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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 25 : Chapter 25 - Temper! Temper!
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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants

Chapter 25 - Temper! Temper!

Hello everyone! sorry I havent updated in ages. I know I posted two last time, so I thought that was enough. :) *tries to look inoccent* Anyways I have something stuck in my eye right now and as been ever since the stinking bush fire yesterday morning. *sigh* I ahve to tell you something -

My friends need reviews! rhey are depressed and sad because I have.. wait a minute *counts fingers* 1200 more reads than each of them. So please can you read and review 'A Random Event' by beetle_shell and 'Tia Maquell, the girl who lived' by essence of illusion. If you cant find them in the search thingo, then go to my favourites they are both there, with stunningly nice banners, that I amde of course.. lol. anywyas I am not saying this because I am their friend.. well I am,... but because they are really good and deserve more credit!

Thanx again for your loverly reviews!

Lotsa love Iced_Cherriez -

P.S. this is one of my favourite chapters! I really like it and hope you do to!


“Good morning class!” Professor Tonks strolled into the DADA classroom. Today she had sprouted orange hair, causing the rest of the class to laugh. “Don’t you like it?” She asked suddenly. “I need an idea.”

Most of the classes hands went up. Tonks smiled and pointed to the first person, who happened to be Parvati.

“Pink!” Tonks screwed up her eyes and her hair colour changed to bubblegum pink. She looked around the room for Harry, but couldn’t find him. He was the first person to see Tonks with pink hair, at the beginning of the year before.

“What do you think?” Some of the class murmured. “Your right, I had this at the beginning of the year.”

Suddenly three sixth years ran into the class room, panting and clutching books in their hands.

“Sorry - we’re late - professor! - We just - forgot - something.” Ron said in-between breaths. The professor frowned and looked at them. Hermione winked and Tonks suddenly realised what they had been doing, a mission from the Order.

“What colour should my hair be?” Hermione and Ron seemed taken aback, but Harry simply chuckled.

“White.” He said. Tonks’s smiled subsided and she looked at the floor. She did not scrunch her eyes or do anything for that matter. Her hair began to grow longer and it reached the middle of her back. The pink colour slowly faded out and it turned to a white colour as her hair hung down her back.

She looked up off the ground and into Harry’s emerald eyes. Her eyes almost made Harry step backwards. One eye was a deep dark deep blue colour, while the other, and alien like white-blue. It almost glowed in the light from the chandelier on the roof.

“Harry has been the first person, ever, to guess my real appearance... five points to Gryffindor.” She smiled and motioned for the trio to sit down.

Her silver hair glowed in the light as she made her way to the front of the class.

“Okay, everyone knows that we have finished with shield charms and duelling for the term.” The speechless class nodded. “Thank you. For the rest of the school term, till Christmas, we will be working on Magical creatures. First we will be working on Hinkypinks -”

“But professor, we have already done Hinkypinks. Professor Lupin taught us in third year.” Dean said, interrupting her speech.

“Oh he did? I’m glad to see that at least one of your teachers knew how to teach DADA at least.” Harry couldn't help but smile at the twinkle in her eyes.

“In that case we can go straight onto Basilisks.”

Harry’s smile suddenly disappeared as he sighed and fell back into his chair. He stared at the ceiling, suddenly becoming interested in the different patterns on the chandelier.

Is something the matter, Mr Potter?” Professor Tonks asked.

Harry tore his gaze away from the ceiling and frowned at her. Did she know about the Chamber of Secrets? Dumbledore must have told her. Harry felt angry at her for having to bring that subject into the classroom. No Basilisks were alive now, so why would they have to learn about them?

“No Professor, why would there be something wrong?” Tonks noticed the hint of sarcasm in his voice and stepped forward to his desk. She stared into his eyes and he stared into hers. After a excruciatingly long staring contest, Tonks decided that she wouldn’t find out anything from the expression on his face or in his eyes.

“Mr Potter, see me after class.” With that she turned back and walked back to the front of the class. The whole class started to whisper and looked at Harry. “Silence!” The professor called from the front of the room. “Turn to page 98 of your books and read the first three chapters of the Basilisk for the remanding time of the lesson.” The whole class groaned. “In Silence!” She added.

Harry slowly started to turn to the page, turning each page as he went. Professor Tonks suddenly grew impatient and flicked her wand. The book flew open to the right page and Tonks sat down at her desk. Harry looked up and narrowed his eyes at her, but she didn’t seem to notice, the piece of blank parchment on her desk seemed more interesting at the time.

Harry didn’t bother to read anything. For one thing he had read them all over summer, and secondly, he wasn’t in the mood. He stared out the shadow stained glass to the castle grounds. A howling wind could be heard over the fields of grass and small white spots began to fall onto it.

He didn’t realise when Tonks released the class to go to lunch. He just sat there and stared off into the distance, having no clue of what was going on around him.

Tonks pulled up a chair from the desk in front of him and turned it to meet Harry’s desk. Her eyes wandered over the boy and she sighed.

“Harry, what happened in class earlier this morning?” She asked, trying to catch his glaze.

“You know... You know what happened in my second year, don’t you?” He asked calmly, not looking up.

“Yes... Well Professor Dumbledore told me. I wouldn’t have believed that a second year did that, if it wasn’t you.” She said proudly.

“You knew! And you still decided to bring up the subject in class!” Harry’s voice grew louder as he looked into her mismatched eyes.

“But I thought you would be able to help me-”


“But you couldn’t.... I mean the prophecy-”

“FORGET THE STUPID PROPHECY. I DIDN’T KNOW THAT UNTIL THE END OF LAST YEAR!” Harry jumped up and started out of the class room.

“Harry! Come back! Talk to me!” Tonks called after him. She muttered something and flicked her wand and Harry flew back across the room, into the chair.

“Talk to me Harry.” Harry sighed and pulled his hand through his hair. “Harry, I - What's that?!” She pointed to a mark across Harry’s right hand.

Harry pulled his hand down from his head and peered over it. The words ‘I must not tell lies’ were scratched in on his hand as a horrific scar.

“Oh- Detention with Umbridge, last year.” Harry said simply.

“She did this?! Your detention was to scratch this onto your hand?” Tonks’s eyes widened.

“No... She had a quill which when you write it takes your blood. Leaving the scar on your hand temporarily. I had so many detentions with her that it is there, permanent.” Harry told her, trying to hide it. He didn’t have any luck as Tonks grabbed his hand and pulled it under her face.

She read and reread the words until Harry’s arm grew tired. Just when she was about to release his arm, she noticed a scratch on his arm. She pulled up his sleeve slightly and noticed another, and another. She pulled it up his arm and saw around seven deep gashed up along his arm, ending in a deep scar, which looked several years older.

“What's this!?” She looked worriedly at him. Harry looked down at the floor. He knew that she would find out sooner or later. He wasn’t meant to tell anyone else about the mission, even if they were in the Order.

“Its for our mission-”

“Don’t tell me your mission is to cut yourself!?” Tonks was almost in hysterics.

Harry’s brow creased and he looked up. “No...”

“What is it? Why did you do this?”

“Alright! We have to make a potion... A Potion for Remus. The main ingredient is - its...”

“What is it Harry?” She calmed down a bit , but was a small bit worried.

“My blood. A lot of my blood. We have been testing it to make sure it is right...”

“Why is it your blood, though? Why not someone else's?”

“Because... Its not really my blood, it Basilisk blood.” If before Tonks was confused, then right now she was completely out of it.

“But your not a Basilisk!” She said, unsure of what he meant.

“See this?” He pointed to the older scar on his arm. It was more like a hole then a cute, it looked like he had been stabbed with something.

“That's a scar...”

“Yes. The Basilisk bit me. Its tooth came off and into my arm-”

“But isn’t a Basilisk’s bite poisonous. I mean if you are bitten, don’t you die in, like, minutes?”

“Yes, let me finish. The tooth had blood on it. A lot of blood. Now it runs in my veins. I am forever cursed with it. Fawkes the Phoenix's tears saved me that night...” he cut himself off and self-consciously pulled his robe sleeve back up his arm.

“You wont help me with this subject will you...?” She asked. She summoned Harry’s Pensieve over from her office. The Pensieve almost lived there now, seeing that the lessons were the only time Harry really used it now.

“Take the stupid memory!” he pulled the strand from his temple and placed it into the memory free bowl. He stood up and walked over to the door, leaving Tonks with the memory of the Chamber of Secrets.

“I think I will go to lunch now.” He said angrily and slammed the door behind him.

Nymphadora Tonks sighed and looked at the Pensieve. She placed it onto the desk and looked down at the images floating around on the surface and lunged her left hand into the silver liquid.

She was pulled into the bowl by an unknown force and got herself ready for what ever was in store for her.

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