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A Random Event by beetle_shell
Chapter 4 : Part Veela
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Hey everyone!

This chapter introduces another character and has more of Colin and Shell snogging! Some really funny things happen in transfiguration, but im not sure about the rest, itís a little to serious for me, but there is some funny stuff at the end!

Enjoy! Blah blah smiles



The 4 Marauders were amazed at how much effect Colin and Shell had had on Filch.

"So Marauders, can we be your mates?" Asked Colin timidly.

"Ah....well...." They didn't know what to say, so they gathered in a group and discussed the possibilities while rubbing their chins, as they normally did. "We have decided that it is in our best intrest to have you in our group."

Colin and Shell squealed with delight, before taking photos of eachother with the Marauders. "WOW, this is so cool! I can't believe this. And to think that Evelyn said it would be bad to travel back into the past!" Shell said to Colin.

"I KNOW! Awesome isn't it! Evelyn doesn't know what she is missing out on!"

"Um sorry to be of a disturbance but who is Evelyn?" Said Sirius, who was now doing the pie jig, while eating pie after pie after pie.

Suddenly the doors of the great hall opened, so quietly that no one knew they were open, until they heard the echoeing sound of heels on the cold stone floor. The whole hall became quiet, and everybody looked at the doors.

There was a cloaked figure standing in front of the large wooden doors. The figure was wearing a black cloak which covered her whole body. Although you could see that it was a woman by the body shape which was highlighted very well under the cloak.

"SHELL!" The voice screamed out over the hall. The voice was definitely that of a womans, it was feminine and soft, but at the same time was demanding. "SHELL! COLIN! Show yourselves. I know you are here!"

Colin and Shell looked at eachother, their faces had paled. Together they both whispered "Oh Shit"

The cloaked figure looked around at all the table eyeing each of the uniforms. Until her eyes finally reached the Gryffindor table. Her head rested on where Dumbledore and the Marauders were standing, hiding Shell and Colin. Her hand slowly moved up to the hood of her cloak, which had been hiding her face from the time she walked in. She slowly took off the hood and all the boys in the room gaped.

The girls face was no older then 17. She had beautiful blonde hair, which was delicately put into ringlets. She had beautiful emerald green eyes and her skin was so fair. She was by far the prettiest girl in the whole room. And to all the guys who weren't infatuated by another girl at the time, were drawn into her force.

She walked up to the Marauders - Dumbledore had suddenly disappeared in this time - She eyed each Marauder until her eyes rested on Sirius, and her face seemed to have an intriqued look. She finally got Sirius' eye contact and as if reading her mind Sirius stepped out of the way, the other 3 boys followed, revealing Shell and Colin sitting on the table, cuddling eachother with looks of horror on their faces.

"Explain yourselves" Said the girl. "I told you not to come. You have been gone for a year now, and I am in seventh year, you haven't even finished sixth. You two have been extremely irresponsible, and look where you have gotten yourselves." She said, pointing around at the room and the marauders.

Colin and Shell looked at eachother and then back at the girl. "Well you see Evvy, we didn't mean to" Evelyn gave a disbelieving snort "Okay, so we did mean to, but we are finishing school here, and we have already made friends." Said Shell, pointing to the Marauders.

"Well then, maybe you and your friends would like to come outside and finish this conversation" Evelyn said coldy.

"Uh, Okay then" Colin answered. Hopping off the table and helping Shell off. Then as soon as they had done that, they looked at eachother, smiled and before Evelyn could do anything, they had jumped up and disappeared without a trace.

"Oh, those little BRATS!" Evelyn shouted at the roof.

James looked at her. "Well seeing as you are here, you should come with us to transfiguration. Colin and Shell have it with us too."

"They do? Well maybe I will come."

"Here let me help you" Sirius got to her first and put his arm out for her to hold as she walked out of the great hall over to the Transfiguration classroom.

"My name is Sirius by the way. I am an unregistered animagus, I am from the infamous Black family and I am friends with the Marauders.î

"Oh, I know all about you. I am Evelyn, otherwise known as Evvy. I am part veela and I am from the future. I am best friends with Shell and Colin. Although they disobeyed the teachers and me! So I came to get the back." Evelyn said. "But I don't think I will be leaving to soon." She whispered the last bit into Sirius' ear, who smiled and winked at her.

They all walked into the transfiguration room, to be greeted by photos and babbling being taken at all the animals. Who else but Shell and Colin were already in there. When they turned around to take pictures of their friends, they realized Evelyn was there. Evelyn gave them a glare, and the two sat down.

"Have you come to take us back?" Said Shell glumly.

"No, I will not take you back, but I will......TICKLE YOU!" Evelyn jumped up and bounded over to the two extremely ticklish sixth years.

They all laughed and squealed with laughter until Proffesor McGonagall came in, and looked at them, but smiled. She was obviously nervous around the three. Which made the Marauders laugh. They had never seen proffesors get go nervous around 3 students before.

"Okay Class" McGonagall started once the class was settled into their seats and had calmed down. "Today we will be transforming another person into your greatest desire. You have no choice on what the person will become and you can do anything and in a minute the person will turn back to his or her original form."

The classroom was busied with excited whispers and giggles.

"I would like to start with a pair" Before McGonagall could choose the pair, Colin and Shell had stood up and walked to the front of the classroom, hand in hand. "Uh, Okay then" McGonagall heaved a sigh "Colin and Shell, I would like you to point your wand at the other and say the incantation deserre redenit"

The two looked at eachother and Colin went first, "Deserre Redenit" He chanted and Shell didn't change, but she had a glow around her. After a minute the glow around her stopped and it was her turn. The same thing happened to Colin when Shell did it.

"Ah, very nice. You see class Shell and Colin desire eachother most of all, so they didn't have to change." McGonagall seemed half please, but half fed up with the two lovebirds. "Okay next we will have Mr. Potter and Mr. Snape. Please come up and perform you spells."

James and Snape walked up to the front of the class and pointed their wands at eachother. Snape went first, he chanted the spell and James turned into a sign, which had My Best Friend written on it. The whole class burst out into laughter at this, and Snape blushed. James turned back to James and looked at Sirius with a questioning look, but Sirius just laughed.

Then it was James's turn. He said the incantaion 'Deserre Redenit' and Snape turned into a perfect version of Lily Evans. Lily and the other girls gasped. James got taken away in the moment, and grabbed the Lily in a hug and kissed her. The whole class went into silent giggles and gasps and a second later it was James and Snape in the kiss. The whole class erupted into laughter as James looked at Snape and Snape looked at James and the spat at the floor, and went, both bright red, back to their seats.

The whole class had had their turns, when it was finally Sirius' turn, he had no one to go with, so Shell offered to go with him. Shell and Sirius walked up to the front. Shell winked at Colin and Colin blew her a kiss.

'Deserre Redenit' and Shell changed into Evelyn holding a Pie. "Evelyn! My Sleeping Pie!" He screamed with delight and went and hugged Evelyn. "I love you, I love you, I love you" he kept saying it quietly.

"I-love-you-too-but-just-as-a-friend" Shell said in a strange way, she wasn't sure how to act with Sirius' arms around her.

Sirius looked up at her and blushed. "Oh sorry. I'd prefer you didnít tell Evelyn what I just said."

"Oh well, EVELYN SIRIUS SAID HE LOVED YOU!" Shell shouted across the room, and ran back to Colin, where the two reunited in their usual state of laughter.

Sirius glared at Shell and then walked back to his seat, where he was sitting next to Evelyn.

"Sorry I couldn't bring you sleeping pie, but I can bring you this." Evelyn said smiling at him. She pecked him on the lips and the whole class sighed with a mix of romance and jealousy in the room. Except for Shell and Colin who were too busy snogging.


WOW wasn't that a chapter? What will happen with Sirius and Evelyn? Will Sirius find his sleeping pie? Will James and Lily get together? How does Snape feel about the kiss?

You will only find out if you keep tuned!

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A Random Event: Part Veela


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