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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 30 : Chapter 30 - A Potion of Miracles
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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants

Chapter 30 - A Potion of Miracles

Hey everyone!! yay!!! I updated again! I got to write another three chapters yesterday, so here is one of them. I am in the middle of chapter 33... so I know you cant wait!!

Really sorry this is another short chapter... but if you want me to update everyday.. then I ahve to keep them short so I can keep up with everything!! :P

I am enjoying coming on my computer every afternoon and finding arounf 15 reviews from everyone!! You are sooo kind!!!

Lotsa love Iced_Cherriez

P.S. dont forget. my birthday on Monday!! hehehee


A week had now passed and the poor sixteen year old was now back in his own dorm. He walked around to his classes like a zombie each day, to tired to note what was going on.

His friends weren’t worried though, he had had all his energy drained, so he needed some rest.

“Harry?” Hermione asked as she sat next to him in class.

“Mmm?” He looked over at her. She had bags under her eyes also.

“Umm… I was thinking. You know, the full moon is coming up and I think we should give the potion to Remus.” She whispered as Tonks entered the classroom in a tired mood. Neither of the two ever got Tonks’s sudden mood changes. She was amazing, one time she was full of happiness the other time she was moping around like it was the end of the world.

“That’s a great idea.” He said as he yawned and looked to the front of the class. “We’ll do that after class finishes.” He rested his head on his hand and stared off to the blackboard, which wasn’t at boring as he thought.

“Okay then.” Hermione turned to the front of the class, trying to give her full attention, but it seemed that even she had lost it for the past week. She didn’t have too much energy to cope with long nights of homework anymore. But luckily this would all be over soon, Madame Pomfrey had explained that the two would only be tired for about a week and already Harry and Hermione were showing signs of improving.

Now it was after class and Ron, Hermione and Harry were making their way to the Room of Requirement, in Harry’s hand the knife that had killed Pettigrew.

“Professor Tonks said that he was staying in her quarters for the week until the holidays.” Hermione told them as they walked down the corridor to the room. “I wonder why he is staying there, though. I mean there are guest sleeping quarters in the school.”

Harry smiled and looked at her. They didn’t know about Tonks and Remus yet.

“You’ll see, you’ll see.” Harry muttered as they moved into their secret study.

“I’ve got the potion. Do we need anything else?” Ron asked as he held up a small jar.

“No, I think that is it… Wait we need…” She checked to see if Harry had the knife. “Yeah, we are set.”

Ron almost ran down the corridor to the DADA teacher’s quarters, but after noticing how tired looking his two friends were, he slowed down.

“Which one is it again?” He asked as he reached a line of doors.

“Well that one is a classroom. That one is… There it is!” Harry walked over to the door he remembered from years ago.

Hermione knocked and stood back.

“Come in.” They heard a masculine voice say. Hermione opened the door and stopped.

Harry chuckled when he saw why his friends had stopped.

Tonks was lying on Remus’s lap, while they sat in front of the fire.

He pushed past his friends and walked into the room.

“Remus, so good to see you.” He said as he smiled at him. "For goodness sake guys, come in.”

Ron and Hermione hesitantly came into the room and stood next to Harry.

“Tonks told me why you were coming.” Remus stated as he shifted her sleeping weight off his body and onto the couch. “She told me about the potion.” He smiled at them.

“We thought you would need it soon.” Hermione said as she took the jar off Ron. “Ready Harry?” He nodded.

“Ready for what?” Remus asked.

“We have to use some of Harry’s blood in the potion. Otherwise it wont work.” Ron said as he stepped forward.

“What!? I can’t take it… I don’t want Harry to hurt himself!” Remus shrieked.

Harry glared at him dangerously, his eyes yet again glowing green. Remus was a bit taken back when he saw Harry and gulped.

“Ah… Okay.” He nodded and Harry smiled at his accomplishment.

He set the jar on the ground and pulled the knife out of his robe pocket. Once it was out of its cover he brought it up to his arm.

“Don’t look” He told everyone, but Remus couldn’t take his eyes away from Harry’s scarred arm. He had done this for him?

Harry scrunched his eyes in the pain and dropped the blood into the liquid, causing it too turn a sickly red colour.

He placed the lid on and swirled it around for a while.

“There. Done.” He stated as he handed it to Remus and covered his arm with his sleeve.

“Here goes…” Remus said as he opened the jar and brought it up to his lips.

He breathed deeply and held his nose as the disgusting liquid entered his mouth.

The room glowed suddenly and Remus looked like he was at least five year younger.

He gasped for breathe and widened his eyes.

“Wow! I think it worked! You don’t know how much this means to me!” He slowly walked over to Harry and gave him a friendly hug, then did the same to Ron and Hermione.

“Thankyou so much!”

“What did I miss?” A tired voice came from over on the couch. They all turned and laughed as Tonks fell off the couch and onto the floor.

“Its not funny!” She protested as she was helped up by Ron. She almost tripped over again, which caused the laughing to begin again.

“You didn’t miss much. Just the biggest change in my life.” Remus chuckled.

“What!? I missed it?” She pouted her lips and sat back onto the couch.

“’Fraid so.” Remus said as he placed a smack on her lips. She suddenly smiled and raised her eyebrows at the other three. Harry smirked and got up off the ground, collecting his things.

“We will just be going.” Hermione said as she, Ron and Harry smiled and left the two lovers in peace.

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