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Vindicated by Secret Lily
Chapter 5 : Strolling With Sirius
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Chapter 5-Strolling with Sirius

“Who’s the new flavor of the week?” James asked, plopping down in an armchair next to his friends in the Gryffindor Common Room.

There were lots of people crowded around, Lily being one of them. James caught her out of the corner of his eye. She was with her friends, as usual. Girls rarely went anywhere alone. This was one thing James had retained during his years at Hogwarts.

“I haven’t had one,” Sirius admitted. “It feels as though I’ve hit all of them.”

“Already?” Remus asked, looking up from his book. He looked like the book was a lot more stimulating than the conversation. “There are lots of girls in this school. You’ve really dated them all?”

“Well, no,” Sirius confessed. “Only third year and on. The last time I dated a second year, things got ugly. It wasn’t right.”

“It’s disgusting the way you treat people sometimes, Padfoot,” Remus said. James couldn’t totally disagree with him on that one.

“How so, Moony?” Sirius asked, clearly bewildered as to his lack of respect for others’ feelings.

“What about Erin Parker?” Remus suggested.

“What about her?” Sirius challenged, raising an eyebrow and scanning the students to find Erin. He spotted her with her friends. She was rather pretty, even for his standards.

“Well, it could be the fact that you dropped her like a bad habit or that you totally ignored her this summer,” Peter started rambling off.

“I get it, Wormtail,” Sirius said. “She was no different from the others. I like them all, but it’s hard to love them.”

“You’re such a hypocrite,” Remus stated, rolling his eyes behind the book. “You hate it when people like Prongs here, don’t go for their true feelings yet you hold none whatsoever. How can you possibly relate to his issues?”

“I can’t. I just try to be his mate, is all. Nothing more to it,” Sirius said.

“I don’t believe you,” James spoke. He had been sitting there, quietly listening to his friends’ conversation. It just didn’t fit. “Out of everyone, there has to be someone you’ve liked more than the others. I also find it impossible for you to have dated every girl. Out of all Lily’s friends, you’ve only dated Parker.”

“I figured they were all the same as her,” Sirius said, shrugging it off. James noticed that his friend was hiding something.

“There is a reason that there is no new flavor of the week. You like someone,” James accused.

“I always like someone, Prongs. You really need help in the Divination department,” Sirius deducted.

“No, I mean you fancy someone. That’s the reason you’re not dating anyone,” James proclaimed.

“What do you care?” Sirius asked, standing up, clearly offended.

“I don’t, mate. Sit down, simmer. I was just acknowledging something you’ve failed to mention to your fellow Marauders,” James said, cheekily.

“I’m not the hypocrite here, Prongs. If I’m not mistaken, you feel the same way about Lily. You don’t tell us everything either,” Sirius said, briskly.

“You may be right on that one, Sirius,” James quietly said.

As Lily exited the library, she heard footsteps behind her. She turned but the figure was hidden by the shadows. It was tall, much taller than she stood. She stretched out her wand and ignited it.

Sirius Black appeared to be shielding his eyes from the light.

“It’s just me, Evans,” Sirius said.

Lily whispered, “Nox,” and placed her wand back inside her robes.

“Roaming the halls again, Black?” Lily questioned.

“No, just strolling. There is a difference between roaming and strolling,” Sirius insisted.

“And that would be?” Lily asked.

“Well, roaming is walking around with the intention of making the inevitable amount of mischief most students achieve. Strolling is when you’re simply walking around looking for someone. In this case, I am looking for James,” Sirius replied.

“I think he’s at Quidditch,” Lily said. “He and Ruby left a short while ago for practice. They should be back soon.”

“That’s good,” Sirius casually said. “Speaking of Prongs, how’re things going with him?”

“Alright, I guess,” Lily said.

“You still haven’t considered him for Hogsmeade?” Sirius asked.

“Black, don’t push it. If Potter wants to go, he’ll ask for himself. Yet, he’ll be terribly disappointed as my answer had failed to quaver in response,” Lily brushed off.

“I don’t get it, Evans,” Sirius bellowed, as Lily paced quickly down the hall. She turned to look at him, his face bewildered.

“What do you mean?” she inquired.

“You’ve dated so many guys without one sign of remorse for their feelings or your reputation. You dated Ethan Sullivan, for one,” Sirius said.

“What’s wrong with Ethan?” Lily demanded.

“The guy’s a bit of a weakling, if you get what I’m saying. He was a tad bit over the edge on his prefect duties,” Sirius supplied. “A bit overwhelming for one’s reputation.”

“I don’t care about my reputation,” Lily snapped.

“Well, then what would it hurt to go out with James? It wouldn’t hurt your reputation, it wouldn’t hurt society, it wouldn’t hurt mankind. It would not hurt his feelings, nor mine. I doubt your friends would be hurt by it. What is the harm in dating him?” Sirius requested.

Lily contemplated her answer slowly. She didn’t know Sirius would go to such levels for his friend. Obviously, she underestimated the Marauders.

“Well, Sirius,” Lily said, pacing her words. “In order for me to answer that, you must answer me this. Why can’t you stay with a girl for longer than three months?”

“Evans, you don’t want to go there,” Sirius warned.

“Oh, but it’s quite alright for you to tap into my personal life and choices. You mind your own business, I’ll mind mine,” Lily offered.

“I can’t date them for too long because I need variety,” Sirius grinned. “They get old after awhile.”

“Sickening,” Lily claimed. “You’re just as afraid as I am. Love is a scary, forceful thing. I’ve known Potter for seven years and he’s liked me for a long time. I have some regard for his feelings. I don’t think I could date him for the simple reason being that it would be incredibly hard to break up with him. I am not willing to make myself that liable to his feelings.”

“I guess I understand where you’re coming from. I just want you to know, the reason I haven’t stayed with girls is that I haven’t met the right one. I’m always willing to give them a chance. That seems to be your problem,” Sirius concluded.

It always went back to the risks. She wasn’t willing to put herself in a vulnerable situation. Even Sirius Black seemed to realize her problem.

“I’m just not ready for that, Sirius,” she said quietly.

“You don’t have to be. Just keep in mind that James really likes you. For some odd reason, he finds something about you unique and different from everyone else. I’ve lived with him for how long? Seven years. He’s talked about how he felt, and it wasn’t as immature as I would have expected. Just remember him when the time comes to choose a date for Hogsmeade,” Sirius said.

“Thanks, Sirius,” Lily said, reaching the Gryffindor Common Room. “If you ever need anyone to talk to, I’m here.”

“Well, since I’m not too swell with apologies, can you try and tell Erin Parker that I’m not completely ignorant to her feelings. I do feel bad for what I did,” Sirius said.

“Sorry, that’s something only you can do,” Lily said, walking in and leaving Sirius feeling rather guilty.

A/N: It’s short, but I hope you liked it regardless of that. Please review.

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