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Once A Muggle... by Rocky
Chapter 1 : Once A Muggle...
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This fic is mostly about Sirius/OC but several others make an appearance or two. The timeline is Harrys fifth year at Hogwarts. Includes everyone's favorite Evil wizard, some death eaters, and several random comments. FYI, the rat was caught but somehow got away, but he was caught long enough to clear Sirius's name.

Disclaimer: JK Rowlings owns everything that looks like hers. Alex is mine as well as anything else you don't recognize.

Chapter 1: All Is Quiet

It wasn't quiet on Creek Road. The frat house was in the middle of the party of the year and it had spread onto the house lawn shattering the once quiet night. Unfortunately for them one of the neighbors had called the police and the sirens could be heard in the distance. All the noise had disturbed the house down the street where a single light was burning in an upstairs window. The window had been left open to catch the cool outside air. The last few days had been unseasonably warm and as the old house didn't have central air, it could get very hot in the upstairs rooms. The room had little in the way of furniture, comprising of an old desk, chair, dresser, and a small bed. The bed at this particular moment started to move and a shadow moved out from under the covers.
"Idiots" said the shadow as the window went crashing closed. "No wonder I never get any sleep around here," thought the shadow as it walked to the desk and sat down. The desk was an old roll top, beaten and scared from years of use. The top was covered with papers, books and other writing materials. "Guess I'll just work for a while." thought the shadow, which in better light turned out to be a short girl in her early twenties with dark wavy hair and bright blue eyes. Picking up her pen she continued to make notes and search through the books on the desk until dawn crept into the second floor window.

The next night...

It was dark and quiet in the small bedroom of 64 Creek Road. The lump in the middle of the bed was unmoving accept for the slow rise and fall of her breathing. A flash of light followed by a quiet thump broke the stillness of the small room.

"Huhh, what time is it?" said the lump as she looked out from under the covers. "Bloody hell!" She yelled as she sat upright on the bed. "Who are you?" Standing before her was a dark robed man wearing a mask that hid his face.

"Hello Alexandra." Said the robed man.

"How do you know who I am and how did you get into my room?" Blurted out the startled Alexandra.

"You are in no position to be asking questions girl. OUCH!" He yelled jumping back a step. Attached to his leg was a small tabby cat with his teeth firmly lodged into his ankle. "Stuptify" he said and the cat fell to the floor. Alex, who had been making her way towards the door, stopped and stared at the still form of her beloved cat.
"You killed him!" She yelled as she ran and tackled the robed man. Alex caught him off guard and they both crashed to the floor.

"What's going on up there? Alex did you fall out of bed again?" yelled a voice from down stairs.

"Answer him." Hissed the robed man, who had turned the tables on Alex and had her pinned to the floor.

"Uh, yeah I did. Sorry bought the noise Uncle Brad." Alex yelled back.

"OK. Sleep well then...and try to stay in the bed this time." Joked Uncle Brad. The man yanked her to her feet and pointed something at her, mumbled some strange words, and Alex was instantly tied up.

"That's a magic wand isn't it?" asked Alex nodding her head towards his hand.

"And what would you know of such things muggle?" Sneered the man as he made another gesture with the wand.

"Muggle? What's a muggle?" She garbled though the gag that had just appeared in her mouth.

"Time to go." He said as he grabbed onto her arm. An instant later they were gone and quiet once again settled onto 64 Creek Road.

Bathroom Break

Seconds later the pair appeared in another room very different from the one they had just left. A fire burned in a vast fireplace that covered most of the wall they were facing. The room smelled kind of musty like it hadn't been used for sometime, but from the look of the peeling wallpaper and faded carpet it had used to be a grand old room. The only furniture she could see was a high backed chair in front of the fireplace.

"I have the girl Master." said the robed man holding onto Alex.

"What took you so long Malfoy? Did the small girl give you trouble." Jeered the hissing voice from the chair. Alex shivered at the sound of the voice and decided she wanted nothing to do with whatever sat in that chair.

"There was a complication Master but everything worked out." tears welled in Alex's eyes as she remembered her faithful cat.

"Take her into the other room. Wormtail can look after her while we have a chat." Said the voice from the chair.

"Yes Master." said Malfoy as he started to drag her from the room.

Alex looked around as she was dragged from the first room down a hall to another room. This room was smaller then the first but still had a fireplace that filled one wall. This would be so cool if I wasn't scared out of my mind. Thought Alex as she was propped up on a chair.

"Wormtail, you look after her while I talk to the Master," said Malfoy walking out the door.

Alex took a good look at the man who was called Wormtail. He was a skinny little man wearing black robes, he was balding and looked very nervous. He looks more like a scared mouse then a worm to me thought Alex watching the other man. Wormtails eyes darted around the room before coming to rest on Alex. He removed his wand from his robe pocket and pointed it at Alex. Alex's eyes grew huge as she thought of all the terrible things he was about to do to her when the gag disappeared from her mouth.

"Thanks." said a surprised Alex as she rotated her stiff jaw. "What am I doing here?"

"It is not my way to question the Master, I only obey." squeaked Wormtail looking at the floor.

"That sounds like a whole lot of fun." thought Alex as she wiggled in her chair. Several minutes passed by with the two of them looking anyplace around the room as long as they didn't have to look at each other.

"Um, I hate to ask in all, but could I use the little girls room?"

"What!" asked a startled Wormtail jumping to his feet.

"I have to go." stated Alex rolling her eyes. "You know to the bathroom."

"Oh, ok. I don't see what that would hurt." Said Wormtail walking over to Alex. He pulled her upright and started to draged her out the door and down the hallway. It was the same hallway as before but now Alex could see it was longer then she had thought at first, and it had numerous doors running down both sides. They stopped at a door which Wormtail shoved open.

"Be quick about it," he said shoving her inside.

"Umm, how can I go when I am all tied up?" Alex stated from behind the now closed bathroom door. The door was opened again and Wormtail looked at Alex saying,

"No funny stuff now. Knock on the door when you are done."

The ropes disappeared and Alex was finally free. "It's about time." thought Alex as she took care of business. Looking around the small room she spotted a window that she may be able to squeeze through. It's worth a try she thought as she walked to the window and pushed on the sash. With a creak the window shuttered open. How cool is that thought Alex as she stuck her head outside. The house was huge and sat next to a grove of trees, separated only by a stretch of dead lawn, and the merry twinkle of lights could just be seen beyond the trees. The bathroom was located on the second floor so it would be quite a drop to the ground.

"Well, its either jump or stay here with Rat Boy." Mumbled Alex to herself. "What a choice."

"Are you almost done in there?" squeaked Wormtail from the other side of the door.

"Uh, yes, just a minute please." said Alex eyeing the door. "Well its now or never she." thought going back to the window and crawling out.

A/N-So what do you think? I have more but I don't know if I like how it's going. I just had to put the tackle in there, come on you know you wanted to do the same thing! Oh, the thump in the beginning is the cat jumping to the floor; because Alex's eyes are closed she can't see what is making the noise. The title for the second part had me cracking up, so I left it in when I posted it with the first part. Apart the chapters were too hard to follow. Stick with it; the next few chapters explain loads. Please review.

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