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Do they Love? by hermharry
Chapter 14 : Finally A cliffy!!!
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Do they Love?

Chapter 14


When Hermione came and got me and showed me our new dormitories I was very surprised. My bedroom was huge as was the bathroom.

“This is great!” I told her.

“Yea it’s really big and did you see the bathtub?” She asked smiling.

“Yes it’s like a swimming pool!” I told her.

We checked out our new rooms until dinner time.

“Ready to leave and go eat dinner?” I asked as I walked over to the chair Herm was sitting on.

“As ready as I’ll ever be!” She said and grabbed my hand.

We walked out the door and into the common room where we met Mon and Ron.

“Hey you guys have to see our new rooms!” Hermione told them.

“Alright we will see it after dinner.”



It was finally the night of the Halloween ball. Ron and Harry were in Harry’s room and Monique and I were in Hermione’s room. We agreed to meet in the head boy and girl common room at seven o’ clock.

“Oh Herm, you look beautiful!” Mon said turning from the mirror and looking at me. I looked in the mirror and was pleasingly surprised at what I saw. My hair was in a bun with sparkles in it. I had on a blue spaghetti strap dress because we were not allowed to wear dress robes.

“Thank you!” I said blushing slightly at my girl-best-friends comment, “you look beautiful too!”

Mon had on a pink strapless dress, pink eye shadow and her hair was down and curled in little ringlets.

“Thanks!” Mon said, “Should we go and meet our men?”

“Ye we should!” I replied laughing.

We walked out into our common room. I walked over to Harry and gave him a hug.

“You look beautiful Herm!” Harry said hugging me back tightly.

“You look very handsome yourself!” I said backing away and looking him over. He had on a black suit and emerald green tie that matched his eyes,

He grabbed my hand and we walked to the great hall together.

“Shall we dance?” He asked me after we ate.

“Of course!”

We got up and danced to the Y.M.C.A. then a slow song came on,

I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist. I rested my head on his chest as my head could not reach his shoulder because he was a lot taller then me.

After the song was over Harry kissed me slowly then whispered, “Follow me, I want to show you something.”

He took my hand and led me to the quidditch field.

“Harry what are we doing here?” I asked.

“Accio Firebolt!” He yelled smiling.

“Oh no!” I yelled, “I am not flying, no way, no how!”

“Oh yes you are, you have to get over your fear sometime.” He said gripping his hand around his firebolt as it flew into his hand.

Before I could refuse again he picked me up and pulled me onto the broom.

“Harry I cant do this!” I cried as I closed my eyes.

“We are already in the air its to late now.” He whispered in my ear.

I gripped onto the front of the broom tightly.

We kept moving upward.

“Hermione open your eyes!” Harry laughed.

“I’m quite content the way I am thanks.” I said gloomily.

“You will love the view.” He said, I could tell he was smiling.

“Fine!” I shouted.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked at the view below us. It was probably the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. We were just above the night clouds, I could see Hogwarts like it was a picture. I saw a unicorn scamper out of the forbidden forest. I had never imagined Hogwarts was as big as it looked now.

“Harry, it’s beautiful!” I squealed when I could talk again.

“Ah, see, I knew you would like it.” He said his grip around my waist loosening.

“Don’t you dare let go of me!” I screamed in his ear.

“Ok!” He said laughing and tightening his grip again.

He flew us about ten minutes away and landed on top of a large mountain,

“Harry where are we?” I asked curiously.

“This is my rock!” He said sitting down.

“Really?” I asked thinking of my favorite poem.

“Yup!” He said slyly. “This is my rock and here I run to steal the secret of the sun; This is my rock and here come I before the night has swept the sky; this is my rock, this is the place I meet the evening face to face.” He said my favorite poem slowly.

“Aw Harry, you memorized it thank you!” I said walking up to him and kissed him.

“Well I wanted tonight to be special.” He said smiling.

“Why would tonight have to be special?” I asked slowly.

Harry took my left hand in his and bent down on one knee.

“Oh my gosh.” I whispered.

Harry pulled a little black box out of his pocket and opened it revealing the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.

“Hermione Elizabeth Granger, will you marry me?” Harry asked sweetly.

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