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Do they Love? by hermharry
Chapter 4 : Actually at the Beach
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Do they Love?

Chapter 4


“Ron, Mon, get up it’s already 7:00” I heard my dad call as I was opening my eyes, “you have to get started if you want to get to the beach by the afternoon.” Suddenly it all came back to me. Today was the day that my girlfriend, Herm, Harry, Sirius, Kirsten and I were going to the beach.

Late last night me and Mon put our beds together in my room so that we could sleep next to eachother. I tickled her stomach and her eyes immediately sprang open and she giggled and punched me lightly on the shoulder.

“Ron, silly its only seven, why are we up its summer!” She said once I stopped tickling her.

“Today’s the day we go to the beach remember.” I told her picking her up out of the bed so we could get going.

“That’s right!” She replied happily. She woke up very quickly, I thought.

We both took turns using the bathroom and getting changed then we went down and saw the others eating breakfast. Harry and Hermione were laughing about something, Sirius and Kirsten looked deep in conversation about something very serious, Fred and George were goofing off and mom was yelling at them, and dad was reading the paper and drinking his coffee, oblivious to his surroundings. Oh, my family, so busy and weird, I thought sitting down and grabbing some crumpets.


It was so exciting for me to be back in England. I was originally born there but then my father was transferred to the Paris Ministry office in France so we all had to move. I have 4 older brothers so I feel very comfy with the Weasly family, especially Ron.

I never really fit in at Beuxtebons except with the teachers, a lot of people mad fun of me for being a teachers pet, but I didn’t mind. I was glad because I was invited to spend the rest of my schooling at Hogwarts. Ron told me that one of his best friends Hermione is a lot like me. She seems very nice! Maybe we will become very good friends.


We left the Weasly’s house at 8:00 when everyone was finished with breakfast. We walked for about two hours when we got to the edge of a forest. We walked into the forest slowly. I held Harry’s hand tightly. I was so scared some big scary animal that I have read about in one of my books was going to come and get us. Harry must have felt my tenseness so he pulled me closer to him and gave me a hug and whispered that everything would be ok, and that if anything tried to hurt me he would kill it. I giggled then hugged him to me tighter then let go so we could continue walking so that we would hopefully get out of this horrible place soon.

We walked for about ten more minutes then we saw a clearing with an old shed in the middle of it. Sirius led us into the shed. It was dusty inside and I asked why we came in here.

“To use the port key to get to the beach.” He told me calmly.

“Oh ok, can we find it so that we can get out of here?” I asked ashamed that I was so impolite.

“Right here!” Kirsten said pointing to a very ugly dish, “Everyone hold on.”

We all took hold of the ugly dusty dish and within seconds we were flying through the air over mountains and trees.

Finally a few seconds later we arrived at the beach. The view was breath taking. Sirius told us to help him erect the Wizard tent that Mr. Weasly gave him.


After we erected a very large wizarding tent, I asked Sirius if Hermione and I could go and take a walk. He said that would be fine. Ron and Monique went in the opposite direction then us so that we could all be alone. I had something I wanted to give Hermione anyway and I wanted it to be just us when I gave it to her.

We walked for about five minutes hand in hand. Then I conjured a blanket with magic so we could sit on the soft sand without sand all over us. We both sat down and I just stared at her.

“Hermione I want you to know how much I love you so I brought something very special of mine that I want to give to you, I have not ever shown anyone this, not even Sirius.” I said to her once I could talk. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a silver bracelet.

“Oh Harry its beautiful, this must be very special to you, where did you get it?” She asked me staring in astonishment at the bracelet.

“Well it is one of the only things I own that used to be my mothers, now I want to give this to you as my father gave it to my mother when they were my age.” I told her, clasping it around her wrist.

“Oh, Harry, thank you so much, you should keep it though, it’s one of the only things that you have of your...” She started.

“I have something else its ok, please I want you to have it, I love you.” I said hugging her tightly to me.

“I love you too” She said with tears in her eyes.

“This is like love movies on the television!” She said smiling.

“Really, I never watched that much Telle!” I replied grinning at her.

A/N: Okay I know it’s really sappy but I did say it was a romance! Please review! All of you nice people that already did thank you sooooooooo much!

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Do they Love?: Actually at the Beach


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