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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 29 : Chapter 29 - A 'Realistic' Dream
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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants

Chapter 29 - A 'Realistic' Dream

Hello everyone, agian. I promised I would update again!! didnt i?
Good news, I am now out of my lapse of lonliness and have friends again.. lol, all I need is some good stories!! hehehe, any buyers? I need something to read, so if anyone has anything that is really good, (not just your story that needs review, even though I would love to read it) , it needs to have the three D's or wait... I liek the 5 D's better, DA, DADA, Duelling, Defence and hmmm... Depression? doesn't have to ahve all fof them.. just nothing with really really really mushin romance and no action. You all know I love Action!!! hehehe. I just need a couple of people to recomend me some stories and that would be fine!!

Cant wait till my birthdat one Monday, thanx to everyone that wished me a happy birthday in their reviews. The reviews this time were trully amazing! I love you guys!

Lotsa love Iced_Cherriez


“He has to kill him.” She finally said, hoping that it would be okay for her to tell him.

“Who has to kill who?” He asked calmly as he brought his arm around her shoulders.

“Harry... He has to kill V-Voldemort.” There, it was out. She lent up against him as his eyes widened in shock.

“He... What?” But he wasn’t going to get anything more out of her.

Remus Lupin sighed and rested his head against hers, wishing that none of this ever happened.


“Hello Harry. It seems we meet again while you are on the verge of death.” Harry’s eyes widened. He tried to turn his head, but had no avail. Voldemort was behind him, hiding in the shadows of the bog cave.

“What do you want?” Harry asked, as he tried to stay as calm as possible.

“I just wanted you to know something.” Voldemort circled Harry.

Wait a minute. Harry was supposed to be in the Hospital wing. How did he get here?

“Don’t worry Harry, you are still at your precious school of yours, lying helplessly in the hospital wing. Dumbledore thinks your safe.” He said as if he read Harry’s mind. Harry watched as the Dark Lord circled his dark wand in his fingers. Its black colour glowed in the green light that emitted in the cave.

“I am safe.” Harry noted as if it was the obvious.

“Oh but you aren’t. You see Harry, after so many years of trying to get you back, I have finally discovered something.” He paused for dramatic tension between the two and then continued as he turned his back to Harry, staring down at his wand.

“You see this connection we have, between us. I cannot explain it, but it has been very useful.”

“You aren’t real! This is a dream!” Harry stated trying to move.

“You are wrong and you are right in what you say. This is not real, but it isn’t a dream Harry. You see, I can hold you here as long as I want. Our minds are connected. Now do you remember the pain of the Cruciatus curse?”

Harry’s eyes widened in fear. He had felt it many times and each time the pain was so bad he wanted to die and get it over and done with.

“You can’t do that, this isn’t real!” Harry screamed at the monster.

“But you forget, Harry. Pain is in the mind. That’s why you and me are so different, yet so the same.”

“No we aren’t!” Harry shouted, his voice echoing off the rocky walls.

“We are different because you are scared of pain, you hate it. That is why the curse is so bad. But I, I live fro pain. I can stand it. It does not turn me away from the world, or make me go completely nuts, as I believe one of your friend’s parents have.”

Harry gritted his teeth and grunted at the horrible excuse for a human.

“But we are so alike in many ways. I believe my seventeen year old self told you once.” Harry stayed quiet and fixed his eyes on the man, his teeth almost breaking from underneath his anger.

“If you don’t answer me, Harry, I believe punishment is in order.” He pointed his deathly wand at the boy and looked him in the eyes. The red met the green and he smiled.

Crucio!” He yelled as he flicked his wand.

The Curse hit Harry directly in the chest. He tried not to scream in pain and bit down on his bottom lip. White hot dagger burned his skin as he shook uncontrollably, to week to fight it off as he had before.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” He finally screamed. His eyes rolled back into his head as he tried to fight it off. A single voice kept going through his head as he heard his name repetitively.

“Harry! Harry! HARRY!” Suddenly he saw the look of anger on the Dark Lords face as he disappeared and the interiors of the cave were replaced with the healthy look of the hospital wing. He gasped for breathe and shot up from his bed.

A man was standing in the chair next to him, his arm on his shoulder as if trying to wake him from his deep slumber.

“Remus.” Harry said weakly as he fell back down onto the pillow.

“What is it Harry?” His new godfather asked him as he knelt next to his bed.

“Voldemort… He – he was holding me – in this cave and he…” Harry trailed off as Lupin looked at the boy horrified.

“Harry, you were shaking, like you were under the… The Cruciatus Curse.” He blurted out as he looked at the boy, who’s eyes were now glowing a strange green colour.

“I was.” Harry said.

Remus looked at the boy, amazed at him, scared for him. Voldemort had gone too far this time. He was haunting his sleep and now he was attacking him.



Nymphadora Tonks rolled over in bed and expected to find her lover lying there next to her. They had spent the night together after what had happened in the hall way, both feeling very scared of what was happening in the world.

Tonks remembered snuggling close to Remus as they sat in front of the fire. He was telling her it was going to be okay, that Harry was going to be okay.

They talked for hours about what they were going to do. Tonks told him about the potion, but not what Harry had done for it, for she feared he would not take it if he knew.

He told her about his plans for the holidays. They agreed that they would let Harry come and stay with them over Christmas, seeing as he had nowhere else to stay other than the school.

Tonks rubbed her eyes and noticed that he was not in the bed next to her.

Sighing she got up and changed into some robes and set off down the hallway to find him.

He was really worried the night before. Maybe he was having breakfast or something.

She checked the great hall, seeing that only students and the other teachers were in there she walked back into the corridor.

Maybe he had gone to visit Harry.

She ran off down the corridor until she came to the Hospital wing door.

She twisted the knob and opened it.


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