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The Reign of Nosferatu by IrisLaRue
Chapter 1 : It Begins
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The moon has been red for an entire cycle now. That great crimson orb up in the sky may seem a meaningless phenomena to the undereducated, but to us, it is the harbinger of doom.

It is the Blood Moon.

For our enemies, it is their calling. All those dark immortals of antiquity and fresh blood as well, brought hence to our hallowed forest to defile its sanctity. They will come from all corners of the Earth; they will invade all parts, holy and evil, destroying all living things in our flock for their feasting before the great battle that must be fought. So it is written across the face of Artemis, and so is it written in the stars surrounding her.

We have not yet warned those inept mortals in their precious castle: the target. Though what can they hope to do against such an enemy is beyond us, we feel we must soon warn their leader of the impending danger. We do know there may be one hope who resides there now, but she is the reason behind this infestation.

Vampires are vengeful creatures.

* * *

There was nothing in the world right now that could shatter my contentedness. Deep as a still ocean, vast as the darkness around me, it consumed me in its warmth, mingling with that given off from the peacefully slumbering mortal being beside me. Those thin and roughened hands still held mine tightly in his sleep; hands that only get older…

Never before had I contemplated the power I had…the power to make others live beside me forever. The desire to do such, as he slept, was so very strong. Would he be spared the pain? Or would his immortality bring pain never ending?

It was not my choice, and I could never ask him to join me. I could never really bring myself to destroy someone as I have been destroyed. Dying, then living yet not…I cannot think about it, lest I drive myself to insanity. Never could I do that to another.

No, never…

I cannot help but wonder what he is dreaming as I gaze down at his pale, closed eyelids, white trimmed with thick black lashes. The innocence even the tormented radiate as they succumb to oblivious sleep never ceases to amaze me.

I would join him in his oblivion if I could, but my nocturnal nature does not allow me lest I am weak from lack of blood. Which I am not, at the moment. His blood still rushes strong in my veins from those several nights past, when he saved my life by giving up a little of his.

Could he be dreaming that strange shared vision we once had, of green expanses and a white mask – the mask of his past?

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