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Getting There by wudnulike2know
Chapter 10 : Halloween
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling, only Jane, Adea, Kayla and any other characters not in the book belong to me. In this chapter most dress descriptions belong to the site, which I found them on so even the dresses aren’t mine.

A/n: Today when I checked my account I had 3 new reviews. Yes I’m weird getting worked up about 3 reviews but anyway this chapter is dedicated to Jenny, Lucy and Ab (who hasn’t actually given me a clear view on the story, but I’m grateful for the review). This chapter goes around in a slight circle because this story moves too slowly and I NEED to get Halloween over and done with. The dresses are slightly dressy (and Americans would think prommy) but I’m not bothered.

Life’s really long, it’s just time that’s short

Remus sat in the common room, alone the day before Halloween. Sirius was off planning some [rank on his own but had promised to discuss the basics with Remus, James was caught up with Halloween preparations, which were taking twice as long seeing as he and Lily were on even worse terms than before and Peter was… well in all honesty Remus didn’t what Peter was doing but he wasn’t with Remus or the other guys.

So, he found himself alone, not that he cared. Last night had been a full moon and he was recovering from it, so he just lay on the sofa in an almost deserted common room.

Kayla Simmons was running an errand for Lily. Lily had foolishly left her wand in the common room and had only just realised. Lily would’ve gone and got it herself, had James not chosen to make a comment on her unusual disorganisation.

The two were caught up in a heated argument so Kayla thought she’d best slip off and get her wand for her. She said the password (pumpkin pie) and went in. She immediately went to the coffee table where Lily had previously been working completely ignoring the person on the sofa in front of it. The coffee table was there but the wand wasn’t. 

She started whispering frantically as she often did when no one was around and she was annoyed ‘Where the hell could it go? Lily is gonna freak when she finds out her wand’s missing Could’ve sworn it was on the coffee table okay let’s think, think If I was a wand where would I go?’

‘Talking to yourself, is the first sign of madness you know’ called a cool voice completely breaking her train of thought –Shit, he’s been here the whole time, just had to be him, didn’t it?

‘Uuuumm, hey Lupin, didn’t see you there’

‘Yep I gathered as much, call me Remus’

‘Why didn’t you tell me you were there?’

‘Oh I dunno, I guess you’re right though, you might’ve accidentally come and sat on top of me, not that I would’ve minded of course’ Kayla blushed and looked away but Remus had already seen the red.

‘What’s this?’ he propped himself up, held her chin to make her look at him. ‘Kayla Simmons blushes, well I never’ he said, but she was too busy looking at his fingers which were placed under her chin still. He noticed and let go blushing profusely. 

‘Hah, see Remus Lupin blushes too. You know I always thought you were quiet and shy but you are slowly proving me wrong, guess I don’t know you as well as I thought’ he leaned over to her ear and whispered. ‘Oh there’s a lot you don’t know about me’ his voice so close to her sent shivers down her spine.

He backed off a little bit –what the hell’s gotten into me, I’m acting like James or worse Sirius- ‘Listen I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me just then’ Kayla smiled ‘Oh don’t be. I rather enjoyed it’ and she winked.

Remus’ eyes widened –wait does she like me too. No shit Sherlock. Do you really think so? -

‘Uuuumm anyway so what did you think of Arithmancy? Not exactly going easy on us are they?’ Kayla was a little bit disappointed, they had gone from one thing to homework –I’m not that bad am I? Course you’re not just ask him. Ask him what? If he likes you or not. No. Why not? He might say no I’d be mortified. You’ll never know if you don’t ask. You’re rather annoying I’m shutting you out now- She tried to test the waters ‘What do you think of Astronomy Remus?’ He glanced at her anxiously but let it pass. ‘Don’t like Astronomy’

‘I bet you don’t’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Oh we were on the topic of school subjects so I just thought…’

‘Right, well I like Defence Against the Dark Arts, it’s really interesting and I was thinking that maybe after Hogwarts I could maybe come back and teach it because it’s not like Hogwarts has the best track record for DADA professors. I mean we’ve already had two who’ve left. One came back one summer mentally deranged and the other left for…- but he got cut off by Kayla randomly leaning closer and giving him a light kiss.

She gasped at her stupidity, started frantically muttering ‘Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god. Of all the foolishness…’ she glanced at Remus who was still in shock. She sprinted at break neck speed, across the common room and up the dormitory stairs.

Remus however was still in awe of what had happened but he also realised that his shock hadn’t exactly screamed the message he wanted it to scream.

‘So the great Lily Evans finally faults’

‘Oh it was one time Potter get over it’

‘So what are you saying you’re faultless’ –oh but you are, no stop thinking that. Sorry, habit-

‘NO, I -I... well. Oh shut up Potter’

‘Ah the art of reason and you certainly seemed to have it mastered don’t you Evans’ Lily stuck up the finger. ‘Now would you drag your enormous head over here and levitate some of these pumpkins’


‘Aaaagggghhh you’re impossible, WHY not’

‘Because I don’t want to’

‘Neither do I Einstein’

‘Who the hell is Einstein?’

‘Who bloody cares? Just levitate the damn pumpkins’

‘Do it yourself’

‘And of you were Einstein you’d be able to see I don’t have one’

‘Which is why I’m asking you to levitate them’


‘Evans Evans quieten down young ears about you know’ now deliberately trying to wind her up, Lily wasn’t stupid she saw right through him. ‘Oh I ever so sorry Potter, how silly of me to get angry at your folly.’ And she finished the sickly sweet sounding sentence with a matching sickly sweet smile. 

‘Yes rather moronic of you wouldn’t you say?’ he added she was seething now but flashed him another, this time very strained, smile. She turned around and used Mr. Filch’s ladder. ‘Oh for God’s sake Evans just flippin’ accio it…’ but he couldn’t finish the sentence on account of the scream that finished it for him.

He turned around and saw Lily on the stone floor with a collapsed ladder next to her. He ran to the huddle of prefects behind her. ‘Lily, Lily?’ He turned on one of the Prefects. 

‘What the fuck happened to her, what did you do?’ He continued to stare at her face, her lids hiding her beautiful green eyes, which were probably tainted with fear underneath their covers. Her pale complexion with the contrasting red hair decorated randomly around her face. One arm here and the other there.

‘I d-didn’t do anything y-you a-and her had a f-fight and, and she was, was still angry so sh-she w-wasn’t paying att-attention and she fell off and, and her head. It wasn’t me, honest’ he shook his head fearfully but James wasn’t done yet. ‘What do you mean she hit her head?’ but here Waqar took over. 

‘Alright calm down Potter, she fell down and hit herself head first, you had better call Madam Pomfrey, now’ James shook his head. ‘No Mohsin you go get her, I’m staying here. The rest of you get back to work. The Head Girl may or may not be able to help us for a while and even Hell knows that she does 90% of the Head work on her own’ they all turned around more in fear of facing James’ wrath than anything else.

In all of this out of the corner of his eye he noticed that the Slytherins remained completely unfazed by the whole episode. He narrowed his eyes but nothing else. 

‘Please Lily be okay I’ll never forgive my self if you aren’t. I didn’t mean anything of what I said. Okay I kind of meant what I said that other day but after that it’s just been an act, Lily please believe me. Shit what am I saying you can’t hear me, you’re unconscious or you could be internally bleeding. Where the hell did Mohsin get to?’ Just then Filch walked in through the door and spotted his ladder on the door. The fall had scratched the ladder badly.

‘What happened to my ladder boy, why is it on the floor what’s she doing there’

‘YOU, I didn’t think even you would be thick enough to leave an unstable ladder when you knew one of us was going to need it. Dumbledore will hear about this Argy, and hopefully we’ll get a blessing and you’ll get sacked’

‘Why would you little brats need a ladder when you have you have your precious wands?’

‘Oh that’s right. Because you can’t use a wand to save your fucking life can you?’ Filch was tomato coloured now. ‘Oh I’ll tell Dumbledore, mark my words’

‘Not until I’m done telling him how you tried to kill Lily, get out’

‘Can’t tell me to get out boy’

‘I said GET OUT’ Filch left muttering darkly under his breath.

At the same time, Waqar and the matron walked in. ‘Where is she, where is she the poor dear? Oh THERE she is, can tell that hair a mile off’ and she scurried off to the casualty.

James hovered above her ‘Is she badly hurt, is she internally bleeding, will she have amnesia?’ Madam Pomfrey sighed. ‘No, no and no. She’ll be out for 12 hours at the most plus rest but it’s just a concussion’ James bit his lip. ‘Will she miss Halloween?’

‘Oh no dear, she’ll make Halloween, I daresay Dumbledore wouldn’t want an unconscious Head Girl on Halloween’ James brightened slightly. ‘Listen I have to tell her friends. If she miraculously wakes up while I’m gone tell her I’m really sorry’ and he walked swiftly out of the Great Hall because the last thing he wanted to see was Lily’s pale expressionless face knowing that the last probable emotion she’d had before passing was immense anger because of him.

He went straight to Gryffindor Tower, there had to be at least one of her pack up there. He went through the portrait and the first person he saw was Remus. He (Remus) was sitting on the sofa holding a book though James knew he wasn’t reading it because his eyes seemed to be transfixed onto the same spot. ‘Moony, any of Evans friends around?’

‘Huh? Oh right, yeah Kayla’s up there, why?’

‘Evans fell off a ladder and passed out’


‘Hang on I need to tell Simmons’ he started to make his way up the girl’s stairs. Suddenly a loud klaxon wailing sound erupted and the steps melted together to make a smooth stone slide, he slid right down and landed.

‘Damn it, Remus how do I get up there’

‘Use your broom you idiot’

‘Oh yeah Thanks Moony. Accio Silver Arrow’ a beautiful, mint condition, broom hovered down the boy’s dormitory stairs and flew into James’ outstretched hand. He mounted the broom, used the floor to give him a good kick off and flew right up the Girl’s Dormitory steps.

He found the right door and walked in. Kayla was sitting on her bed, which was on the other side of the room, holding a book though James noticed she was doing exactly Remus had been. Staring at one particular spot as if dazed. ‘Simmons. Simmons?’ she looked up and jumped. 

‘What the hell are you doing here? How did you get in here?’ He held up his broom and shook his head. ‘No forget that. Listen Evans fell off a ladder in the Great Hall and is currently probably lying in the Hospital Wing concussed.

Kayla eyes were masked with terror. ‘What? Oh my god, what happened?’ she said quietly. ‘Her and I- we were fighting well you were there when it started, well I sort of carried it on more than I should have. She got really mad and got the ladder and was just about to tell her to accio it when I heard a scream, I turned around and she was on the floor’ Kayla grabbed him by the collar.

‘Dumbass you couldn’t have told her to accio it before could you are such a a … there’s no word strong enough to describe how thick you are’ James winced ‘I know, I know is there anyone else here you can get?’ Kayla nodded ‘Hang on. We’ll have to get Jane later she’s out somewhere with Sirius. Dee, Dee seriously get out here Lily’s in the hospital wing’ Adea came rushing out of the bathroom, hair dripping wet and clothes which looked like they’d been worn in a space of two seconds.

‘What happened to Lily, what do you mean Lily’s in the hospital wing’ Adea enquired breathlessly and here she cast a glance towards James ‘Well According to Potter she fell off a ladder and is currently out cold’

‘We’re going to the Hospital Wing’

The three of them left, as they came to the Common Room Remus got up and left with them but Kayla was too preoccupied to notice. Adea let Kayla lead and held James back a little. ‘I know two things, one: you had something to do with this and two: she’s missing Halloween isn’t she?’ He nodded. ‘You realise this is the second time you’ve hurt her’

‘You must know I didn’t mean to, I’d never hurt Lily intentionally’ Adea gave him a stern look and sped up to catch Kayla.

As they walked into the Hospital Wing, James and Kayla started to frantically search the room but Remus and Adea rolled their eyes and walked straight to the bed in the middle on the right with the curtains drawn. James and Kayla followed.

Madam Pomfrey came out from behind the curtain and said ‘Oh you’re here, now I’m not entirely sure you should see her right now’ James took this completely the wrong way ‘Why, it’s serious isn’t it, isn’t it you were lying to me weren’t you, weren’t you’ he said this in one big feverish breath. Madam Pomfrey looked taken aback and just indicated for them to take a look.

As soon as James’s eyes fell on Lily, he felt a huge pang. It wasn’t that she looked any different or had like a hundred drips coming out of her, he just…couldn’t. The other three just stared. Not one of them had ever seen Lily so pale, which was an achievement on her already, porcelain complexion. But now she’d gone from English Porcelain doll to Chinese porcelain doll.

A few minutes later Madam Pomfrey reappeared ‘Yes she doesn’t look too good, does she?’ they all shook their heads mutely. 

‘She hasn’t lost blood or anything; it’s just the fear she felt. She hasn’t lost a drop of blood not a drop, on my honour; in fact she’s in a perfectly healthy and stable condition considering the length of her fall. ‘The group did perk up considerably. However, they continued to look on, not knowing what to do or say.

Now that the initial worry of “why the ell does she look like she’s in ghost land” was over, Kayla and Remus both seemed to notice that the other was in the room as well, the tension for two mounted even higher. James looked confusedly onwards but Adea smiled, she whispered something to James who smirked.

‘Yes well me and…’ he turned to look at Adea (who had been sitting behind James the whole time) shook her head fearfully, he continued ‘I mean just me, all on my own, are I mean am off to get Evans’ and Adea gave him a poke. 

‘I mean Lily, some lilies, would you believe it, so we’ll just leave you two on your own, you won’t mind will you’ both opened their mouths but James beat them both ‘Right, thought not, off we, I mean, I go then’ both sniggered quietly and left the room and they didn’t even know the half of it.

Neither spoke for at least five minutes and Remus realised she just wasn’t going to make the first sound so he cleared his throat. Then he laughed lightly bewildered.

‘Why are you laughing, you’re sitting in a hospital wing and you’re laughing’ Kayla said, he stopped but still smiled. ‘Convenient isn’t it? That they happened to leave us together, alone’ Kayla coughed and still refused to make eye contact, she continued to look at Lily.

‘Oh and why is it convenient’ Kayla asked innocently

‘Oh please, you can’t pretend that thing in the Common Room didn’t happen’

‘Watch me. Thing? What thing? In the Common Room? What thing in the Common Room’

‘Kayla’ he said sternly.

‘Remus’ she said identically. Remus smirked. ‘You can’t run away from it’

‘I do believe that’s what I’m doing. Run away from what? What are you talking about?’ Remus sighed ‘You’re not going to make this easy are you?’

‘Nope not at all. Make what easy?’

‘Fine I’ll say it. Kayla, the kiss’ she couldn’t pretend to be thick now. ‘Ooooh that, uuhhhh what about it?’

‘Well… uuhhhh…why?’ Kayla was most definitely mortified now –okay, pretend not to care, be the Kayla, the Kayla that USUALLY walks these corridors, blunt and outspoken, blunt and outspoken, blunt and outspoken- Well…I…Oh for goodness’ sake Remus! I like you okay? Why do you think I did it?’

‘Well that’s-’ but Kayla couldn’t let him speak, she’d been humiliated enough already ‘No Remus stop, forget about it Okay? This conversation never happened’

‘So what? You don’t like me?’

‘I… well no, yes, yes I do but I can’t wait for your reply, I’ll uuhhhh see you later, bye’ and she hurried out of the wing.

Remus sat in silence until he finally said to no on in particular ‘because the truth is, I like you too Kayla Simmons’

‘Mate, what’s up, where’s Simmons?’ Remus turned to find James and Adea standing behind him with a load of assorted lilies and starlillies. ‘She left, we were actually getting somewhere and she left’ 

Adea shook her head and placed the flowers on Lily’s bedside. ‘Stupid girl’ and silently walked out. Remus who had of course taken absolutely no note of Adea at all just shook his head and said ‘I’m going up to the common room, you coming?’

‘No, you go on. I’ll stay, good luck mate’

‘Yeah with her patience I’ll need it’ they both smirked and the two standing left.

Meanwhile one very dangerous item was in two very dangerous hands. ‘Okay, who do you want to find next?’

‘Oh! Oh find Lily, bet she’s fighting with James’ Sirius laughed at her simplicity, the marauder’s map was in her command and all she wanted to do was find where her friends were, but he looked anyway. 

‘Right, well according to this, hang on, Evans is in the Hospital Wing and James is there as well. Hm. Well James is pacing the spot and Evans’ but Jane finished his sentence. ‘Is not moving, which must mean…Oh God what kinda friend am I, come on Sirius’

At the Hospital Wing nothing much happened. Sirius and Jane got there. Jane almost screamed at Lily’s complexion but James explained everything before she had a chance. The explanation however resulted in Jane repeatedly hitting James (hard) over the head until Sirius finally managed to drag her out.

‘Kayla Simmons, I cannot believe how stupid you are’ Adea admonished

‘Oh thanks’ she huffed. ‘I’m not apologising, he likes you too, dumbass, a lot actually’

‘But can you prove it?’

‘Yes actually I can, let’s think… oh, I know, just last week, we were in History of magic. Everybody’s asleep except Lily and me, Lils was of course drinking in Binns’ every last word and I tuned out for a while. So, I look at Remus, right and do you know what he was mumbling in his sleep? God knows what he was dreaming about but he kept going “stop that Kayla, seriously stop it, I’m trying to work” and she finished the quote with a shudder but Kayla just stood there with a faraway smile on her face.

Adea snapped her fingers ‘Kay, Kay? Oh you need help the pair of you!’ she threw her arms up in frustration and shoved Kayla out the door.

Kayla descended the stairs with that faraway smile still on her face. At the bottom of the staircase she saw Remus who was obviously waiting for someone –please let it be me- ‘Oh hello, Remus’

‘There you are’ –he WAS waiting for me- ‘listen don’t interrupt me Kayla’ she nodded and listened attentively ‘okay, what happened in the Common Room was unexpected. That’s why I didn’t say anything but truthfully, if you hadn’t kissed me I would’ve done it myself, eventually. Oh and about the Hospital Wing, I like you too, a lot, I really do’ and here she opened her mouth but he held up a hand making her stop immediately and sigh –oh he’s so determined, that is so cute-

‘I’m not done, now before you have time to run off. Would you like to go to the Halloween dinner with me tomorrow?’ Kayla was stunned but managed a ‘sure’. After a few seconds, she jumped up, flung her arms around Remus and squealed. He laughed. She gave him a peck on the cheek and rushed upstairs to tell Adea just what had happened. As she gleefully left Remus ran his hand over his cheek and smiled. It had been a long day.

A few hours later, it had gotten to 4.30 am and it was officially Halloween. However, one raven-haired boy still waited for his sleeping beauty to wake from her spell. James didn’t nod off, his eyelids didn’t droop nor did his eyes glaze over for a second, he merely sat and gazed at her intently.

Sometimes he could’ve sworn Lily had stirred but when he blinked, there she was still lying there, the same as in the Great Hall, no colour in her face, no nothing. ‘’Please Lily, please Lily, why won’t you wake up, listen I know you can’t hear me but please I’m begging you, get up don’t make me feel any worse’

‘James’ called a feeble voice. His face changed from pained to ecstatic with the snap of a finger. ‘Lily, oh thank god you’re up’

‘Up? I haven’t been up? Where, where am I?’

‘Do you remember anything?’ Lily thought –right okay, brain in gear, last thing, last thing. So I was fighting with James, Potter? Oh who cares? Anyway he wouldn’t help me so I grabbed Filch’s ladder, then what happened. Then the ladder collapsed and you fell and everything went black remember? Oh yeah-

‘I fell’ he nodded solemnly just looking at his face made Lily remember the fear she’d felt and the way her heart had jerked when ladder started to give way and how she was too petrified to scream at first but when she finally managed it well she couldn’t remember anything after that.

Before she knew it she had flung herself onto James and was sobbing into his shoulder. He looked startled and didn’t know what to do. ‘Oh my god James, you have no idea’ she cried ‘I was so scared, I, I was fighting with you and I don’t mean to be so mean to you, really I don’t. The words, they just come out o my mouth and I don’t hate you as much as I say I do, r-really I d-don’t. And it was so scary and nobody was n-noticing that the ladd- the ladder wasn’t sturdy and, and then it started to fall. And, and’ James stroked her hair gently.

‘Alright Lily, that’s enough now, it’s gone you’re alright. Come on look at me, look at me’ she lifted her head up and looked into his eyes. ‘I’m here now, and so are you. All that, all the fear, all that, it’s all gone’

‘But the things you said, you were right; I didn’t know I was such a bad person. And, and the S-Slytherins I r-realised that they make fun of me for a reason and I don’t deserve my grades or friends, I don’t d-deserve a-anything’

‘NO, Lily now I don’t know why you listened to the moronic things I said, but just forget them and the Slytherins, Lily don’t get me started on those prats. Now I’m going to go tell Madam Pomfrey you’re awake and give you a few minutes to calm down’ she nodded and let the pillow soak up the last of her tears.

‘Madam Pomfrey?’ someone groaned from the midst of a dark room somewhere in the back of a Hospital Wing. ‘Potter what are you still doing here boy?’

‘No, it’s just Lily’s woken up, I thought you’d like to know’ a dressing gown went zooming past James head and flew into an arm.

Soon Madam Pomfrey came out from the shadows of a very dark room –God, I know people like the lights off when they sleep, but this is a bit much isn’t it? - ‘Let’s go Mr. Potter’ she yawned and followed him out of her “bedroom”.

A surprise met them when they came into the main Hospital Wing. Not only were Lily’s curtains now wide open but Dumbledore was standing by her bedside happily conversing with Lily at 5.00 am. Madam Pomfrey was just as confused as James.

‘Headmaster what are you doing here at this time of the night, morning even’ Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled. ‘Ah you see Poppy; I just can’t get to sleep tonight. So I thought I’d take a little nighttime stroll. So, I was walking past the Hospital Wing and I thought, well who better to get me to sleep than you, with your amazing variety of tonics and medication. Well when I walked in here I saw Miss Evans. Now, it just so happens that last night, Professor McGonagall and I made a last minute decision about Halloween concerning the Heads but because of Miss Evans’ accident we were unable to tell them’ Madam Pomfrey nodded. 

James spoke up ‘What was it you needed to tell us Professor?’

‘Yes I never got round to telling Miss Evans so I’ll tell you together. Professor McGonagall and I have decided that as a formality we would very much like for you two to attend the dinner together. Now if you two have dates we are very sorry but I’m afraid you’ll have to cancel on them. Also, we know that you two aren’t each other’s favourite people so we thought this would provide you with some nice ‘getting to know each other’ time, don’t you think. So, are there any objections?’ he looked around.

James looked indifferent but was over the moon inside. Lily wasn’t quite as enthusiastic –James was the reason I fell off that ladder. Yes but he stayed here for like 12 hours straight waiting for you to wake. Yeah that was sweet, but I’ll have to cancel on…oh you don’t even like him that much-

‘Lily?’ James said softly. She lifted her head ‘hmm?’

‘What’s the matter?’ he asked

‘Have you already got a date?’ Lily asked as well, ignoring him.


‘But practically every girl’s asked you’

‘Yeah but none of them were pretty enough, I mean they were alright’ Lily bit back a comment –just remember twelve hours, twelve hours- ‘what about you, did you have date?’ he asked. She nodded ‘Jason Freeman’

‘Oh’ she nodded again. ‘So what are you going to do?’ James asked

‘Do I have a choice? Lily said resignedly ‘I just feel so guilty’

‘Want me to come with you?’ he offered

‘Would you?’



‘Listen you’d better get to sleep and I’d better head back to the Chamber. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow’ she nodded, waved and turned around. He got up and just as he was about to walk out the door he heard a voice.

‘And James?’


‘Thanks again, for everything’ he smiled and left for his chamber, this time determined to keep this whole discussion to himself.

The following morning, both Jane and Sirius were up early. Jane was determined to see Lily first, after being the last, last night. And in between she had somehow managed to drag Sirius into the whole thing as well. So now, at 7.30 Jane was dragging Sirius out of the portrait to go to the Hospital Wing.

‘Why do I have to go with you?’ the boy whined

‘We are going to see Lily’

‘Okay so why am I going’

‘We are going to see Lily’

‘I’m not getting an answer on this am I? I just don’t understand how your mind works sometimes’

‘We are going to see…’ but Sirius crushing his lips onto hers cut her off. She didn’t kiss him back but didn’t stop him either after a second, Sirius realised what he’d done. He backed off and just stared at her. Her silver eyes bored into him but like once before were too mirrory to really see anything.

She raised her hand and slapped him, hard. A red handprint started to form on his cheek. She continued to walk towards the Hospital Wing. He followed after her. ‘Jane? Jane? Please listen to me.’ She kept walking.

‘Jane please? Be reasonable?’ she kept walking. He took a deep breath ‘Snowflake?’ she stopped abruptly and turned around. ‘Nobody ever calls me that. I haven’t heard it in a while. Thanks for that’ Sirius groaned.

‘See? That’s why I kissed you. Jane I’m sorry since we’re friends now. But, I still really like you. And, when you go off on your faraway tangents, for some reason, the way your eyes mist over and everything, well you look so, so sexy? No, breathtaking. I couldn’t help myself, I’m sorry but I couln’t’

‘We’re going to the dinner today’ Sirius smiled. ‘On a date?’

‘As friends’ he groaned. ‘And now we are going to see Lily’. She continued on her way to the Hospital Wing.

When they got there they saw a redhead propped up on her pillows, arguing with the Matron. ‘But Madam Pomfrey, I’m Head Girl, I have to go and supervise the last of the preparations and okay. the menu’

‘Miss Evans, you may go at 10 o’clock and at 10 o’clock only.’

‘Madam Pomfrey you don’t understand, I have to go, and I’m tired of staying here’

‘Welcome to my world’

‘Look I’m perfectly okay., see I’m arguing with you without collapsing aren’t I?’ Madam Pomfrey shook her head. ‘Miss Evans, what is so wrong with waiting another two and a half hours’

‘What’s so wrong is that its just 150 minutes of my life unnecessarily wasted!’ she cried. ‘You’re being rather dramatic don’t you think?’

‘I’m seventeen, it’s what I do’ (a/n: her birthday hasn’t rolled around yet). Jane and Sirius watched from a distance amused. Lily spied them.

‘JANE! BLACK! Thank God you’re here, she won’t let me out’. Madam Pomfrey looked relieved as well. ‘Oh yes I’m rather grateful as well, you may be able to keep her occupied for at least five minutes’ Lily turned back round. 

‘Oh you can’t get rid of me that easily, you know I’ll just get one of these two to fetch Dumbledore, eventually I’ll be out of here before ten’ the matron had had enough, she threw her arms up in surrender.

‘Alright, alright. Fine I’ll get you another pepper up potion and then you may leave with Miss Swales and Mr. Black’ Lily gave her a sweet smile and Madam Pomfrey grudgingly returned the gesture. She then went to her cabinet to get some of the potion.

Sirius grinned ‘not bad Evans’ Lily surveyed him and then looked to Jane and then back again. ‘Black, you call me Lily, I call you Sirius. If you’re Jane’s friend, I guess I’ll have to put up with you as well. I can’t stand being called Evans for too long.’ Sirius grinned and Lily smiled in return.

‘So you two going to the dinner together?’ the redhead asked casually. Sirius conveniently looked away and Jane looked uncaring. ‘Yes as a matter of fact we are, just as friends though’ Lily laughed ‘Right, nudge nudge wink wink’

‘Lily I can’t even begin to think of what you’re implying’ Jane said in a mock scandalous tone. Both girls laughed and Sirius just looked puzzled –ok, what happened here- ‘Miss Evans I have your pepper-up’

‘Ugh! Finally’ Lily timidly took a sip. As her ears started to smoke, she scrunched up her face and when it passed, she relaxed. She jumped out of bed. ‘Let’s go people’ and flounced out of the room. Jane shook her head and Sirius looked bewildered but both followed the skipping girl out of the Hospital Wing.

When they finally reached the Great Hall, Jane and Sirius departed before Lily got a chance to ask them to lend a hand. She strode into the Great Hall. Many of the prefects waved and asked of her health but she noticed the Slytherins weren’t even surprised in fact they didn’t flicker an eyelid or anything.

‘James’ the raven-haired boy turned around and hugged Lily. She laughed and hugged him back ‘You’re happy’

‘Yep, you’re out I was getting scared, how much did you need to fight with her’

‘Half an hour, how are things going over here?’

‘Good, except we were anxiously waiting for your return’

‘Why? Why couldn’t you do it?’

‘Because you made that stupid rule about, everything has to be okayed by me and you remember, not just one or the other’

‘Oh yeah, forgot about that sorry.’

‘Well you’d better whisk round and say a-ok’


‘It’s my new thing, don’t put me down Lillian’

‘I was christened Lily!’ she cried indignantly, James stuck out his tongue.

‘Hey James?’


‘Let’s not fight again ok? I think it’s safer.’ He grinned ‘You bet’. She spent the rest of the day, whizzing around consenting to the plans, flashing smiles, humming and whistling. It was about 2 o’clock that she realised she unfinished business with a certain Ravenclaw.

‘James?’ James was occupied with some House elves. ‘JAMES!’ he turned around and nodded to indicate that he’d heard her. He left the house elves with the Hufflepuffs and glided over to Lily. ‘What was with the shouting? What’s up?’

‘Two words, Jason Freeman’
‘Come on’

They scoured the corridors on their way up to the Ravenclaw tower. They were looking for a boy, about 5’10 in height. Wavy dark brown hair and light blue eyes. In the Charms corridor, they finally crossed paths with the gorgeous Ravenclaw.

‘Lily!’ he exclaimed but his face darkened when he saw James. ‘Potter’ he nodded curtly. ‘Lily what are you doing with him, you’re my date remember?’ Lily was slightly surprised at his behaviour. 

‘Yes I’m your date, not your girlfriend; anyway that’s what I came for. Listen, this morning when I was in the Hospital Wing Dumbledore came to me about something.’ He indicated for her to continue ‘well he said that as Heads James and I had to attend the dinner together’

Jason took a minute to digest the information. He then looked to James and grimaced ‘how convenient for you. Oh well Evans, too bad I’ll have to go with one of back-ups’

‘Back-ups? You had back-ups?’ Lily cried in outrage. Jason looked at her as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

‘Uh, yeah. Just in case something like this came up’ James’ wand was now out and ready to go. Lily shook her head disgustedly. ‘Let’s just go James, he’s a waste of a hex’ she spat at his feet. ‘You aren’t even worthy of that’ and left with James who currently resembled the Cheshire cat.

‘What a bastard, a complete and utter bastard’ James muttered

‘James, do all guys do that’ Lily asked quietly

‘Do what? Act like bastards?’

‘Do they all have back-up dates?’

‘No, I’ll admit there are more like him but the rest of us are decent enough to stick to one girl’

‘Right, what time is it?’ James looked at his watch. ‘quarter to three’

‘We’d better get back to the hall’ he nodded and they made their way back to the hall.

At four o’clock Lily stopped working and made her way over to James. ‘Hey James I have to go and get ready’ James looked confused and consulted his ever faithful watch. He laughed ‘Lily, you’ve lost track of time, it’s only four o’clock’

‘I know’

‘So there’s like three hours to the dinner’

‘I know that as well’

‘What could you possibly need to do in three hours that can’t be done in one’ Lily rolled her eyes ‘Well first, there’s the shower, and we have to look extra special tonight so that’ll take half an hour. Then there’s the hair and Lord knows, how long that’ll take plus we have to go around helping each other and then…’ James held up a hand ‘I don’t wanna know, just go and make sure you look good, need to keep up my rep’ she scowled and left the hall.

In the Seventh Year Dormitory, all mayhem had broken out. Make-up was strewn everywhere, dresses lay on the bottoms of massive piles on beds, towels littered the floor. Shoes were hung on bedposts. Two girls were banging on the door and shouting at it. Another was shouting from the other side of the door and the last (who had arrived early to take a shower first, guess who?) was fluttering around trying to find shoes, make-up and accessories to match everybody’s dresses.





‘Keep your voices down and language to a minimum’

‘But Dee she’s hoarding the shower’

‘Well next time I suggest you prevent that from happening’

‘Not my fault you got here early’






‘Kayla blue eyeshadow right?’

‘Yeah brings out the eyes, JANE! IF YOU DON’T GET OUT NOW I’LL BLAST THIS DOOR



‘Jane you are taking rather long’

‘Fine next time, I just won’t shower’ she said as she walked out of the bathroom in her lavender bathrobe. Lily and Kayla fought each other for the bathroom. Kayla won and she walked while punching the air in victory. Lily sulked and fell back on her bed. Jane and Adea were discussing Jane’s hair in the corner.

Lily looked at them expectantly but found no answer. ‘Well what am I supposed to do ‘til Kayla gets out of the bathroom’ still no answer until Jane randomly shouted ‘Lils I’m dying my hair’


‘No, Cosmo blue and silver’

‘ABSOLUTELY NOT’ Jane looked confused. ‘Why?’ Lily looked at her disbelievingly then donned a babying tone ‘Jane, darling, don’t you think it’s already weird enough that you have charcoal black hair’

‘What’s wrong with charcoal’ Kayla who seemed to have heard this from inside the bathroom shouted ‘IT LOOKS LIKE YOUR HAIR IS GREYING’ Adea looked outraged ‘Kayla you can’t say that’ while Lily muttered ‘I swear that girl has abnormally sharp hearing’

‘DEE SOMEONE NEEDED TO TELL HER’ Jane raised a hand. ‘Uh hello, yeah I’m still here, you know the girl with the greying hair, does it really look like that?’ Lily knew of Jane’s unique temperament. ‘Well… see…it’s very…and it’s’

‘THAT MEANS YES’ Lily looked sheepish and nodded. Jane looked perplexed and looked to Adea who shrugged. ‘I am completely neutral in this debate, I refuse to take part’ Jane looked out of the window for two minutes and back to Adea again. ‘Well what do you think I should do?’ Adea rose to the challenge.

‘Well… I thought you’d look great in a brand new combination of jet-black and silver. I mean you can keep the cosmos blue, because it’s nice but you like to try new things so I thought you’d like the silver’


‘Shut up Simmons and get back to your shower’ Adea snapped and Lily added. ‘Yeah, if you’re talking that much, you must be done’

‘I am actually’ Kayla walked fresh and smiling, ready to discuss her make-up and hair preparations with Adea. ‘Finally!’ and with that Lily grabbed a towel and her bathrobe and ran into the bathroom.

After many hours of preparing and primping, the girls were finally ready at 6.45 pm. (A/n: the links for the dresses are at the bottom of the page)

Kayla wore a Baby Blue satin dress with a beautifully pleated neckline, complimented by glittering rhinestone straps. Her chestnut brown hair was in a wavy half updo. Her make-up had been done lightly so as not to clash with the pale colour of her dress. She had some faint blue eyeshadow; light eyeliner and her cheeks were slightly rose tinted. She wore a simple silver chain with a small raindrop shaped Crystal locket.

Jane wore an enchanting strapless silver gown with a flattering boned bodice and kick pleat detailing in the stunning open back. Her hair was done up in an elegant bun making the silver streaks very noticeable. Her hair though unusual looked amazing when paired with the dress. Her make-up was slightly more noticeable. She wore the usual mascara, eyeliner but no eyeshadow since the dress already made her silver eyes stand out so much. In the jewellery department Jane had worn a spectacular Austrian Crystal necklace and earrings.

Adea had gone Indian with her look and was wearing what was called a lehnga. The lehnga was a lavender colour. The shirt and upper portion of the skirt was decorated with gold silk thread and beads while the lower portion of the skirt was lightly embroidered and the hem was made noticeable by an intricate border. Her dupatta was silk and embroidered lightly. Her eyeshadow was a soft gold and her mascara and eyeliner was quite noticeable but not heavy. Her cheeks had a gold shimmer and she wore some lavender bangles. Her necklace was a classic Indian style of chandi. Her hair was in a curly updo

Lily wore a beautiful jade strapless gown. The dress was fully beaded in sapphire blue beads. Her fiery red hair was in soft angel curls, worn down. She wore a Crystal choker and matching earrings. Her make-up was like Adea’s noticeable but not heavy. Her eyeshadow was green and along with the dress made her eyes look breathtaking. Her necklace was a string of fine sapphires and her earrings were sapphires as well.

The girls were going down in line. Jane first, Kayla second, Lily next and Adea last.

As Jane walked out she spied three marauders and one Ravenclaw friend (who had been given access to the common room by James). As Sirius saw her coming down his eyes widened and his jaws dropped –oh my god that dress, and her hair and her…everything! -

She was thinking along the same lines –oh my god how cute does he look in a suit, I’d go over there and snog him in a heartbeat – She descended the stairs and walked over to her date. Sirius just stared at her for a few seconds making her feel incredibly self-conscious. He soon regained his cool and managed a ‘you look stunning’ Jane smiled ‘Not so bad yourself’ she fingered his hair, Sirius grinned. ‘Shall we’ he extended his arm
‘Gladly’ and together they set off for the Great Hall.

Kayla immediately noticed Remus. He stood there in his sharp black suit, maroon shirt and tie. Remus immediately noticed Remus as she gracefully glided down the stairs –she looks like an angel- Kayla reached the bottom and smiled. ‘Hey Remus’

‘Uh hey, you look, you look divine, would be the word’ Kayla blushed prettily and mumbled a thanks. Remus too extended his arm and they left for the dinner like the two before them.

Now it was Lily’s turn. As she walked down in her jade green dress she turned many heads. James stood there with a blank expression, unable to think of anything, all he wanted to do was watch Lily. He’d give anything to truthfully be able to say that he was Lily’s boyfriend but knew he had to maintain the “just friends” thing they’d worked into. She walked over to meet him.

‘So, how do I look?’

‘Pretty good for someone who only got let out of the hospital wing this morning?’

‘Hey! I did not work my arse off for three hours to get a pretty good’ James rolled his eyes. ‘Alright, alright I guess I could spare you a “beautiful”. Vain aren’t we?’ Lily nodded and accepted James’ arm.

Last one down was Adea. She quietly walked down the stairs attracting as little attention as possible. She smiled at him as he walked towards her. He stared at her; she broke the silence ‘speechless?’


‘Good you should be’

‘I can’t believe you won’t let me show you off’ she playfully hit him. He laughed ‘Oh well more for me!’ they both laughed and made their way down to the Great Hall.

As the four couples walked in, three gasped at the sight and the last two just smirked identical satisfactory grins.

The hall was beautifully illuminated by nothing but hundreds upon thousands of candles and the billions of stars that sat in the sky. Pumpkins hung, with elegant curly stalks coming out of them. All the tables comprised of a beautiful gold tablecloth, the gold plates and goblets and two beautiful candles in expensive Crystal candleholders.

Kayla and Remus chose a table, Jane and Sirius chose a table near them, Lily and James chose a table near Jane and Sirius and Adea and Waqar chose a table near Lily and James. Peter’s date was a pretty fourth year Hufflepuff, who only went with him because he was a marauder. She had taken a table near her friends and Peter (who thanked God beyond words, to actually have a date) was obliged to follow.

The students sat and waited expectantly. When the last table had been taken, Dumbledore stood up. ‘Good Evening, it is once again that time of year that we wizards prefer to call Halloween. Now I’m sure most of you will remember that we do traditionally have a feast on this occasion. However, this year, our Head Boy and Girl thought that you’d enjoy it more if we tried a new arrangement and well I’m sure you know the rest from there.

I do believe there isn’t a single person here today who could complain about the magnificent décor. In fact as the night progresses you’ll find a lot more things you won’t want to complain about. I think we have the prefects to thank for that’ a round of applause was made for the prefects and then Dumbledore continued ‘and of course, I don’t think any of this could’ve happened, had it not been for our superb Heads’ another round of applause.

‘And now it is with my great pleasure to introduce to you, ladies and gentlemen, wizards and witches I give you the Hobgoblins!’ this round of applause was tumultuous. Lily and James were slightly disappointed.

‘Did we really okay that?’ James asked. Lily shrugged. ‘I guess we were so behind we didn’t really check, I mean they’re ok I guess, right?’

‘Oh, I mean yeah, right. Sirius is mad on them’

‘Manic Manticores would’ve been better though’ Lily murmured, James looked surprised but pleased.

‘You like the Manic Manticores?’ Lily turned to look at him. ‘Well, yeah’

‘No freaking way, me too’

‘Really?’ and for the next ten minutes they continued to talk about their favourite band. Soon it was time to order dinner. James had Steak and Kidney pie, while Lily, who took slightly longer (‘really these Hufflepuffs have done a fantastic job, just look at the variety!’) decided on some sweet and sour prawns and Chinese fried rice to go with it.

Throughout the evening the two discussed their likes and dislikes (‘you actually like that, wow me too’) and found that they had a lot in common, they discussed how great the Hall looked, the food tasted and how the music could’ve been better.

Lily had an idea ‘Hey James, what do you think? Speech?’ James shook his head. ‘No way, not happening’ Lily laughed and donned a babying voice. ‘Aaaaawwww is ickle Jamesie Wamesie scared of a big scary speech’ James looked scandalised at the very idea. ‘No, why would I be scared?’

‘So we’re gonna’ do it?’

‘Oh I dunno’ Lily raised an eyebrow, James resigned. ‘Alright, fine, but I’m telling you Evans, I will get you for this’ Lily leaned in close leaving hardly an inch between them and whispered ‘I don’t think you will James, you wouldn’t do anything to me, especially not tonight right?’ He nodded mutely and Lily realised how close she was and she backed away quick as a flash.

‘I don’t know what came over me James, I really don’t I promise it won’t happen again. In fact you know what, to make it up to you, how about we forget this speech ok? Ok great. I need to go to the toilet’ she said this all very fast in one breath.

Woah! What the heck was that? Does she like me, maybe I dunno’. God what I’d do to have her that close again- he got caught up in his thoughts and he didn’t realise when someone came, sat in the seat opposite and just watched him.

When he finally broke out of his reverie he noticed that someone. ‘Wow, doesn’t someone look slightly stunning tonight’ he said.

‘Why thank you James’ Adea replied. ‘So I’m only sitting at the next table, I saw you and Lily get close’ she smirked slightly. ‘Yeah’ James said dazed. Adea rolled her eyes and laughed. ‘You and Lily will make an interesting couple, you know that?’ he grinned his famous James style grin. The lopsided yet unbelievably suave smile that he pulled.

He turned his head to look at Adea’s actual seat and noticed someone unexpected nod curtly at him. He turned back with a surprised expression on his face. ‘You and… You’re here with Mohsin?’ James had gotten to know Adea and it was through her that he was slowly starting to get the girl of his dreams. In all honesty, she was starting to become a sisterly figure for him and he didn’t want any guy messing with her. ‘So what’s Mohsin to you anyway’ Adea looked at him long and hard and then lowered her gaze and muttered ‘nothing’

‘Hey Adea you’d better tell me because if that guy hurts you then I’ll know whether to give him a warning or a black eye’ Adea’s mouth twitched for a second but nothing more, her eyes never met James’

‘It’s nothing, ok? Please just drop it? I’d really rather not talk about it’ now James was concerned. ‘Is everything alright?’ she nodded ‘No it’s not, something’s wrong, Adea look at me’ she raised her head and gave him a furious glare which meant nothing to James but so much more to Adea ‘I’m going to find Lily’ she walked away leaving James was confused now with two different things until Adea turned again. 

‘Listen James, Thanks for the whole making sure who’s right for me and who isn’t thing’ but James noticed she didn’t sound at all grateful for the concern in the last part of their encounter.

‘Lily! Lily! There you are. You know it really doesn’t look great if the Head Girl disappears for random periods of time’ Lily smiled. ‘Oh Dee I did the stupidest thing’ her friend held up a hand. ‘I know’


‘Let’s blame it in Hormonal Imbalances shall we? I think it’ll make you feel better’ Lily grinned ‘That’s right of course, what else could it be? Hormonal Imbalances’ they both left the bathroom and went back to their respective dates.

When Lily got back she noticed James seemed completely indifferent, which she was rather thankful for. She sat down. ‘So, took you long enough, I was about to send a search party out for you’

‘Didn’t know you cared that much’

‘I…well yeah’ they sat in an uncomfortable silence until James yelled ‘MANIC MANTICORES ROCK’ at the top of his voice causing the hall to go quiet, even the band. Lily shot James a “what was the point of that look” James said ‘Sorry, everyone, continue as you were’ the Hall laughed and he turned back to Lily.

‘Sorry, I don’t like uncomfortable silences’ Lily raised an eyebrow and fought hard to hold back a grin ‘and of course that wasn’t uncomfortable at all’

‘No actually, I felt rather at home’

‘Well with Sirius as a hypothetical brother, I imagine you would’

‘Who said my name, I heard my name. Knew you wanted me Lily’

‘Oh yes Sirius, I’ve been waiting years to confess my undying love for you’

‘I’m sorry fair Lily but my heart belongs to another’ and he winked at Jane who until now had been staring at the ceiling. She clutched a hand to her heart and looked shocked. ‘Surely you cannot mean me, oh dear Sirius, it pains me to say but do you not know I have eyes only for Peter’ the four of them laughed, they looked at their watches and realised it was nearing the end of the events and people had started to leave already.

All four couples rose from their seats and seven of them left for the Gryffindor Common room and the other for the Ravenclaw.

A/n: this page took nine and three quarters of a page in size ten! Hope you like it. Oh and the links for the girl’s dresses are below please copy and paste the link not the names. - Lily - Adea - Jane - Kayla

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