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Everything's Perfect From Far Away by Missykitty11791
Chapter 3 : The Lone Window Part 1
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Everything's Perfect From Far Away...

Hermione's Point of View

I stayed in my room for they rest of the day. I wasn't crying, I was just shocked. Nobody knew how bad I wanted that letter to be from Harry. It being from Malfoy just makes it ten times worst. Anyway, dinner was coming up, and I was starving. I finally unlocked the door, and trotted down the stairs to the Great Hall. Everyone was there. As I walked over to the Gryffindor table, they all stared at me. It was very awkward. I gave off a stare hoping it would turn some heads around, but it didn't. Then I spotted Harry and Ron at our usual spot at the table.

"What's going on?" I asked them quickly. Ron just stared at me, his warm blue eyes just looked into mine.

"Like you don't know!" Ron blurted.

I gave him a raised eye brow and took a plate. Harry just stayed to himself, and in a very weird manner. He seemed to be looking up at the sky, or the roof that has been embedded with a sky. I looked up. My jaw flew down, and I felt my face flush. I couldn't believe it! On the roof was a, well, a message addressed to myself! It stated: You know you can't deny it. Give me a chance, Hermione.

I left the table and ran out the door. How embarrassing! I ran back up to my room and charmed the door so no one could come in, not even my roommates. I sat on my bed and screamed in my pillow.

A couple hours later I decided to get up and put my Pajamas on. I had a curtain over my window. It was light yellow and laced. I slowly undressed myself, and put on my flannel pants and short sleeve shirt. Although I knew I was alone, I felt presence near me. I sat on my window ledge and watched the moonlight. It really was the most beautiful night of the year. It felt good on the window glass, so I opened the window to feel the nice cool breeze against me face. That and the moonlight shining upon me made me feel like a princess.

I looked down at the Hogwarts school grounds. Since the Gryffindor tower was on the farthest side of the castle no lights shone upon the orange brick it placed. My lamp light was the only one to be seen, and it wasn't even that strong. I saw the quiddich field off in the far corner, and Hagrid's beyond that. I looked down at the ground and saw shadows from the moonlight. But wait, thats not a shadow, thats a person! I squinted my eyes to see him better. It was Malfoy!!! His cold dark eyes were staring right at me. He then blew me a kiss, with a look of a stalker coming for its prey, it was scary.

I then closed my curtain, and put a spell on the window so no one could see threw it. Then more thoughts came into my head. He was spying on me!! He was standing there for the longest time. I felt unsafe. I still feel unsafe. All I'm glad to say is tomorrow is saturday, and I'm planning to stay in as long as I can. That can't be good, him staying down there. I looked back down every couple of hours, and he was still there. May be i was going crazy.

I then heard a knock on the door, a voice with it.

"Hermione? I know your in there, listen to me...just give him a chance." Those were the familiar words of Harry. Wait.

"WHAT!!!" I yelled, "Whose side are you on, Harry?" Was he actually taking sides?

"Im on no ones side Hermione. I was just thinking, give him a chance. He wrote you that love letter, its the least you can know, straighten him out and stuff." At these words, I knew what side he was on.

"How did you know about my letter?" She never heard Harry's voice again.

Pretty soon, the charm was wearing off, and so was I. I needed a deep sleep. A sleep that will make all my troubles go away. I hate Malfoy. I hate that Pure-Blood. I hate Harry. Ugh, I just want to think. Then thats the last thing I remember before drifting off into the sleep of my life.


A/N Well??? I'll get Draco's POV next time...good day!

Disclaimer: I only own the way I use my talents to put words into sentences. The rest is owned by JKR!!!

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