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Do they Love? by hermharry
Chapter 5 : Love sweet Love
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Do they love?

Chapter 5


Harry and I walked back to the tent where Sirius and Kirsten were sitting together watching the waves crash onto the sand. Ron and Monique were just coming back from their walk too.

Mon came up to me and asked me where I got the bracelet.

“Harry gave it to me just now!” I replied.

“It’s very beautiful, so intricate it looks very special!” Mon said to me.

“Thank you, it used to belong to his mothers, his father gave it to her when they were our age.” I said.

Sirius walked over to us and looked surprised at what he saw on my wrist. “Why Herm, who gave that to you?” He asked me.

“Harry did Sirius.” I replied.

“Why Harry, how long have you had that?” Sirius asked him.

“I have had it since that day Hagrid took me to Gringotts for the first time, I found it in my volt with a note on it, it was from my mother, she said that my father gave it to her on her fifteenth birthday, I have kept it with me ever since.” Harry told Sirius, walking over to me and putting his arm around my waist.

“I remember that day, James told me all about it, he was very proud because he and your mother Harry had started dating right before school ended in fourth year, her birthday was in the beginning of the school year so he worked very hard in different places in Diagon Alley, helping all the older wizards and witches who owned shops, cleaning and accounting different odds and ends. By the end of the summer he had earned enough money to by Lily an extra special present, one he had his eye on all summer. He walked into the jewelry store proudly with all his money in a sack and told them he wanted the most expensive bracelet they had, which was the one they had in the window, that he had his eye on all summer, they thought he wouldn’t have enough money but sure enough he did and he took her up to the Astronomy tower on her birthday and gave her that special bracelet, and she wore it every day of her life ever since, up until that one night when she knew the end was coming, she wrote a note with it and put it in your Gringotts volt, so you would have it.” Sirius told us the entire beautiful story; by the end he had tears in his eyes.

Harry looked very astonished. I just leaned my head on his shoulder and told him thank you for the billionth time.

“Your worth it,” he told me, “I’m even happier I gave it to you now, knowing how my father gave it to my mother, it makes it more special.

“I love you.” Was all I could say through tears.

“I love you too Herm, oh I do.” He said.


“Now all we have to do is get them alone right Malfoy?” I said to Draco.

“Yes my master, I may be able to get all three of them (being Harry, Hermione, and Ron) while they are together at the beach, as long as they are not with Black.” Draco explained to me.

“Okay now all I have to do is finish teaching you, Crab, and Goyle, how to apparate, and you will be able to catch them with ease.”

“Yes master, anything you say master.” Draco told me.

I could definitely get used to this, I thought.


Hearing that story of my mother and father made me pretty upset, but Herm helped me get through it.

Luckily I did not cry that would have been pretty embarrassing.

“Hey Sirius I have one question!” I told my god-father.

“And what might that be Harry?” He asked me.

“Well I was wondering since there are three rooms in the Wizarding can Herm and I have one, Ron and Mon have one, and You and Kirsten have one?”

“It’s not like I saw that coming.” He replied sarcastically.

“Oh Sirius, just let the kids share the rooms, then we can share our own rooms!” Kirsten said walking over to Sirius and putting a hand on his back.

“Oh all right!” Sirius said grumpily, “You win!”

“Ok, Herm, lets go set up our room so we can go to bed, its been a long day.” I said taking Hermione’s hand in mine.

“Of course so Harry, I’d love too!” Herm said pulling me into the cool tent.


“Lets go Mon, I’m tired too!” I told Monique leading her into the tent.

“Okay Hon, its been a long day for me too, I’m pooped!” She replied happily.

Mon and I pushed our beds together like we did last night, while Harry and Hermione took turns in the bathroom, that we all had to share. When they were done Mon and I took our turns then crawled into bed. I put my arm around her and she laid her head on my chest.

“Tomorrow’s gonna be great, we’ll try surfing and we will tan on the sand and build sand castles!” I told her.

“I love the beach!” She told me. “I used to go all of the time when I was a little girl, with my brothers, they taught me how to fish and do all sorts of fun things!”

“That sounds like so much fun, I cant wait until tomorrow!” I said sleepily.

“Me either!” She said her breathing getting heavier.

“I love you!” I told her.

“I love you too!” She said.

I listened to the waves crashing onto the shore and quickly fell asleep thinking how great my life is right now.

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