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Thick by mione
Chapter 3 : Harry\'s perspective
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*Yes, this is part of the ever huge b-day present, Caya*

I always wanted to spend another summer with my two best friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley since the last time I did four years ago. Yes that;s right, I Harry Potter am now in the sixth form, I mean year. Year, form, same thing. Now, when I heard Mr. Weasley was picking me up on my birthday, I went completely insane. YAY!

"So, how've you been Harry?" Mr. Weasley asked when he came in his new car. I felt a pang of guilt run through me looking at the car, as me and Ron had practically destroyed his other one.

"Fine Mr. Weasley. I was wondering, this wouldn't happen to be another flying car, would it?" I inquired making sure we weren't going to fly another car with a faulty invisibility booster in front of all the muggles in Surrey.

"Heh. Hehe. No, this is not another flying car, I learned my lesson about enchanting muggle items. I promised Molly that I'd never do it again." Mr. Weasley chuckled.

Amazing man he is that Mr. Weasley. He can chuckle at his own mistakes. Noble he is, or am I using the wrong word. OH DICTIONARY GIRL! I NEED SOME ASSISTANCE! I thought. He really is an amazing man.

I climbed into the car after putting my luggage in the trunk and we took off for the Burrow.

It had been about four hours since we left Little Whinging, Surrey and I was already extremeley bored. How was I supposed to entertain myself with no one else to help me do it? last time I went to the Burrow, I had Fred, George and Ron. Not to mention Hedwig flying behind.

"We're here! You can go right in Harry." Mr. Weasley said and parked the car.

"Thanks for the ride Mr. Weasley!" I called as I ran inside the Burrow. I couldn't wait to see Hermione and Ron. I just couldn't contain my energy any longer.

When I knocked on the door, Mrs. Weasley opened it and showed me inside. I hadn't been there in a while, so it did look a bit weird. All of the sudden, I heard a loud sceam.

"SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Hermione and Ron popped out of their hiding places and I looked up to find the decorations hanging all over the house.

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Thick: Harry\'s perspective


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