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Thick by mione
Chapter 2 : Hermione\'s View.
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*Glad you like it so far Caya!*

I seriously can't wait to spend the remainder of the summer with Harry and Ron. For some odd reason, I think there will be some definite romance included in this summer. I hope it's between me and Harry. *Sigh* I really really think I have a thing for that child. Now, back to buisness...

What a lovely day it was, a perfect day for Harry's surprise party. I really hope he enjoys it and I hope I brought enough stuff to set it up! Wow, my emotions sure are running high, I've also got soooooo much energy!

"Is this it honey?" Daddy asked as he stopped at Ron's driveway.

"Yes, daddy I know it's unusual, but yes this is Ron's house." I replied feeling totally revved up to do this whole party thing with Ron. After what's ahead, Harry better appreciate it. I think Mr. Weasley is picking him up so he won't have to suffer Uncle Vernon's disgust on ron's house. And there would be, I'm sure.

I alighted from the car and walked over to the front door. I knocked and waited for a while. Knowing Ron, he would definetley be late on the whole answering the door thing...

"Where is he?" I muttered to myself as I knocked on the door again.

"Hermy, what're you doing at my house?" I asked puzzled. "What'd I miss?"
Hermione Granger was standing at my front door with parchment, an unknown muggle substance called "Silly String", hangy banner things, markers, and ribbons.

"Remember the surprise birthday party for Harry? I brought everything we should need to set up and your mum said she baked a cake." Hermione replied.

"Oooh. So that's why she wouldn't let me try it. She said I knew what it was, and I said no I didn't, but then she said-"

"Ron, shut it and let me talk. I brought markers for the big parchment so we can write 'Happy Birthday Harry' on it, and the banners are to hang up, and the Silly String hangs off the banners close to our heads, and the ribbons, well, my mum made me bring them. We should be all set."

I knew it would take hard work and patience, neither of which Ron has ever been able to obtain, to set this party up.

"I think that we should do one thing at a time, so let's attack the big parchment first." I said to Ron softly, half expecting me to have been talking to my self.

In bright green, light blue and Weasley hair red, we wrote 'Happy Birthday Harry!' on it in huge letters. When we finished decorating it, Hermione and I grabbed chairs because we couldn't reach the ceiling. She also had tacks, but it seemed as she had forgotten because she looked remotely surprised when she pulled them out of her pocket. We tacked that up. Good. One thing down about five to go...

"Okay, I'm wiped out, can we take a break?" Ron said lazily.

"Ron we just finished putting everything up, and why do you have to be so lazy all hte time? Doing work for an hour wouldn't hurt you. I should suggest chores around the house to your mum." I said slyly.

"NOOOOOOO! Anything but that HERMY! ANYTHING!" Ron yelled surprising me that everything withing a five foot radius didn't shatter into little tiny pieces.

Just then we heard a knock on the door. "He's here!" I whispered.

As you can see, there's a lot going on this morning and I'm prbably going to be the one with most energy, unless I used it all setting up and don't know it... Oh well!!

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