding a small wolf stepped out.

“Harry is coming.” He said, completely obnoxious to what Molly had just said.

Harry suddenly appeared from the fire place as well and saw Mrs Weasley come forward to give him one of her famous bone crushing hugs.

“Where HAVE you been!?” She questioned them, only a notch quieter than before.

“We - ah -” Tonks ran her left hand through her hair, trying to figure out a way to tell everyone.

“What is that!?” Molly asked in an excited voice, pointing to Tonks’s hand. Tonks slowly brought down her hand and noticed the ring. A huge smile played across her lips as she threw her hand in front of Mrs Weasleys face.

Mrs Weasley grabbed Tonks and pulled her into a hug.

“Careful Molly -” Tonks said, as Molly pulled her away, a calculating look on her face. Tonks had to tell them. “Molly, you don’t want to hurt the baby.” She finally said.

“Your -” For once in her life, Mrs Weasley was speechless. She pulled Tonks in for another hug.

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