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Do they Love? by hermharry
Chapter 7 : A learning Experience in the Waves
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Do they Love?

Chapter 7


After we all finished breakfast we asked when we would be able to go swimming in the ocean and playing in the sand, and of course tanning!

“Well I was thinking we could go out at about 9:30. It should be warm by then!” Sirius replied.

“Oh ok, well its 8:00 now so, what should we do until then?” Harry asked.

“I don’t know why don’t you kids find something fun for all of us to do, or of course you could go and spend some time by yourselves away from us old ugly adults!” Kirsten said jokingly.

“Aw common you guys aren’t that old!” Ron said grinning. “But I have a really bad feeling about going off on our own for that long today.” Ron said a stern look crossing his face.

“Why not Ron, did you see something, someone?” Sirius asked him

“Well I don’t want to worry you guys but last night I had a really freaky dream, I know it’s just a dream, but it seemed so real, and Harry don’t a lot of your scary dreams that seam real, come true?” Ron asked.

“Well, um, yes I guess they do.” Harry said, walking over towards me and putting his arm around me, pulling me closer. “What was your dream about?”

“Well Hermione, Mon, you, and I were alone somewhere on this island,” Ron said pausing to put his arm protectively around Mon’s shoulder. “And all of a sudden, Hermione, Harry and I were being pulled away from a really strong force and we were fighting it but we could not break loose from it and we were screaming and Mon, you were screaming for me to come back and I couldn’t get back to you I just couldn’t.” Ron had started to tear up (A/N: I know Ron’s a really tough guy but still tough guys can cry from time to time, cant they, well if their worried??)

“Oh Ron, its ok, we just wont go far enough where Sirius and Kirsten cant see us for a few days, I’m sure it would be ok, they wouldn’t let anything happen to us, I’m sure!” Mon said hugging Ron close to her.

“Yea Ron, don’t worry, we will make sure nothing happens to you.” Sirius said.

“And we will all stick together; we won’t let anything happen to each other!” I said leaving Harry’s side and walking over to Ron, and putting a hand on his back, trying to assure him that everything would be ok.

“Yea Ron, buddy don’t worry!” Harry said walking over to the rest of us.

“Well it’s 9:00 now, why don’t we start getting our stuff ready and forget about scary dreams and just enjoy the best day of our lives at the beach!” Kirsten said, trying to lighten the mood, well it did work, because we all got really excited!


I was hoping that I did not seriously scare anybody with my dream; I just thought it would be better to tell them about it then regretting it later.

Since Hermione was the only who was changed into her bathing suit the rest of us had to take turns changing.

Once both Mon and I were finished we went into our room and got out sunscreen.

“Ron I have skin that burns really easily, can you put some sunscreen on my back please?” Mon asked me taking up her bathing suit cover-up to reveal a pretty flowered halter bikini top and short-type bathing suit bottoms.

“Okay, no problem!” I replied taking the lotion from her hand, “if of course, you do mine?”


When we were finished we went out to the main room of the tent and joined the others, who were waiting for us, impatiently.

“What took you guys so long?” Harry asked.

“Well we were just applying sunscreen since we both have skin that burns very easily ok?” I replied.

Hermione giggled “Ok Ron, as long as we can leave for the beach right now!”

“You don’t have to tell me twice!” I replied running out of the tent, followed by everybody else.


“Ok Herm, what do you want to do first?” I asked once we got to the beach.

“Oh, Harry, lets surf first, I have wanted to learn for like ever!” She said already conjuring two surf boards!

“Ok, then let me teach you!” I replied grabbing one of the red and yellow surf boards that she conjured.

“You know how to surf?” She asked looking very surprised.

“Well before I went to Hogwarts, the Dursley’s used to go to the beach every summer, they took me along only to clean the beach house, but during the day while I didn’t clean I secretly went to this other part of the beach, away from them, and rented a surf board, I made a few friends at the beach, and they taught me how to surf and do all sorts of cool tricks! Then I started to make up a few moves by my self and then suddenly, I was surfing like a pro!” I explained.

“Ok then, teach me!” She said smiling!

“Ok well let’s get into the water first ok?” I asked.

“Of course, after you, pro surfer!” She said jokingly.

We climbed on our surf boards and swam out to a good spot.

“Ok now you have to try and sit on it, with your legs on either side.” I told her grabbing her hand to help her on.

She tried sitting on the board and flew off the back! I picked her up out of the water.

“Try again!” I told her.

“Ok help me on please!” She told me


She tried a few more times and finally found the right spot to sit.

“Ok good, you found your sweet spot!” I told her.

“My what?”

“Your sweet spot is the best place for one particular person to sit on the board.” I explained laughing that such a smart girl doesn’t know common sense things.

“Oh I see! Sorry I don’t know all these surfer dude’s terms!”

“It ok!” I told her climbing on the back of the board and sitting down behind her.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Teaching you how to surf!” I replied sarcastically.

“I know that silly, but why are you on my board?”

“Oh well the first time you do it I will do it will you and hold you on so you don’t fall off!” I told her.

“Ok now what do we do?”

“We sit here and wait for the right wave to come!” I told her.

We sat there for about three minutes until I found a good starter wave.

“Ok now I’m gonna stand up, hold my hands and stand up with me.” I told her.

“Oh, Harry, I cant I’m scared I’m gonna fall off!” She replied.

“You wont!” I told her taking her hand.

“Yes I will I don’t have any balance and then I’ll make you fall and we will get ourselves killed!” She replied.

“Ok fine then!” I told her, I picked her up and stood up at the correct time, we started riding the wave towards the shore line.

She screamed “Harry, Oh my Gosh this is so fun! Please don’t drop me!”

“I wont your as light as a feather!” I told her.

We hit another wave and started going faster, she screamed again and tightened her grip on me, I slipped on the board from lack of air and we went flying.

We went under the water and I quickly grabbed the board with the hand that wasn’t carrying Herm, and I helped her out of the water and put her on the board.

She blinked a few times then said “Harry James Potter!” very sternly, then a huge smile crept on her face, “That was the most incredible thing I have ever done! Thanks!”

She wrapped her arms around me and I picked her up, I could stand because we were in pretty shallow water.

“I love you Harry!”

“I love you too Herm!” I replied kissing her very passionately, after we broke, I paddled us back into the waves to try more!

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Do they Love?: A learning Experience in the Waves


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