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Please, Please Forgive Me! by PhoenixWriter
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9: I Don't Wanna Lose You
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1. Author-Note: Well, well so you liked the last chapter? Cool, but you want more plot? You’ll get this in the last few chapters. I won’t comment much about it. Just I might hand out some handkerchief for you. I like to thank Rawles for betaing this chapter.


Chapter nine: I Don’t Wanna Lose You

I don't wanna lose you
I don't even wanna say goodbye
I just wanna hold on
To this true love, true love
I don't wanna lose you
And I always wanna feel this way
Cause everytime I'm with you
I feel true love, true love

By Tina Turner

Silently her thoughts went back to the horrible night that Cho Chang had died. She had been the first person in Hermione’s young life she had seen die. She had been the first person who was ever hit in front of her very eyes with the killing curse. Since Hermione knew about the prophecy she feared the one she loved with all her being could be the next person. Many days of the last year she had tried to push away her fears of seeing the lifeless body of this seventeen year old boy. They were hearing nearly every day about new attacks, torturing and killing.

In their sixth year they met Death Eaters, unprepared, in the darkness of the Forbidden Forest. What the Death Eaters were searching for there they never knew. They knew only that they were attacked directly. Due to the death of Minister Fudge, Dumbledore had left Hogwarts alone that day. Sometimes Hermione wondered if Voldemort knew better than they thought what happened at Hogwarts, otherwise he couldn’t have known that on this day Dumbledore hadn’t been there. How foolish they had been that day to try and fight Death Eaters just because they got away with their lives in their fifth year?

Sadly, Hermione shook her head at those memories. Graduation was just a few days away. The NEWTs were already past them. Despite this, an uneasy feeling kept hunting her as if she was about to lose something dear but could not stop it. She looked at her notes for the planned graduation speech intently. Hermione didn’t know why she was supposed to say anything. The world which awaited them was crazy, and in the middle of a war. Until today she did not know what she would do in the future, or even in a few weeks. Because of her status she hadn’t yet a job or anything that she could do. It was nearly impossible for her to get work even if she got as many as NEWTs as were possible.

People, especially the Ministry, feared that if she worked with them, they would become one of the targets of Voldemort or any other dark wizard. By now, Hermione was just as famous as Harry Potter. The only difference was that she was marked as muggleborn. No one from those under her year that were muggle-born had any prospects, at least, not in the wizarding world. Ron was the only one who already had a job. He would work at Ministry for in the International Sports department. Shortly after their seventh year had started Hermione, Ron, and Harry had tried to sort things out.

It had been unbelievably hard for them to get past all those emotions. It had been Halloween when Hermione learned Ron had had feelings for her for a long time. Though Ron kept saying it had changed over the years, still she could see it was hard for him. After all, she had been his first love. She was slightly irked by the thoughts that she was the reason that he had changed so much. Ron had been always her best friend, but nothing more. Everything had made sense after they got this out, after Hermione finally knew. For Ron, himself, this changed a lot. Finally, he was able to get over those long hidden feelings. The first time Hermione had ever seen Ron with another girl he was happy with her. Deep inside herself she knew that she could have never been that girl, never be the one who made him glow like that.

In the past months, Harry had been more and more withdrawn. Hermione didn’t know how she could cheer him up. Many nights they searched in the library for spells. Any magic that might help Harry in his fight against Voldemort. Sometimes it seemed as if he expected to die in those next days. Hermione simply refused to think about this possibility. The only power Voldemort did not know was Love, but how, Hermione wondered, was Harry supposed to use any spell or curse with such an emotion if all he felt in such situations was only pure, all-consuming hatred? Though she knew better she had written all kinds of spells and potions down that were supposed to protect or to attack with the power of love. Still, she had wondered if those notes would ever be used.

Just as that thought crossed her mind, the portrait hole opened and Ginny Weasley came in. A huge smile was plastered on her face as she saw her best friend sitting thoughtfully in her favourite armchair.

“There you are, Hermione. I have been searching for you all over the castle,” she said brightly.

“Don’t you have Potions?” Hermione looked at her clock.

“Sure, I have but the Head-Boy told me that your presence is needed. I suppose Minister Dearbone wants to congratulate our most famous Trio himself.” If it was possible Ginny’s smile grew even more.

“This is bit strange even for Dearbone!” Hermione said suspiciously.

“You know how he is, Hermione. Have you ever met a person who was stranger?” Ginny asked as she led the way.

“Moody was surely more strange,” Hermione muttered as she followed the youngest Weasley out of the Gryffindor Tower down the stairs.

“Ron and Harry already waiting there. I suppose a few Aurors will come with you. These days no security can be high enough,” Ginny told her as both reached the Great Hall.

Dimly, Hermione remembered how Dumbledore had warned Harry that now that he was an adult, fully trained wizard Voldemort would strike as soon as possible. The Great Hall was nearly deserted. Just a few seventh year students were sitting here and there. Rather quickly they went through the hall and left through a door behind the staff table.

It was the same door behind which Harry had vanished after he was announced as the fourth champion in their fourth year. A rather dark room greeted them.

“Finally, we’re all here. What took you so long?” Ron asked his sister.

“Maybe you trying searching half of the castle yourself, dear Head Boy, if I’m not fast enough,” Ginny said coolly as she turned to Hermione. “Good luck.” She hugged her tightly before she left her alone with Harry, Ron, Tonks, Lupin, Kingsley, Mcgonagall and Dumbledore.

“For your safety Tonks, Remus and Kingsley will go with you. This portkey will bring you safely to the Ministry. I trust, Harry, that if any danger comes you’ll conjure a new Portkey that will bring you back to Hogwarts,” Dumbledore explained as he gave Harry an old goblet.

Hermione took Harry’s free hand into her own. He squeezed hers slightly.

“Well, good luck and have a nice stay.” Dumbledore said before everyone except himself and Mcgonagall took hold of the portkey.

With a sudden jerk everything in front of Hermione’s eyes vanished and she felt how shoulders bumped painfully against hers. She didn’t feel her hand anymore so tightly she was holding Harry’s hand.

She slammed onto the ground hard with her feet, but they were not in the ministry, like she expected, but in a dark graveyard. At her side she felt how Harry tensed and a loud noise told her that the goblet had fallen to the ground.

“Wands, now!” he hissed as they could see dark shadows surrounding them from a few yards away.

Just as Hermione had her wand out she heard a few loud cracks and at least twenty hooded people stood in a circle around them, but only one face frightened Hermione the most. Red gleaming eyes were fixed at Harry. She had never seen Voldemort before, but she knew that she would never see a more terrible face than this.

“Harry Potter, finally, we meet again. We both know this will be the last of our oh-so-delightful meetings. Let’s end this like honourable wizards. Just you and I in a duel,” he said in a high-pitched cruel voice.

But neither Harry or the others moved or say anything. Still Tonks, Lupin, Ron, and Kingsley were on their side, all shoulder to shoulder staring with their wands pointed towards all those Death Eaters. There were just too many of them, Hermione thought frightened. Though they were just seconds before a battle still Hermione’s hand was holding Harry’s.

“We don’t need them here anymore!” Voldemort cried to his Death Eaters and pointed to them.

Soon the first curses were yelled and heading at them. Fast, just like they had learned in the DA Hermione avoided the green light which was supposed to be for her. “Protego!” She yelled and let go of Harry’s hand.

He was obviously too busy to conjure counter spells against the Death Eaters. Before long they could hear a few more cracks. At least ten Aurors and Dumbledore himself had Apparated. Voldemort’s Death Eaters still had the upper hand. At least five of them were fighting against Dumbledore.

Out of the corner of her eye Hermione could see Ron fighting with another Death Eater, just as she saw how Ron fell motionless to the ground. She saw how another Death Eater was lunging after her. With tears in her eyes she conjured a quick shock spell, and with a loud noise Lestrange fell to the ground.

Meters ahead, she saw how one spell after another was flying around Harry’s head. Voldemort was determined to kill him as soon as possible. Dodging spells and avoiding various fighting Death Eaters and Aurors or member of the Phoenix, she ran.

Out of breath Hermione reached Harry who just glared at her out of the corner of his eyes.

“Avada Kedavra!” Voldemort yelled.

Harry was so distracted by her arrival that he didn’t pay any attention to the green light that was heading for him. Without any second thought Hermione pushed Harry out of the line of fire with so much force that he fell to the ground.

“Harry!” she screamed as she saw into those surprised and shocked eyes before bright green light hit her small body. Abruptly, everything turned black.

2. Author-Note: You read right this is another note. Well, I need to clear something and its Minister Dearbone. This character isn’t jumped from my mind but out of OotP. In OotP exist a scene where Moody shows Harry a picture of the original Order at this one is a guy named Dearbone who was never been found. He is my bad-guy, a smart bad-guy no less because the Portkey came from the Minister who had waited a long year for this trick. Dumbledore trust Dearbone like he trust Snape so he don’t expect in him a traitor.

Thanks for reading.


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