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Troubled by Fredslover
Chapter 8 : Happy Christmas
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The sun was barely peeking over the tops of the mountains in the distance as you forced yourself out of bed. Even though getting up this early was practically against your religion, it had to be done, so that you could wrap Ron's present.

You walked groggily to your trunk and slipped on on a T-shirt and jeans, then you smeared on some make-up, just so Ron wouldn't run away screaming when you came down the stairs. You ran a brush through your hair half hazardly, then rushed over to the shopping bags from the day before. It didn't take long for you to find Ron's gift, it was tucked away neatly underneath the other packages. You lifted the box out and carried it over to the middle of the room, sitting it down on the hardwood floor. After grabbing the wrapping paper that you had bought yesterday, you sat down infront of the box.

Taking your wand out the pocket of your jeans you carefully layed out the dark blue shiny paper and placed the box in the middle of spread out paper.

" Diffindo. " You muttered, tracing a wide outline of the box on the paper. There was a soft tearing sound as the paper cut into th appropiate shape. As neatly as you could (you'd never been an excelent wrapper) you tentively folded the paper around the glass box, taking one last look at the arm guard with it's gold signature, before covering it completely. Using a simple spell to make the edges stick, you stuck the finishing touch (a gold bow) on the top of the box. Then taking out your newest quill you wrote in your neatest hand writing:

To Ron,
Hope you like it, I'm sure you can find some use for it. Happy Christmas!
Love from,

Short sweet and to the point.
You think, admiring your penmenship. Satisfied with the gift you put everything back into it's place and grab the present in your hand. Moving closer to the door you hear the noises coming from the common room. You thought that you had woken up earlier than everyone else, but from the sound of it, the few people that had stayed were already awake and opening presents.

Sighing you opened the door that led to the staircase leading into the common room. Ron's gift was still clutched in your hands tightly so you didn't drop it. As you stepped into the common room you almost tripped over all of the wrapping paper that covered the blue carpet. Looking around you noticed that there were ten people who were either still opening presents or showing everyone what they had recieved.

You saw Nathan's little group of friends exchanging gifts in the corner, and a few sixth and seventh years joking around with what looked like some Zonko products.

Smiling to yourself you wave over to your brothers friends, but as expected, none of them noticed you.

Feeling quite happy, you make your way out of the Ravenclaw common room. You don't know where you and Ron are going to meet, but you did know that the Gryffindor common room was on the seventh floor, so you made your way up a few flights of stairs.

Before you knew if you were on the seventh florr facing hundreds of portraits. There really wasn't anything for you to do but wait...

" Looking for someone? " Ron's voice came from behind you. You were grinning before you even turned around.

Ron was stepping out of a rather large portrait of a plump lady wearing a fluffy pink dress.

He smiled as he walked over to you, noticing the small parcel clenched in his hand you feel a slight wave of nervousness pass over you. You'd never gotten a gift from a guy before, unless you counted the time your brothers friend had given you his old remembrall, but that didn't count, since the boy was about twelve years old. You'd never had a boyfriend to give you a gift...and it made you a little nervous.

You turned Ron's gift around in your hands, not sure at what to do with it now that he was facing you. His smile took the edge off of your feelings and caused you to relax slightly. Looking at him more closely, you noticed that Ron didn't look very confident either. It made you like him even more, to know that he was just as vonerable as you.

" Happy Christmas. " He said, stopping in front of you.

" Happy Christmas Ron... " You mutter, managing to make eye contact long enough for the words to come out, then looking at somewhere around his nose. You heard him laugh softly, and you gather enough courage to take a look at his adorable smile. As your nervousness continued to wane, you felt Ron's hand grab yours.

" Come here... " He said half whispering. You obeyed, walking swiftly as he tugged you down the stone corridor. You hardly ever came onto the seventh floor and if Ron hadn't been pulling you along you would have probably gotten lost.

He made a sharp turn to the left and you followed him closely. You turn one last time to the right and stop dead in your tracks.

In front of you is quite possibly the most beautiful scene you had ever laid eyes on. Ron had led you to a section of the castle where there was a giant window facing the back of the lake and a good part of the forest. Winter had truely worked it's magic on the Hogwarts grounds, everything was either covered in snow, or sheeted in ice.

" Wow...I didn't know this was here ." You said finally overcoming the initial shock. You glanced across the narrow corridor. There was a bench that sat directly across from the window.

" Before yesterday, neither did I... " He confessed as you took the initiative and moved toward the bench. You felt him follow you to it. Sitting down gently, your heart almost jumps out of your chest as he lowers himself next to you.

Theres a moment in which no one talks, mostly because your both to busy staring out the window.

" I guess you'll be wanting this then. " He said as you turned to look at him. He was extending his hand and sitting in it was your present. Your cheeks flush slightly, but you recover quickly and grab the little box from him.

" Well? Open it! " He said smiling slyly.

" Oh...okay/ " You mutter awkwardly. With shaky hands you tear the paper from the box, slowly revealing a purple velvet case. Imediately you reconize it as some type of jewlry case, your palms start sweating slgihtly.

Being careful not to drop the little case, you lift the lid off slowly. Sitting delicately on the floor of the box is a silver bracelet. Theres purplish stones set evenly apart running around the whole thing. It was extremely pretty...

" So, do you like it? Cause if you don't I can always- "

" I love it, it's beautiful Ron. Thank you. " You said. Ron's ears flashed red and you leaned over and hugged him, your arms drapped over his shoulders. You pulled your face away so that it was right in front of his, then without warning he moved forward and kissed you. You had thought that nothing could have beat your first kiss with him, but you were wrong, the second was much better.

You pull away from him and reach behind you and grab his gift. Your lips are curled into a permanent smile as you handed the parcel to him. He grabbed it curiously and held it up to his ear, shaking it slightly.

"'s not alive... " He muttered under his breath. You laughed quietly. He shook it a little harder.

" And it's not glass... " He said, making a face like he was really trying to figure out what it was. You let out a fake sigh of annoyence.

" Just open it! " You whine. He stops shaking it and smiles at you.

' Okay, okay... " He said. You watch as he reads the note that you had attatched to it, you see his face light up slightly as he reads the last part, or at least you hope it was at the line Love, Morgan. He looks up at you for a second, then goes back to the present, tearing the paper off unceremoniously and throwing the bow onto the stone floor.

Your worried at first, because his face is blank, as soon as the wrapping had cleared he had totally frooze. But after a few minutes his face seemed to thaw out and the look that was forming on it was well worth the worry.

" Morgan...this...this is amazing! " He said staring at you in disbelief. He looked back down at the arm guard.

" Kieth Shields... " He breathed, seeming utterly amazed. You smiled at him, taking his speechlessness as a sign that you had picked the right gift for him.

" So I take it that you like it? " You asked, eyeing him expectantly. He looks at you again, this time shaking his head slightly.

" Your amazing... " He said, putting the glass case down on the floor at his feet.

" Well, I do what I can. " You said sarcastically. He laughed, then leaned in toward you. He didn't even waste time with a hug, he went straight to the good part.

He was kissing you again, and you felt so thankful that you were spending this Christmas with Ron. If you hadn't stay'd behind, you probably would never had gotten together with him, you would have been to scared.

" Thank you Morgan. " He said seriously.

" Your welcome... " You said nodding.

The two of you sat there for another thirty minutes to an hour, somewhere along the line you had found the guts to scoot closer to Ron and lean your head on his shoulder, and you had to admit that it felt nice to beable to do that with someone.

Now that the stress of wondering whether or not Ron was going to like his present was gone, you felt that you could now fully enjoy the holiday.

With your head still resting on Ron's broad shoulder, you brought your wrist up to the light that was gleaming in from the window across from the two of you, you stared at the bracelet you had recieved. It really was gorgeous, and for a moment you wondered how much a bracelet like that cost, and whether or not you felt comfortable with Ron spending money on you when you weren't sure how much he had to begin with. But then those thoughts were put aside, when you felt Ron's lips graze the top of your head, sending chills up and down your spine.

There was no doubt about it, this Christmas was by far the best you had ever had.


Okay that chapter is done, sorry it took me so long to update. I just started my second semester, and last semester I had all the time in the world to type a chapter, but now I barely have any time...but I promise I will always find time!

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Troubled: Happy Christmas


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