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Pendent of the Serpent by ChristinaLR
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three
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“Visions?” Harry asked. He had just met her a few hours before, but she seemed different. As a whole, Cass seemed strong, but somehow held back; a person who cared and needed to be cared for in return.

“Yes, I’ve been having them constantly for the past two years. After I came here, just before the war started.” Cass answered, not going into too great of detail. A part of her couldn’t trust telling someone other than Jared.

“Would you tell me about them? I would tell you my darkest secret.” Harry said gently, giving Cass a chance to answer.

“I’m sorry, but you’d have to go first.” Cass answered his question.

“I have lied to my friends about where Voldemort is. Part of what I’ve told them is true, that I’ve closed off my mind. When it wanders, I have no control and see some things that may be an indication of where he is. I’m still lost though and have felt that there is someone out in the world who would be able to help me.” Harry said hurriedly. He caught his breath and watched the expression of on Cass’ face. Her thin smile turned to a frown and seemed to be equally as concerned as he felt. “Your turn,” he said.

“I’ve had a vision, several in fact, and as I said before they were about you and evil. I don’t know anything other than that.” Cass paused, her head pounded and she felt sore all over her body. Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, the vision she saw now was more concentrated and she could focus more on it.

Harry watched her as she did so. At first he thought she was asleep, but after a few minutes of watching her, he didn’t think so anymore. Not once did her chest rise and fall, nor did she move a muscle. It did seem as though her muscles were very relaxed and she was leaning on Harry now, instead of the tree. Gently, he shook her, but it was no use. He became very worried and decided to call for someone.

“Can someone help, please?” He shouted as loud as he dared. Harry carefully allowed Cass to fall to the ground and hurried inside.


Cass had no idea what was happening. She just became silent and allowed her vision take control of her.

Cass stood behind him, looking at the littered ground, littered with bodies from both sides. It had come to this, the final battle. Cass scanned the faces of those around her and knew none of them. After moving back, away from the battle, she found several faces she knew. Her friends’ Alicia and Meredith were there, but she didn’t understand. They had died within the first month when she came to England.

A strong force pulled her back and she looked back toward the final battle. She could tell that Harry was lying on the ground. Her heart ached and knew he was dead. Cass turned slightly to see who had grabbed her and tried to reach for her wand. A sharp pain in her abdomen indicated that she had just been stabbed, knowing that magic would not kill her. Instantly she felt death, but she was not dead. She fell to the ground and just lie there for hours, bleeding to death.


Harry found Jared discussing magically schools with Ginny and Hermione. Hermione saw Harry first and asked him to join them, but stopped herself upon seeing the pained expression on his face.

“Harry, are you alright?” Ginny asked.

“It’s Cass, she just… She just stopped breathing and I didn’t know what to do.” Harry said hesitantly. Jared rushed out the door Harry had just entered with Harry, Ginny, and Hermione following.

Jared slid to the ground beside Cass and pulled her into a sitting position. As if by pure coincidence, after everyone gathered around the two, Cass gasped for air. She clung tightly to Jared’s left arm as he helped her to stand.

“What did you see?” Jared asked. Cass looked at him as if questioning him. He only nodded his head and she spoke softly.

“The future,” Cass said. She gave Jared a pained look, but he motioned for her to continue. “I… I saw the end of not only one life, but three; my own being one of them. I saw Alicia and Meredith’s dead bodies and I didn’t understand.” Cass couldn’t continue and broke down. This wasn’t her, but sometimes seeing the future and knowing what was to happen always took its toll on her emotions.

They watched Cass enter the building, just standing still. Jared decided to follow her and get the rest of her vision out in the open. She stood right inside the door, unable to continue forward.

“Cass, what is it?” He asked. Cass lifted the shirt she was wearing, exposing her abdomen. Along the length of her abdomen was a long jagged scar that looked deep. Jared touched the scar and felt Cass flinch. “How did this happen?”

“I saw Harry die at the hand of Voldemort. Not long afterwards, I was stabbed here and I felt someone die and I wasn’t dying. I died from lose of blood.” Cass whispered.

“You were pregnant?” Jared knew it had to be the reason for the other death. His older sister had miscarried several years before and she had explained the pain to him.

“I don’t want to say yes, but I was and… I don’t want any of what I saw to happen. It shouldn’t.” Cass paused, thinking of what to say to her best friend.

“You need some rest. We can sort this out in the morning.” Jared kissed her forehead, “Now, you should be able to eat well and sleep well. Goodnight.”


The trio met with Ginny and Remus in the library. Harry wanted to know everything about Cass and it seemed as if Ron, Hermione, and Ginny wanted to know the same. Remus handed them each a hot cup of tea, as they each requested.

“What exactly do you want to know?” Remus asked them.

“Why did you never mention that you had a daughter?” Ginny asked, remembering the night that the subject of his daughter first arose.

“I thought she was dead. I never heard from Cathleen and I searched forever.” Remus started. He dove into his memory and telling him the details of where everything fell apart.

Remus sent owl after owl to his wife, hoping that it would reach her this time, but each time, the owl came back with the letter still attached. It had been two months and no response, he had to act. Cathleen would have given birth already and their child would be about a month at this time. Desperately wanting to know of his child, he set up a portkey and headed for the location he had sent his wife, Michigan.

He checked all the wizarding hospitals in the state of Michigan and found nothing. No one knew her, but had seen her. Searching high and low, he was unable to find his wife or child. He searched every state and came to a conclusion, she was gone. His wife of two years was gone and so was their only child. Two months had passed since he had arrived and he had to return to England.

The one place he never thought to check was the big spell book containing the birth of every magical child born in England. Somehow, sensing his pain, the book jotted down the information of his only child, Cassandra Katarina Lupin. She would be able to attend Hogwarts in 11 years time. If only he had checked that book, knowing that there wasn’t a hope to look, he would have found his and Cathleen’s daughter.

“That is so sad. How did you find out about the book?” Hermione asked. The cups of tea still placed in their hands, untouched.

“I thought about it, but as I said, I didn’t believe that it was possible. I looked three years ago, looking at the entries from that year. Listed next to her name was an alternative school, Michigan Private Wizarding Academy, graduating. I owled the school and found her and went to the graduation.” Remus paused, recalling meeting his daughter for the first time. “She didn’t seem too pleased to meet me, but after talking with Dumbledore and Erin Hatton, the Headmistress at the academy, she seemed to lighten up a little about me being around.”

“Will you tell us? The first time you saw your daughter?” Harry asked.

“Of course, but it may be easier if she were here to give her insight on the situation.” Remus answered. As he was about to begin his story, the library door creaked open and Jared stepped in, not seeing the people inside.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t think anyone was in here. I’ll leave.” Jared turned to leave, the door knob already in his hand.

“Stay, please?” Ginny asked politely. She took a cup and poured some tea in it and handed it to him. He whispered his thanks to her, causing her to blush slightly. He took a seat farther away from the others, but still close enough to listen to the conversation.

“As I was saying…” Remus started.

The graduation was held on June 3rd and everyone was all smiles, except for a few people. Remus seemed to notice that one of them looked a lot like Cathleen, thinking that it had to be Cassandra. He had asked Dumbledore to come, to help explain everything, but Dumbledore wouldn’t be there for a while. He had also spoken with the Headmistress of the academy and she seemed thrilled that Cassandra had family somewhere.

The students filed onto the stage and were handed their certificates of completion, and heading back to their seats. Remus knew that his suspicions were confirmed, she looked like her mother.

“Lupin, Cassandra Katarina; the valedictorian for the graduating class of 1998, she will be given her speech shortly.” The announcer said. The Headmistress stood on the other side of the stage, shaking hands of the graduated students. Remus watched a smile play across Cassandra’s lips, reminding him of Cathleen. They were so alike, but knew that they would have had their differences. He was glad that she knew her name, her true name and was called by it.

The procession and the speech were over twenty minutes later and Remus made his way towards the Headmistress, talking pleasantly with Dumbledore. The Headmistress, Erin as she liked to be called, pointed them in the direction of her office. She told them that she would be along as soon as she talked to Cassandra.

“Ms. Hatton, what is all this about?” The young girl asked, slightly impatiently.

“I want you to meet the Headmaster of the school you were supposed to attend…” Erin said pointing to Dumbledore. “And your father,” Erin pointed to Remus.

“What?” Remus studied his daughter closely. Neither he nor Cathleen had blonde hair, but his mother did and her hair flowed the same way as Cathleen’s did. Her eyes were Cathleen’s as well and Remus was glad that his daughter reflected her mother. Remus watched as Cassandra pulled something out of the purse that sat on her lap. She slid on glasses, blue rimless glasses. “You’re my dad? I’m sorry, but that’s a little too hard to believe.”

“I should be. The only person in your family that had glasses was my mother.” Remus said, “You look so much like your mother.”

Cassandra continued to glare at him, not wanting to believe a thing that this man had to say to her. She had never heard of him before, but she had heard of Dumbledore and how he was a great wizard. “Okay, well, I need to get going. I need to move out of my foster family’s house by tonight. They are moving away and not paying for the house anymore. It was nice to meet the both of you. Excuse me.” Cassandra made her way to the door.

Remus got out of his chair to follow, but Dumbledore stopped him, “Let her go, Remus. She’ll be convinced soon enough.”

“She was convinced, right, or she wouldn’t be here?” Ron asked. Everyone, including Jared, gave him an odd look, knowing full well the way he responded to news.

“I should go check on her.” Jared said as he headed for the library door, he paused before leaving saying, “Mr. Lupin, may I talk to you in private later?” Remus nodded his head and Jared left.

“I can picture her already. I bet she wasn’t too thrilled about it.” Harry said.

“She wasn’t, but I was able to convince her by showing her a picture of Cathleen. She said something about looking in a mirror.” Remus added, “I’m going to chat to our new friend and see what he has to say. I will see you all tomorrow at breakfast.”


Jared entered the room Cass was staying in, hoping she would be awake. To his luck, she was. Carefully, she sat up in the bed.

“How are you feeling?” He asked.

“I’m fine.” She answered, hoping to fool her best friend.

“No, you are not, you are being stubborn. I’m going to see someone about a potion.” Jared placed his hand on her abdomen and she winced.

“I don’t need a potion.” Cass said through gritted teeth. No potion was going to wipe the vision from her mind and that was what she thought was causing her pain.

“Yes, you do.” Jared said and left the room, bumping into Remus on his way out. “I have something to tell you about your daughter. I don’t think she wants you to know, but she’s in pain.”

“Pain, what’s wrong with her?” Remus entered her room, startling both Cass and Jared. “Cass, what is wrong with you?”

“I’m fine dad, nothing is wrong.” Cass lied. Jared knew she was shooting daggers at him, but he had to tell him. Her dad needed to know.

“She’s been stabbed. Her abdomen,” Jared answered; he left the room before Cass could scream her complaints.

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