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Beyond The Veil by Secret Lily
Chapter 4 : The Unforgivable Curse
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Chapter 4- The Unforgivable Curse

Harry received an owl from Professor Dumbledore himself that dark and stormy morning. He was told to head straight to the Headmaster’s office after breakfast. Harry broke away from his friends and headed to the office that he had become oh so familiar with throughout the years.

Professor Dumbledore, an extremely old man with a usual glint of youth in his eyes, was sitting with his hands folded and his eyes on Harry.

“Professor?” Harry said.

“Harry, Voldemort was spotted again,” Dumbledore said simply.

“He WHAT? Where, when?” Harry asked frantically.

“The Order is fighting him right now and I have come to collect you. Unfortunately, the Order voted a few months back and decided that if all-else fails to bring you with us. Harry, I am completely against this as it could risk your safety. Yet, I know you can take care of yourself and have complete faith in you. We may catch him if you come along,” Dumbledore told a stunned Harry.

“You mean, you want me to join the Order?” Harry asked

“Yes. But we must leave quickly, it is possible members are injured. Please promise me you will take care of yourself Harry. I am not going to be able to watch you at all times. Promise me,” Dumbledore asked, sending a desperate stare into Harry’s emerald eyes.

“I promise. Let’s move,” Harry said.

They touched a book Dumbledore had transfigured into a Portkey and were soon lifted. Harry looked around as he fell to his feet. They were deep in a forest. Not any forest, but the Forbidden Forest.

Harry got to his feet and grabbed his wand. He peered around and saw two figures on the ground. He walked over cautiously, with his wand raised. He caught a slight glance of pink hair and saw that his old friend, Nymphadora Tonks was lying on the ground, holding her arm and leaning over a figure. She looked and saw Harry. He saw Professor Lupin clutching his chest, with no air in his lungs. Harry felt anger surge to his face.

“WHO DID IT?” he screamed.

“Harry, we were too late. It was-it was, I shouldn’t say,” Tonks said with tears in her eyes.

“Tell me. Tell me, I need to know,” Harry yelled.

“It was Pettigrew. He cornered Remus with about five other death eaters. Harry, he used the hand Voldemort gave him. Silver kills werewolves,” Tonks replied. She then broke into another round of hysterics.

“Pettigrew? Ok, Tonks, you keep on fighting, we need all the help we can get. It seems this is not going to be easy. Leave Pettigrew to me,” Harry said with revenge on his mind.

“James, why? Why does Voldemort have to do these things to our poor son? Remus now? First us, then Sirius, now Remus?” Lily sobbed to her husband.

James just shook his head. They had encountered a familiar situation two years before, but now, the shock hit them just as hard. Sirius was waiting by the veil. He felt anger and the need to kill. He had no such powers anymore and wished he was still alive to fight. Moony would not have died if Sirius had been there to help. He had not only let down Lily, James, and Harry but now he had let down Moony.

“Harry, no! Go before you follow Remus! Go now,” Lily screamed.

“He needs to fight Lil. He needs to serve the Order. What would we have done?” James asked his hysterical wife.

“We would have hunted that bastard down and mutilated him to pieces,” Lily said with a dark look on her face.

Harry felt nothing, no happiness, no sadness, only short rushes of anger. His whole life had been taken away. His family was completely gone. He ran through the forest and saw what he was looking for. A small, brown rat scurrying along the forest path.

“Oh no you don’t,” Harry said.

He cast a stunning spell and stunned the rat. He said, “Ennervate” and he saw the rat transform back to the small, wheezing, man he was. The man’s watery, gray eyes looked up at Harry’s angry emerald ones filled with fire.

“Wormtail,” Harry spat.

“Y-Y-You’re lu-lu-cky I love Lily and James so much. I could kill you right now,” Peter said, stuttering nervously.

“Lucky am I, Wormtail? Right, the day I’m lucky is the day I’ll see you leave this forest alive,” Harry said with a grin on his face.

“What?” Wormtail asked, confused.

“AVADA KEDAVRA!!!!!!!” Harry yelled.

A jet of green light hit Wormtail’s body and he fell to the ground. He saw his life flash before his eyes. He saw himself with The Marauders after they learned to become Animagi, he saw himself being initiated into Voldemort’s inner circle, he saw himself pass information to the Dark Lord regarding the Potter’s whereabouts, he saw himself kill thirteen Muggles on the street leaving Sirius laughing at his quick transformation, he saw himself brewing the potion to revive his master, but lastly he saw Harry telling Sirius and Remus not to kill him, but to spare him. Then he was dead.

“No! Harry, my baby, he’s done it. James he’s done it,” Lily said crying harder and harder.

James just looked at what had occurred. Sirius had been too busy waiting for Remus. A tall, graying figure appeared through the veil.

“Sirius, James, Lily. Hello,” Remus Lupin said.

“Oh Remus. My baby’s just killed Peter Pettigrew. My baby,” Lily said.

“He-what?” Sirius said.

All the Marauders were dead. Dumbledore had lost four of his most important members of the Order in less than 20 years. All of the Marauders, excluding Peter, joined in a group hug. Harry had sent his first unforgivable spell and killed someone, and James had a feeling it would not be his last.

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A/N: Please review.

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Beyond The Veil: The Unforgivable Curse


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