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Carved in Flesh by tac
Chapter 2 : A Death at Durmstrang
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Chapter Two
A Death at Durmstrang

Hermione stood there. Staring at Durmstrang, towering and amazing. But she felt cold. Her insides churned as she listened to the repetitive screams of pain. The voice of a man begging for mercy. she colapsed next to her two best freinds lying there, dead.

Hermione rolled over and off her bed with a thud. she stared about her vision blury. She fumbled around and found her wand.
'Lumos' she muttered and a dim light filled the room. She grasped her arm as pain seered through it. she tore back her sleeve and letters started appearing as though being carved by a ghost. she stared transfixed as the writting stopped. She gasped as she read,
No:2 Professor Karkaroff
She rubbded her eyes and read it again but nothing had changed. She lay there huddled up under her covers. She repetidlay muttered things to herself like 'its only a dream, its not real dont panic!' But as the hours passed and light started to pour into the dormitory she started to dread the journey to the great hall. She listened to the people leaving gryffindor common room and got dressed. Her arm didnt seem to hurt but when she looked at the two names engraved in it she couldnt help but cringe.

As she entered the great hall she noticed everything seemed normall. She sat down next to Harry and Ron.
'So... No unusuall deaths?' she asked in her attempted calm voice.
'No. Why?' Harry asked.
'No reason just wondered, I mean with Voldemort in power someones bound to die every day!'
'Well not anyone important weve been told about, and the order havent sent an owl saying anyone has died so i dont think so.' replied Ron.

They headed to there first lesson, double potions with Snape. They all sat down and got out there equipment.
'Class. Today we will be studying the recovery potion. Open your text books to page one hundred and thirteen.' the class all started to find the page.
'Come on!' Snape hissed as the class as they took there time. There was a knock on the dungeon door and Professor Flitwick came scurrying in. He beckoned Snape out the room. The class fell silent as the tried to listen to the whispers outside. Snape came back into the classroom looking very pale and shocked. He sat down at the desk his hands trembling violently. Finally he opened his mouth to speak and the class went went silent.
'P P P Professor Kark a a roff! He has been... been...been found dead!' Snape spluttered. The class stared at Snape shocked not so much by the news but by Snapes reaction. Hermione stood up and rushed out the dungeon. Shje ran through the corridores and eventually collapsed. She lay there motionless, crying. all alone.

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Carved in Flesh: A Death at Durmstrang


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