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Vindicated by Secret Lily
Chapter 2 : Breaking Boundaries
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Chapter 2-Breaking Boundaries

Dear Lily,

How’s your summer been? Hopefully it’s been going well. Things around here are pretty unexciting. Although, I can’t truly say that. Living next to the Potters can sometimes bring fun to non-stop boredom.

Mrs. Potter always invites me over for a cup of tea but alas, I must refuse. I don’t want to run into Sirius, of course. That would be so embarrassing. He has seen me this summer though, much to my displeasure. James Potter can’t stop talking about you, Lily. It’s amazing how much he can find to talk about. I’m your best friend and even I can’t talk about you that much. He asked me for your owling address and I told him I couldn’t tell him. I just want you to know, I think you should write to him. Give him a shot. I live next door to him, how bad can he be?

Now, don’t think I’ve forgotten what I promised before we left. You are not, I mean absolutely not, going to give anyone the speech this year. You’re going to find a boyfriend, fall in love, make tons of little Lily’s and make me baby-sit them. I’ll become Auntie Erin and live alone; depressed and distraught.

How’s Petunia? If she’s been dreadful to you, just let me know. I’ll give her a piece of my mind. Trust me, she hasn’t seen me angry yet. You’re one to account for how temperamental I can get. If she gets too hard on you, just imagine all the spells you can do to her once we leave Hogwarts!

Please let me know how you’ve been. I haven’t talked to the others all that much. They’ve been busy vacationing with their families. I miss you, Lils!

With love,


Lily read Erin’s letter and laughed to herself. Erin was always trying to be optimistic for the future. Of course, her summer was probably a little more entertaining than Lily’s had been.

Two owls had arrived that very morning, bringing letters for Lily. Her mother had almost dropped Lily’s breakfast on the floor due to the shock of owls swooping in through the window. Petunia had just made a disapproving noise and walked out of the room.

The first owl had been Erin, checking up on Lily. The second was recognizably a school owl. Lily wasn’t too sure but it seemed as though the letter was unusually thick. It normally only contained her school letter and supply list. This year it looked as though something new had been added.

She had saved that one for last, hoping it was what she thought it was. After reading Erin’s letter she folded it up and placed it aside. She picked up the Hogwarts letter and stared at it for a moment.

“Lily dear, are you going to open that or look at it all day?” her mother asked.

“I’m opening it, Mum,” Lily reassured her.

She slid her finger across the seal, opening it. She let the parchment fall, as well as a shiny new Head Girls badge. Lily grinned; it had indeed been what she had been hoping for.
She read the letter, still proud and excited.

Dear Miss Evans,

This year you have been made Head Girl of Hogwarts. We congratulate you on your achievement. You’ve worked hard throughout your years and we feel that this should be a proper reward. We expect that you’ll serve the school well.

We wish for you and the Head Boy to meet in the Heads Department where a list of passwords have been provided. During the feast, please pass around the passwords to all the Prefects. There will be a Password provided for the Heads Common Room included as well.

We look forward to seeing you on September 1st!

Professor Minerva McGonagall, Head of Gryffindor House.

“Why, Lily honey, have you been made Prefect again?” Lily’s mother asked curiously, examining Lily’s badge.

“No, Mum,” Lily exclaimed. “I’ve been made Head Girl!”

“Oh honey, that’s so good!” Lily’s mum said, hugging her daughter with pride.

“Big surprise,” Petunia snarled from the doorway into the kitchen. “Perfect Lily couldn’t just become Prefect. She had to become Head Girl. It wasn’t enough to just have perfect grades and perfect friends. She’s topped herself on this one.”

“Petunia, don’t talk to your sister like that,” Mrs. Evans snapped at her elder daughter. “Shouldn’t you be at Vernon’s right now, anyways?”

Petunia stormed out the back door, heading over to her purple-faced boyfriend’s home.

“Mum, can I ask you a question?” Lily asked, sitting down at the kitchen table once more and placing her Head Girl badge back in the envelope.

“Yes, dear?” Mrs. Evans replied.

“Do you like Vernon?” Lily questioned.

“Honestly?” Mrs. Evans proposed. “No. I can’t stand him.”

“I thought I was the only one who felt that way. He’s an awful man,” Lily insisted.

“Well, he’s what makes your sister happy. We have to live with that,” her mum sighed.

“Well, at least I don’t have to live with it all year,” Lily muttered.

James Potter entered Kings Cross with a new outlook on life. He was a new man; a changed man. His hair ruffled with the soft wind and his hazel eyes studied the atmosphere. He saw no sign of beautiful auburn hair. He felt his dad rest his hand on his shoulder and looked around to see his parents.

“Oh, James, it’s your last year,” Mrs. Potter wept.

“It’s ok, Mum. Really, it is,” James assured his mother.
“Oh, and you’re Head Boy. It’s as if time is repeating itself,” Mrs. Potter chirped.

“I remember when me and your mother were Head Boy and girl. She couldn’t stand me,” Mr. Potter chuckled.

“Oh, that’s not true,” Mrs. Potter laughed, slapping her husband’s shoulder.

“Maybe James here will find his one true love,” Sirius deduced.

He was twinkling his eyes at James, knowing that his friend was growing red with embarrassment.

“Shut up, Padfoot,” James muttered.

“Well, do tell Erin Parker I said hello. Her mother is such a dear,” Mrs. Potter said. She gave her son a hug, as well as Sirius.

Mr. Potter gave them both hugs before departing.

“Do take care, James,” he called.

“So, who do you reckon is Head Girl?” Sirius wondered. “Do you think it’s Parker?”

“No, she’s got too much of a temper,” James explained. “What if it’s someone awful, like Bella?”

“Oh, I would feel my deepest sympathy for you,” Sirius claimed, clearly disgusted by the thought. “But, what if it’s not someone horrible? What if it’s Evans?”

The thought hadn’t even crossed James’s mind. It would seem logical for Lily to become Head Girl. She had been Prefect for two years. Yet, James had been made Head Boy and hadn’t been Prefect. Maybe Dumbledore had been changing it up this year.

“Whoever it is, I just hope she’s easy to get along with,” James mentioned. He looked at his friend before they were to cross over into Platform 9 ¾.

Sirius had a devilish grin on his face, as always. His best friend was always optimistic; even in bad times. The two boys were so different, yet so similar. Sirius had manageable black hair that fell elegantly on his face whilst James had the most peculiar hair known to man. Their physical differences were overlooked and the two were often compared as brothers.

“Seventh year? Not looking too shabby, is it?” Sirius asked, grinning.

“Not at all,” James stated. The two of them ran their trolley’s directly into the barrier, crossing over. Sirius had tipped his imaginary hat to the Muggle watching them. Of course, the man would think he had been hallucinating.

“Lily!” Leah squealed, opening the compartment door to find her friend looking glumly out the window. Lily looked over to see an excited, and rather tan, Leah Graham smiling.

“Leah, it’s so good to see you,” Lily said, standing to hug her friend.

“Why so blue, my dearest Lily?” Leah questioned.

“Oh, just the whole realization of it being our last year here,” Lily commented.

“Can I join in this little pow wow?” Ruby asked.

“Rubes!” screamed Leah. “How’ve you been?”

“Oh, you know, same old, same old.” Ruby confessed. “How was Egypt?”

“It was amazing,” Leah said. “I saw so many interesting things.”

“I know, I heard the tombs were exquisite,” Lily reminisced.

“Who’s talking about the tombs? I’m talking about the boys,” Leah inquired.

“Oh, how I’ve forgotten our little Leah being such a man-eater,” Erin’s playful voice was heard. All the girls turned to see Erin and Vita smiling at their friends.

The group sat and started talking of their vacations. Lily had little to share. She had never had exciting summer vacations.

She lived in the Muggle world where things were far less exciting than the wizarding world.

“So, Lily, you were made Head Girl?” Erin asked, interested.

She had a look about her that was withholding serious information.

“What do you know that I don’t?” Lily demanded.

“Oh, nothing,” Erin said, acting as innocent as was possible.

“Speaking of, I have to go to the Heads Compartment for a few minutes,” Lily remembered. She recalled the letter.

“You have yourself a right old time,” Erin called as Lily left the compartment. Erin slowly got up and closed the compartment door.

“Why’re you doing that, she’ll be right back,” Vita mentioned.

“Oh, trust me, you’ll want the door closed for this one,” Erin reassured them.

“Why?” Ruby asked.

“Let’s just say I have two words for you; James Potter.”

Lily straightened herself before opening the compartment door.

Who would be the Head Boy? Would it be Remus Lupin? Or worst, what if it was Severus Snape? Well, she could handle Snape as long as it wasn’t-

“Potter!?” Lily screamed, seeing James peering out the window. He turned to see Lily Evans, looking very distraught and angry. He loved it when she was angry.

She looked at him, lost for words. She quietly walked to the small table, picked up the list of passwords and walked out.

She walked back to the compartment her friends were in, still not speaking. She went in and sat down, quietly.

“She’s holding it all in,” Erin explained. “She’s very upset right now. You just wait. She’ll blow up in a few moments time.”

“P-P-P” Lily stammered.

“Yes, we know. James Potter is Head Boy,” Erin nodded, trying to comfort her friend.

“You knew?!” Lily asked, standing and looking at her friend in shock.

“Erin really has good timing on these things,” Leah said, staring at her watch. “She did explode in about a minute.”

“Of course I knew,” Erin replied. “I live next door to him.”

“You didn’t warn me?” Lily asked. “I could have had some idea of what was going to happen before I walked in there. You could have prepared me in some way.”

The compartment opened and none other than James Potter was standing in the doorway.

“Can I have a word, Evans?” James asked. Lily looked at her friend, still shocked by their lack of communication.

Once Lily stepped outside, the questions started rolling.

“Why didn’t you warn her?” Vita asked.

“Oh, there is a reason, my young, naïve Vita. Our dear Lily likes to be in control of things at all times. That is her problem with relationships; control. She backs out before anything out of her hands can occur. By not warning her about Potter, she was vulnerable. Lily Evans was unprepared,” Erin rambled.

“And your point to his being?” Leah asked.

“Do you not remember our little plan after the train ride home last year?” Erin recalled.

“Yes, we were going to stop Lily from dumping anyone,” Ruby remembered. “How is this going to help?”

“James Potter is someone who is spontaneous and carefree. Those are things Lily needs to balance herself out. You tell her that, she’ll never give him a chance. By making her feel vulnerable in front of him, she’s allowing herself to bring him in,” Erin devised.

“You are much more wise than we give you credit for,” Leah pointed out, clearly impressed by the amount of thought that had been put into this.

“You flatter me,” Erin said. She smiled to herself, knowing that her plan was going to work.

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