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Do they Love? by hermharry
Chapter 12 : He\'s gone!!
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Do they Love?

Chapter 12


I woke up feeling very secure because as always I was sleeping next to Harry. Then I opened my eyes and remembered what had happened yesterday on the beach.


“Hermione what’s happening?” Mon asked me as Crab came chasing after us.

“I don’t know but watch out, he’s gaining on us!” I yelled.

“Who is he?” She asked.

“He’s from our school, he’s in the worst house ever with the meanest people in it, and I’m guessing he is now one of Voldemort’s followers.” I explained quickly.

“Oh I see!” She said.

“Grab some food in case wherever they are taking us doesn’t have any, I have a slight feeling in the pit of my stomach that they are not going to feed us!” I told her thinking quickly. We bent down and through food in the pockets of our jeans as quickly as we could.

Suddenly I felt a strong arm pulling me away.

“Harry, help us!” I cried.

Then we screamed more for help and within a second we were at the jail cell.

**End of Flashback**

I suddenly felt alone, I didn’t want to have to lay here awake alone, because if something happened with Voldemort, I would probably get easily captured.

“Harry, wake up!” I whispered shaking him.

“It’s early, go back to sleep.” Harry said groggily.

“I know but don’t forget where we are.” I told him.
“Oh yea, sorry Hun, what’s up?” He asked rubbing his eyes.

“I was scared to be up alone, what if something were to happen?” I said worrying more and more by the minute.

“I’m here, awake now, don’t worry sweetie!” He said sweetly taking my face in his hands warmly.

“Ok Harry, I love you.” I told him.

“I love you too Herm, with my whole heart.” He said leaning his forehead against mine.

I looked him straight in the eye and pulled him closer to me and kissed him more passionately than I ever had (Ok when you’re a hopeless romantic like me trying to put some action into a story you have to incorporate some romance into it! So please forgive me!).


Once we all woke up we got started on thinking of a plan. By the time the sun came up we all had a pretty good idea of what we were going to do. We would all just push every spell we learned on them. Maybe some of them would stun them, hopefully. We would just keep baking up for each other.

“Potter, Voldemort wishes to see you and your friends now.” Malfoy came to our sell and told me.

“We are ready to see him.” I said grabbing Herms hand and walking out of the cell.

“Well then, follow me.” Malfoy said. For some reason he sounded different to me, he wasn’t his usual self, making fun of people, tricking them, he was more like a walking zombie.

We followed him into a large room, he left and told us Voldemort would be in shortly, like it was a doctors appointment, ‘I’m going to need a doctors appointment after this’ I thought still clutching Hermione’s hand tightly.

“I see you have come to try and fight me once more.” The ugliest creature on the planet hissed as he walked into the room.

“I believe we are ready to do so.” I shouted back at him.

“Well then fight on!” Voldemort yelled taking out his wand. I let go of Herm’s hand and pulled my wand out also

We started hitting him with every curse we had learned since year one in Hogwarts. Some of them would slow him down but he was still gaining on us. I kept dodging all of his curses as they were all being sent to me. Suddenly I realized I was all alone with him. I looked for Herm and Malfoy was gripping her in one corner of the room. Ron and Gretchen were on the other corner with Crab and Goyle.

“Your little friends aren’t here to help you now Potty!” He hissed at me in parstletoung.

Suddenly I heard the most soothing voice in my head.

“Harry, be brave, be powerful, you can do this.”

“Mum?” I asked.

“It’s is I Harry, don’t worry, we will be here to help you through this, you can do this Harry, you defeat Voldemort and all of the people that he destroyed will come back.” She said.

“I will do this for you and Dad.” I told her bravely.

“Talking to yourself are you Potter?” Voldemort hissed.

“No, I’m talking to the people you destroyed.” I yelled.

Suddenly it came to me, Sirius taught me this once, it was a killing curse, a simple one at that, but it would kill someone so powerfully if you needed help.

“Aveda Jeinksourpa!” I yelled pointing my want and Voldemorts chest (I have no Idea what curse to use so I used my own!)

He fell down quickly.

“Think you can kill me that easily Potter?” He yelled getting up.

“Avada Kedevra (sry I probably spelt that wrong!)!” We both yelled at the same time.

The blue light from my wand combined with the red light from his.

Suddenly strength was all that mattered. I realized that if my light would over power his I could kill him. His light was growing and I was fighting to hold on. Suddenly I thought of my parents and all of the other poor people in the world that Voldemort killed and felt so much power come to my body.

My light was growing on his and I could tell he was struggling to keep his light. Suddenly I felt stronger and stronger my light was almost to the end.

WHAM! Voldemorts lifeless body went flying across the room and hit the wall.

All of my strength that I had held on to as I was defeating Voldemort that one last time was gone.
Every light I saw went dark.

“Harry wake up, please, wake up.” I heard Hermione’s sweet voice crying out to me.

I slowly opened my eyes and realized I was back in Hogwarts in the hospital wing.

“Harry your awake!” She cried throwing her arms around me.

“Oh Hermione I love you!” I said as I held onto her.

“I love you too Harry, I’ve missed you, I’ve stayed here everyday with your parents looking after you.

“My parents, there back?” I said to her.

“Yes.” She said gloomily.

“Why the sad voice?” I asked her.

“Well now you will spend all your time with them.” She said, “Sorry, I’m happy for you, I’m just sad too.”

“I will probably spend as much time with you as I do them, I love you.” I told her.

“I love you too, and so do they!” Hermione said smiling again.

“How long have I been here?” I asked.

“About a month.” She said smiling and turning around.

I saw a pretty red haired women and a dark haired older version of me but with brown eyes.

“Mum, Dad!” I yelled sitting up, much too quickly. I felt a horrible pain go down my back and in my head.

“Harry its ok lay down!” My mum said in her calming voice.

“I’ve missed you both so much, I never got to know you, and know your right here, this is unbelievable.” I told them smiling and lying back down.

“Mr. and Mrs. Potter, I think I’ll leave you guys alone now.” Herm said smiling and standing up to leave.

“Not so fast Hermione, you are soon going to be part of this family too, and I want you to be here!” I told her grabbing her hand as she was standing up.

She got the biggest smile on her face at that moment and she said “Really?”

“I hope so!” I smiled back.

“Alright then, I’ll stay but just for awhile!” She said happily and sat down on my bed next to me.

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