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Do they Love? by hermharry
Chapter 2 : Writin to Ron
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A/N: Sorry I did not put this in my first chapter but all of the characters that you already know, cept Minne-me (lol) belong to JK Rowling! The plot is mine!

Do They Love?

Harry and Hermione walked back to the guest house hand in hand. Suddenly Harry felt his scar burn, not like before but stronger. He held his hand to his scar. “Harry, are you alright?” Hermione asked, worried about her new boyfriend.

“Yes, Hermione I’m fine now, just a minute ago my scar burned badly, I should go write to Sirius about it.” Harry answered a minute later, after the pain died down.

“Yes you should, lets hurry back, I’ll stay with you tonight to make sure nothing bad happens!” Hermione said hugging Harry tightly.

“What you were not going to before anyways?” Harry asked, hugging her back.

“Oh I was, I just found a good excuse.” Hermione broke apart and took Harry’s hand again as they ran back to the guest house.

A minute later:

“Taylor, can you get us some parchment and a quill?” Hermione asked one of the maids, Taylor.

“Of course Miss Granger, I will be right back.” Taylor answered.

“Thanks Hermione, Taylor!” Harry said thanking them both.

Harry and Hermione were sitting in the living room in the guest house that Harry was staying in. They were sitting on a love seat, just big enough for the two of them. Harry had his arm protectively around Hermione and she had her head rested on his shoulder.

I could stay like this forever. Thought Hermione. I really do love him. I wonder what the burning was about.

Harry was thinking about the same thing. I hope my scar burning did not mean anything serious. I hope I’m not putting Hermione and her family in danger by staying here.

“Here you are Miss Granger and Mr. Potter, Is there anything else I can get you two?” Taylor asked when she came back with the parchment and quills.

“No thanks Taylor we are all set!” Hermione answered looking up and her maid, and also friend, she told Taylor everything about her crush on Harry!

“Ok well dinner will be served shortly I will call you.” Taylor gave Hermione a small smile when she saw Harry’s arm around her and quickly walked out of the house.

“Herm, help me write a letter to Sirius and then both of us can write a letter to Ron ok?” Harry asked taking his arm back and leaning in to the coffee table to write.

“Ok Harry lets get started!” Hermione said liking the nickname Harry gave her.

So the couple spent an hour writing the two letters.

Dear Sirius,

How has your summer been so far? I am out of school now and spending the rest of the summer at Hermione’s house because the Weasly family is having company. Today Hermione and I were outside and my scar started burning really bad, worse then it ever had. It only burned briefly then all of the pain went away. I don’t want to worry you but you told me to tell you if something like that ever happened. Please write back, I will send Hedwig, so send a letter back with her.

With much love,

That was the letter to Sirius now here is the letter to Ron.

Dear Ron,

How has your summer been? Harry is spending the summer at my house. Hey Ron how are ya buddy? Sorry that was Harry. Ron, this may sound hard to believe and please don’t get mad at us for this but we are now dating. Please, please don’t get angry with us but we really are in love! We promise nothing will change about our friendships with you. We at least I (Hermione) love you as a friend or family member, hey I love you like a brother (Harry). Anyway we both love you and please write us back

Harry & Hermione

“There we are done lets get my new owl and owl the letter to Ron and we can use Hedwig to owl Sirius ok Harry.” Hermione said.

Harry leaned down and kissed Hermione not letting go for a minute or two.

“What was that for Harry?” Hermione asked him wrapping her arms around his neck.

Harry wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and said “I love you that’s all and cant a guy kiss his girlfriend if he wants to?”

“Well I guess.” Hermione said looking up and receiving another kiss.
Somewhere in England secluded:

“Drat, he always has to tell his stupid godfather everything doesn’t he??” Voldemort said looking into the computer monitor where he could see everything Harry and Hermione were doing.

“Well master it seems that way, doesn’t it?” Wormtail answered his master.

“Oh shut up I wasn’t asking you.” Voldemort said throwing a chair at Wormtail.

“Ye…Yes sir.” Wormtail said dodging his fat body away from the rather heavy chair.

Voldemort growled and watched Harry and Hermione walk to her parents house arm in arm.

“Love, sickening isn’t it Wormtail?” Voldemort asked.

Wormtail did not answer.

“Answer me you idiot!” Voldemort screamed.

“Sor…Sorry master, I thought you did not want me to answer you yes it is rather sickening I guess.”

“Stop stuttering will you!” Voldemort yelled then stomped out of the room.

“I think he is a little grumpy today!” Wormtail whispered watching him leave.

“I can still hear you, you fool!” Voldemort yelled.

“Dreadfully sorry sir.” Wormtail yelled through the door, “See!”

Two days later at Hermione’s house, well in her guest house to be exact:

Hermione’s owl returned with a letter from Ron.

Dear Harry & Hermione,

Well, It’s about time you two got together! I was waiting! Sorry to lie to you both but the whole company thing was just a set up to get you to together, come please and stay the rest of the summer at my house! I cant wait to see you guys, oh and I hope you don’t mind but another girl is here also. My mum is friends with a lady in France and my mum invited the lady, Kirsten and one of her students from Beuxtebons to come and stay and boy the girl is cute! She is not a Vella but she is really pretty anyway. Her name is Monique and she has long blonde hair and pretty blue eyes like mine and she is now my girlfriend. Ah la la, I think I’m in love! Well I will see you guys tomorrow when we pick you up whether you want to or not, your coming!

“Haha” Harry laughed. “He works fast with the girls!”

Hermione laughed then leaned over and started tickling him. They had a long tickling fight which ended in a snogging session.

“I love you Harry!” Hermione said.

“I love you too Herm!” Harry said. “Let’s pack for Ron’s!”

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Do they Love?: Writin to Ron


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