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Harriette Potter and the Ring of Life by rb123456
Chapter 10 : Dominii Blood
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The seven of them hurriedly raced toward Prof McGonagall's classroom, hoping not to get into any trouble, but unfortunately, they weren't going to enjoy her mood. As they slowly walked into the classroom, every eyes glared at them, including Prof McGonagall's which had a sharp glare of utter cruelness. Harrie wondered why she had been so cruel for the past few months; at the beginning of the year, she seemed as if she were just a strict, yet kindhearted, woman, but now, she's become just as dreadful as Prof Snape, maybe even worse. "Take a seat, please," groaned Prof McGonagall as they stepped toward the front of the room.

"Sorry, we're late, Professor, we just---" began Nora, but just before, Prof McGonagall's voice interrupted her.

"Please," she shouted, "Miss Weasley, I have no time for excuses," she finished, "Now, where was I---Oh, yes, of course, to transfigure those broomsticks into pencils, please pronounce these words, pen al transfiguro," as soon as she uttered those words, the large broomstick in front of her transformed into a, perfectly sharpened, #2 pencil.

Soon after, Nora, as usual, perfectly pronounced, "Pen al transfiguro," and after she had said this, the broomstick in front of her also transformed into a, perfectly sharpened, #2 pencil, yet not even less than a second later, Crystal had done the exact same thing.

"Great job, ladies, I'll twenty points to each of you," said Prof McGonagall with, to Harrie's immediate surprise, a smile.

By the end of the class, Prof McGonagall had given Gryffindor more than seventy points and Ravenclaw a mere forty-five. "Maybe she just wanted to be in the classroom again," said Sean about Prof McGonagall as he, Nora, Harrie, Michael, Lisa, Crystal, and Tom walked out of the classroom.

"Yeah, maybe," said Michael, unsure.

"I've got to go, see ya' guys later!" said Tom as he walked the opposite way.

"Okay, see ya later!" shouted Crystal as he left, "So cute," she uttered to herself.

Sean swiftly jumped in front of Crystal, "So do ya wanna--" before he could finish, she spoke.

"Er, can't talk, I have to go, bye!" she said as she left with Harrie, Nora, and Lisa.

"WOW, Sean, you're real ladies man," said Michael sarcastically.

"SHUTUP, Like you could do better anyways," shouted Sean with a burst of anger.

"Please, watch and learn," said Michael, rolling his eyes, "LISA, WAIT, I have to ask you somethin'," he shouted as she was almost out of sight. He ran toward her and all Sean could see was him talking to her and then, THEY KISSED!

Sean stood completely still by the time Michael came back, "What now?" asked Michael in an I'm-way-better-than-you manner.

"How did you do that?" asked Sean, still completely stunned.

"Well, you may not have noticed it, but Lisa and I have had a thing for each other since we met," answered Michael.

"But, you guys are only eleven," said Sean, trying to make up any excuse.

"And your point? It's almost the end of 2017! Things have changed since we were six, I mean the marriage age limit went down to 16! That's just five more years!" explained Michael.

"Yeah, but you still can't have kids until you're eighteen," responded Sean, thinking that he had finally stumped him.

"Dude, we're just in a relationship, we're not planning to have--- er--- let's change the subject," said Michael after realising that they were actually talking about a serious issue.

"Good idea."

* * * * *

By the end of the day, the Gryffindors were surprised to be given very little homework. "It only makes sense, I mean, why should they give us homework when they're gonna give us tons of it on Christmas break, which is in a couple of weeks?" said Nora as the four girls walked into the common room.

"Yeah, but luckily we'll have our parents help!" said Lisa, smiling.

"I don't have my parents," said Crystal in a somewhat calm voice.

"Well, I'll help you Crystal, because I'm not goin' home for Christmas," offered Nora confidently.

"WHAT! WHY NOT?" asked Harrie, shocked at what she had just said.

"I've got some plans, some important plans, very important," she said in a mysterious tone.

"She's gonna help the houselves!" shouted Crystal, she had a vision.

"NORA! I thought you said you wouldn't do anything about that," said Harrie.

"Actually, all I said was that I wasn't gonna continue the S.P.E.W. idea, I mean, that was a failure just waitin' to happen," said Nora, with a guilty tone.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!" shouted the voice of Michael as he and Sean walked in, "YOU'RE NOT COMING HOME BECAUSE OF SOME STUPID HOUSE ELVES!" he shouted angrily.

"Sor--" before Nora could finish, darkness covered the entire room and a bright light shown across from them. There was a sound of heavy breathing that began to approach them slowly. Harrie figured out that the sound was coming from that of the light and, to the groups disgust, the light slowly figured ito a silvery-hooded creature, it was a silverhooded Dominio.

"Bloody hell!" shouted Michael and Sean in unison.


Harrie quickly remembered something, silverhooded Dominii are immune to the Imobillus spell! "STOP!" she yelled, "They're immune, remember?"

"That's right, what are we gonna do?" asked Nora, "Crystal, do you have an idea?" the moment she had asked this, everyone noticed someone missing, Crystal.

"Where is she?" asked Lisa as she slightly backed away from the creature, which slowly crept toward them with its eyes glowing red.

There was a sudden flash of blue light coming from behind the Dominio and a shadow of a girl stepped behind it, pulled out what looked like a dreadfully sharp dagger, and sliced the Dominio completely in half. As the dagger swiftly sliced the Dominio, all Harrie could think about was the blood rushing from the lifeless body of her friend Katie, "Stop, Harrie," she thought to herself, "It was a little over a month ago," she tired hard not to cry, but the memory stuck in her head and the next thing she knew, she was lying on the ground, crying her heart out.

"Harrie, what's wrong?" asked the shadow, who turned out to be Crystal in her pixy form.

"I--I don't know," she answered, "Once I saw the blood come from that Dominio, I thought of-- Katie," she explained, looking at Lisa's reaction, which was a quick wince.

"Of course! Harrie, don't feel guilty!" demanded Nora.

"What does that mean?" asked Sean rudely.

"Seeing the blood of a Dominio makes your inner guilt take over all of your emotions," explained Crystal, "The reason the rest of us didn't cry, was because we aren't guilty of anything, but Harrie; she has to let her guilt go," she then explained.

"But, I can't! How could I not feel guilty? I should've stopped her from saving me," said Harrie, still crying.

"Harrie, you had no idea that she was going to even try to save you, so how could you stop her?" asked Nora, beginning to cry.

"I know, I just need rest," said Harrie, wiping the tears off her eyes.

"Good," said everyone else in unison.

"Crystal, what was that dagger you used to kill the Dominio?" asked Nora, curiously.

"I made it, from the bones of my ancestors, it's as strong as the strongest metal known to man," Crystal explained.

"Wow, that's amazing," said Lisa, after wiping off a tear that started coming up while Nora was talking to Harrie. "Yeah, thanks, but let's stop talking and get to bed before someone notices that we're awake," said Crystal as she snapped her fingers and transformed back into a normal form.

* * * * *

As the days passed, all Harrie could think about was Katie. Her class marks were slowly dropping, especially in Potions and her friends continually bothered her about putting on her bracelet. Now it was finally the first day of their Christmas vacation and everyone, but Nora and Crystal, packed. "Are you sure you don't wanna go?" asked Michael to Nora before he got onto the train.

"I'm positive, mum and dad said it's okay," she explained as the train slowly started moving. "Bye!" She shouted as everyone waved back until they disappeared out of sight.

Well, that's it, I posted two chapters because this one was too long. Tell me what you think.

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