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I ignored all the signs by Leighthree
Chapter 4 : Voice\'x of the dead
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Not J K Rowling, I have brown hair and blue eyes, she is blonde, blue (or brown eyes I cant remember I think there blue though!) and I am not that old! Any way if you don’t like the chapter then sorry, I write what comes out of my mind, I don’t look over it a second time so sorry.

Sorry about any spelling mistakes, I am really French and English is my second language! NOT REALLY I AM JUST THICK! He! Any way please Read and review. THANKS for reading!

‘How long will you be staying in England for you two?’ Hermione asked Ron and Harry when the whole group were sitting out side.
‘Um well I am only staying for a week, but me and Jessica are making plans to move back to England, mum’s missing me!’ Ron smiled sheepishly.
‘What about you Harry?’ Hermione pressed on.
‘I am only staying for a week and then I will be going back to Australia.’ Harry looked away from Hermione and Ron not wanting to see the hurt and hope in their eyes.
‘What don’t you want to come back to England?’ Ron asked amazed.
‘There’s nothing here for me!’ Harry said looking at his small daughter who was still sleeping.
‘You call me and Hermione, “nothing”?’ Ron asked looking at Harry with a weird look on his face.
‘No of course I don’t! But what else is there for me? No house, no job, Australia is my home, it’s Kymberley’s home, she has a right to grow up where her mum did.’
‘She also has a right to grow up where her dad did and where her grandparents did!’ Hermione added.
‘Difference, she knows me, I can tell her about England.’
‘You can visit Australia!’
‘Not the same.’
‘What about when she gets her letter from Hogwarts?’
‘She will also get a letter from, St Victoria!’ Harry smiled and leaned back.
‘What is…’ Ron was asking.
‘It’s a Australian magical school!’ Hermione informed Ron.
‘If in doubt just ask Hermione!’ Harry laughed followed by Mark.
‘Harry I’m serious, look you could get a job over here, which Quidditch team would not want the famous Harry Potter working for them, you could easily buy a house, and well, Kym could go and visit Australia.’ Harry looked at her.
‘And what about all the bad memories of this place, you want them to be washed out of my mind?’ Harry looked at her and she knew what he meant.
‘I’m asking you Harry, will you please come back to England?’
‘No!’ Harry looked at her seriously, ‘you lot can visit me any time, it would be nice for you to see Australia, and I could show you around, Ron if you like America you would love Australia, it’s really beautiful.’ Harry smiled.
‘You need people around you…’
‘I have people around me, I have friends out there if that is what you are talking about!’ Harry looked at her, ‘we all stopped talking five years ago, I have been friends with these people all that time, I have changed you know Hermione.’ Harry looked at her seriously yet again.
‘Yea you need to shave now, big deal!’ Hermione looked at him.
‘I had to start shaving when I was 14, there is no change there Hermione, and when did you get a sense of humour?’ Harry asked smiling.
‘Oi don’t avoid the subject!’ Hermione looked cross and was looking at Ron clearly asking for back up.
‘I think if Harry isn’t ready to come back to England then he shouldn’t.’ Ron looked at Jessica who smiled.
‘RON!’ Hermione looked annoyed.
‘Well I have business to sort out while I am here, so I am afraid I wont be seeing you much!’ Harry looked away.
‘What? Harry, you have to see us!’ Hermione looked annoyed and breathed deeply.
‘I’m sorry Hermione, if it helps it is very important!’ Harry smiled.
‘Oh Harry!’ Hermione looked at him annoyed


It was time to leave Hogwarts and the three looked at each other.
‘Hermione I will be seeing you tomorrow and Harry you had better try and see us at least once before you go and I want lots of letters.’ Ron looked at him smiling.
‘I will try but I am not promising anything!’ Harry looked at his two friends and hugged them both, ‘any way me and Kym had better get going, she will be moody in the morning!’ Harry smiled and walked into a horseless carriage (even though Harry could see the animals). As they were riding Kymberley woke up, ‘Daddy where are we?’ Harry smiled and brushed some hair out of Kymberley’s eyes.
‘We are on a coach!’ He smiled.
‘What is that daddy?’ Kymberley said in an alarmed voice.
‘What Kymmy!’ Harry looked out of the small window at where the girl was pointing. She was pointing right at the creature.
‘Can you see that animal pulling the coach Kym?’ Harry asked looking at his daughter.
‘Yes!’ Harry looked at her alarmed, “why can she see it? Only people who have seen death can see them, she hasn’t seen any one die!” Harry was a bit confused; he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Harry and Kymberley spent the week sorting things out, he went to Gringotts and made Kymberley a bank account, he put a fair amount into her account, and he then went to the magical solicitors and made a will that if he ever died or went missing, Kymberley would be flown to England, and Hermione or Ron would look after her, he also made the promise that she would get all of his money. He would give Hermione and Ron all the photos he had, he would give Hermione all of his books apart from the Quidditch one’s that would belong to Ron, he would give Remus Lupin a potion that he thought could help him, Albus Dumbledore would be giving a little trinket that would hold all of Harry’s important memories and messages, Ron would get his broom, even though he had a better one then his old Firebolt he wanted Ron to remember him with it, and most importantly to his little girl she would have his invisibility cloak and he necklace that was a small golden heart on it. Harry didn’t like making a will it seemed that he was going to die, but in his mind he felt something coming for him, he couldn’t tell any one, he couldn’t explain it, and every body thought Voldemort was dead and Harry knew that Dumbledore would probably have the same feeling as Harry, he did all those year before when Harry was a child.
Harry spent the rest of the week buying things he might need if indeed his intuition was telling him right and something dark was coming, he brought books and weapons.
It was the night before he should be leaving England and he stood on a cliff on the outskirts of England, Kymberley was being looked after by Mrs Figg, the moon was high and the sky was black with out a cloud, he stood there by him self, and closed his eyes, the wind started to pick up speed, as it moved around him he could hear the voices of the dead, as he did so often, all muttering the same thing over and over again. The dead people he could hear were not at rest, he knew it, he knew it with his heart and with his mind.
He opened his eyes and the wind slowed down again and the voices stopped, or he should say quieten because they never stopped completely, he didn’t want to tell any body what he heard, he knew that it was a bad sign even for wizards to hear voices in his head.

Harry was running through the forest, at full speed, he knew that something was behind him very close and something was in front of him, even though the thing he was running away from was good and the thing he was funny to was bad he didn’t stop or changed direction, he needed to carry on. He fell over, but quickly picked him self back up again, and ran faster, he could hear two things by his sides, he looked to his left and there was a unicorn running with him, on the other side was a phoenix.
He felt a pain in his forehead but kept running, just then when the pain grew unbearable there was a flash of green light and Harry woke up in a sweat, his breath was fast and uneven, he looked around and noticed Kymberley by his door, ‘Daddy you were shouting!’ Kym looked at him with big eyes.
‘Come here!’ Harry held out his hand.
He hugged his daughter, she slowly fell asleep but he was kept up looking around, he hadn’t had a nightmare for five years, why now?

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