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The Blood by LTDan
Chapter 2 : The Date
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A/N: I appreciate everyone's interest in this., people, review! :) I don't care if you think I'm the worst author on this site...I love reviews. Tell me what I'm doing wrong so I won't look like a total duffer. Hehehe...anyway...

Disclaimer: What would I give to own James Potter? Do you KNOW? Didn't think so...well, nothing's mine...

*~LT. Dan~*

Lily Evans had her legs crossed under the glass table, staring at the ground beside James Potter`s feet--the same place her eyes had been locked for the past ten minutes.

"So..." James said in a feeble attempt to spark a conversation, swivelling his wine glass. "Like Quidditch?"

"Well enough," she muttered, seemingly able to keep her cool around James Potter now that Dumbledore had explained the circumstances. Normally, she would have told him to keep his arrogant mouth shut.

"Really?" James said, his eyes now flaring with excitement. "What team? Me, I'm a Magpies fan. Did you know they won the British and Irish League Championship thirty-two times to date? They were named European champions twi--"

Lily forced a smile. "You know what, James?" She said. "I know all about the father was a fan."

"Squibs fol--" he started.

Lily stod up. "If you're only here to discriminate--"

James jumped out of his seat as well. "If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times: I'm not aganst that kind of stuff. Look at my mates--one's a werewolf; the other's parents would hex him if they saw him again because he doesn't care about blood; and...and the other is practically a Squib," he explained desparately, prior to throwing warning glances at the witches and wizards who were staring at him.

Lily looked at him, a frown forming between her eyebrows. "James," she said, using his first name for the first time in years, "one of your mates is a werewolf?"

He nodded, fearing that she might bite his head off if he spoke.

"Tell me more..." she whispered curiously. "I didn't think Hogwarts would allow one..."

James looked around, slightly nervous. "Outside," he said from the corner of his mouth.

He took her hand hesitantly in his and led her out the door. Much to his content, she didn't pull away. They stepped outside into perfect October weather. A crescent moon hung in the coal-black sky along with minute glittering white specks like salt spreaded on a black blanket. A small stream ran by the deck before them. Whether it was fresh or not was concealed by the willows hanging over the waters. The only thing that could have made the night any better was a gentle breeze and violins. But, of course, those didn't come.

"Which of your friends is a werewolf?" She repeated when they weresafely out of earshot.

James didn't seem to think the question was very important. "What if I said I was attracted to you since fourth year?" He asked quietly.

Lily lips deminished into a slim line. "I'd ask you what female you weren't attracted to in fourth year," she said dismally.

James laughed mirthlessly, looked down, then back up into Lily's vibrant green eyes. "Then what would you say if I said I loved you since fifth year?"

A grin played on her thinned lips. "I'd say you're still the same arrogant fool you always were."

A/N: I hope you enjoyed that! :) Remember to review! Only takes thirty seconds, you know...

*~LT. Dan~*

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