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Do they Love? by hermharry
Chapter 8 : A wonderful Dinner
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Do they Love?

Chapter 8


When Harry and Hermione went out into the waves to try surfing, I asked Ron what he wanted to do.

“Well, um since Harry and Herm are in the waves, why don’t we build a big sand castle?” He answered.

“Ok that sounds like fun, I love building sand castles!”

So we started to work, I conjured a big bucket and filled it up with water so we could keep the sand damp. Then we used some sea shells to dig a big moat around a big square that Ron had formed while I got the water. After that we conjured a few more different shaped buckets to put decorative trimmings on the peaks of the castle. Then we chose which buckets to put where. And finally we put in little sea shells as windows and conjured a mini flag of England and put on top.

“It looks good doesn’t it sweetie?” He asked once we were finished.

“Yup, It was hard work, but using magic of course made it easier!” I answered.

Harry and Hermione were just getting out of the water as we were admiring our work.

“Wow guys did you do that yourselves?” Herm asked.

“Yup well that and a few buckets we conjured!” I answered.

“Nice work it looks really good!” Harry told us.

Apparently surfing and making a sand castle had taken up more time then we thought because what Sirius said next shocked us all.

“It’s almost time for dinner guys, why don’t we all go back to the tent and shower up!”

“Wow we were out here for longer then I thought!” Herm said.

“Yea well, time flies when you’re having fun!” I replied.

She laughed, “Yup I guess it does!”

We all headed back into the tent and took turns taking showers. Then we all put on robes and walked into the common room of the tent. The boys sat down and started talking about quidditch, what else do they talk about! So Hermione and I sat together and started talking about our families and school and things like that. I felt that I was getting to be one of her best friends, and she was mine, I was happy, she is a really nice and caring person.

Kirsten came out after her towel and told us what we were going to do for dinner.

“Sirius and I were thinking we could all dress up and have a romantic candlelit dinner outside!” She explained, “we would have tables of two but they could still be pretty close to each other so we can make sure nothing bad is happening, but still far enough so that we wont be able to hear what you are talking about.”

“But we have nothing to wear!” Herm and I exclaimed at the exact same time.
“Oh, that, I guess I forgot one little detail!” She smiled, “I will transfigure your pants or skirts and a top into the dress you want.”

“Ok and what about the guys!?” We both asked again in unison, I could tell we were both excited about the dresses.

“Oh well Sirius will transfigure there shorts and tops into suits!” She explained.

“Oh I see so we get to wear suits with ties, yippee!” Ron said sarcastically!

“Yes and your going to like it!” I told him wrapping my arms around his neck!

“Ok I will, but only for you!” He said, a lopsided grin forming on his cute face.

So Herm and I followed Kirsten into Herm and Harry’s room so we could get dressed privately, and the boys went into Sirius and Kirsten’s room.

“Ok pick out shorts and a shirt that you don’t really like so that I can transfigure them without having to turn them back!” Kirsten said lazily.

We picked out our least favorite outfits and changed into them.

“Okay what do you want?” She asked.


We got our shirts and pants transfigured into suits and waited in the common room for the girls.

“I wonder what taking them so long.” I said to Ron.

“Oh probably arguing which of their boyfriends is better!” He replied, smiling.

“Oh they both know that your better anyway, I wont argue there, you have hair that you can actually tame!” I told him.

“All you need is a little muggle thing I like to call, gel!” He told me.

“Do you have any?” I asked.

“But of course!” He replied running into his room, I followed of course.

He got out a little tub of that stuff called gel and told me to put some in my hand. I did as told. I rubbed it in to my hair.

“No, Harry like this!” He told me rubbing out the gel I had put in and took more from the tube. He smoothed down the front of my hair and flipped up the front, It looked pretty cool if I do say so myself!

“Now all you need is to get rid of your glasses!” He told me.

I conjured some contacts and put them in, I looked a lot better!

“Wow nice transformation!” Ron laughed!

“Ok, lets go meet the girls before the send out a search party!” I said.

We walked back into the common room, but the girls still were not there. Sirius grumbled impatiently.

“What do you guys think is taking so long,” he looked over and practically flew to the ceiling, “Harry is that you?”

“Yes, its two little things I like to call gel, and contacts!” I replied laughing.

Then all of a sudden all of the girls came out of my room. My jaw practically dropped to the floor when I saw Hermione. She walked over to me and closed my mouth. When she saw my hair and eyes her jaw did the same!

“Harry is that you?” She asked.

“Yes, are you Hermione?” I asked.

“Yes!” She replied but she was hardly recognizable. She was wearing a strapless floor length baby blue dress. It looked beautiful on her (A/N: No I’m not gay, I’m just trying to look at things in a guys point of view ok! LOL) Her hair was in tiny ringlets that went all the way down her back, she was probably the most stunning person I had ever seen, I looked over at Ron who seemed to be delighted with Mon’s appearance as well. She did look pretty in her thin strap designer dress; it was a pretty pink that suited her well. (A/N: No Harry’s not gay either! LOL)

“Shall we?” I held out my arm to Hermione and she took it quickly.

“Yes, we shall!” She said.

We walked outside, following Kirsten and Sirius to a pretty spot on the beach. Apparently they had done a lot of work while we were all showering. There were waiters walking around, and there was a tiny little house, which I assumed to be the kitchen. The Maitre D’ showed Sirius and Kirsten to a table then came back for us. (A/N: Sorry I’m making so many authors note’s this should be the last one until the end. Ok, I was in Bermuda for vacation this summer, and at night at my hotel they had this cute little dinner thing along the beach for couples so I’m trying to describe that!) He showed us to a small table about 20 feet away from Sirius, and Kirsten. We sat down in the nice chairs then a waiter came to us and pulled down a white mosquito net around us. The view that we saw was breath taking. It was of the ocean, but there were dolphins swimming around the water and other beautiful fish. We saw palm trees around our table. It really was a magical place.

“Harry?” Herm said after she could talk.

“What is it Herm?”

“I’m glad that if anyone I can spend this moment with, I’m spending it with you!” She said crying.

“Thank you Hermione, please don’t cry, you know you look really beautiful tonight, I don’t want you to ruin your beautiful face with tears!”

“Ok Harry I’ll try!” She answered looking at me.

“You look really handsome tonight, you should wear contacts more often, oh and I love your hair like that, use the gel more often too, of course you look handsome all the time but I like the change!”

“Why thank you!” I told her, taking her hands in mine, “I love you more then anything in the world.”

“I love you too Harry!” She told me starting to cry.

I wiped away her tears, “No more crying tonight even for good things deal?”

“Ok, I’ll try!” She replied smiling at me.


When Mon came out of Harry and Herm’s room I was immediately speechless. She looked beautiful in her pink dress and her golden hair was up in little plaits, the rest of it was curled and it touched down to her lower back.

I grabbed her arm and we walked outside and sat down at our table and ordered food.

“You look so beautiful tonight!” I told her.

“Why thank you Ron, you look very nice yourself!” She told me smiling and her blue eyes shimmered.

Our dinner came and we ate talking about Hogwarts and how she would enjoy going there. “Mon” I said taking her hands.

“What Ron?”

“I’m so worried about my dream, I never want to be away from you, I never want to put you in any danger, I care about you way to much.” I told her very sincerely.

“Ron, It was only a dream, and we wont go alone, I care about you too, and always want to be with you, I love you.”

“I love you too Mon!”

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