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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 22 : Chapter 22 - The Potion Tester
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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants

Chapter 22 - The Potion Tester

MWAHAHAHAmeep I am on a role here! two chapter in one day! I ahve finsihed writing chapter 28 and am at the beginning of 29... stil seven in front of you! anyways I just felt like updated and I ahe 199 reviews!! thatnx everyone!! but I think I wasnt 200! its not fair, I find out I suddenly get some reviews, but I am still on short.. *sigh*... maybe I should expect too much... this chapter is kind of important, its the next one you should worry about, the next one is kind of boring.

I really need to make a banner here. I am am in a strange mood, I want to make one for someone. Anyone want one!? I really feel like making one fore anyone!!?? I am sure some of you guys need a banner!??

sorry about that.. I am in a strange mood.

hope you like the chapter!!

Lotsa love Iced_Cherriez


“Ron, lets go find Hermione. I think we need to go to the Room of Requirements.”

“But Harry, its Quidditch trials today!” Ron said, looking like it was the most important thing in the world.

“I know Ron, I organised it. But that isn’t till this afternoon, four o’clock. We can research before then...” Harry sighed as he shifted through his collection of books.

The two boys were sitting in Harry’s trunk room, next to the roaring fire. Ron was polishing his broomstick, while Harry looked through his large collection of books.

He piled the ones that might be useful into his bag.

“Come on Ron, lets go find her.” He pulled Ron up from the seat and out of the room.

“Hermione!” Harry said as he exited the room.

“Oh, Harry, Ron! I was looking for you. We should go to the library.” Hermione was in the doorway to their dorm room.

“Better yet. Lets go to the Room of Requirements, we can find everything were looking for there.” Harry said as they exited the common room.

The three walked to the passageway outside the room, and thought of what they needed. After walking back and forward about three times a door appeared to the room.

The room had shelves of books on potions and their properties, different ingredients and how they affect the potions.

A large desk sat in the middle, which had a lamp a one side. An arrangement of parchment, quills and ink were set underneath is, as well as a blank notebook. A strange goblet with inscriptions and a small watery screen and the bottom of it, was placed at the same side. None of the three knew what it was, nut didn’t doubt that it might help them.

A fire crackled near the table and comfy chairs sat around it. A cauldron sat in the corner ready to be used.

“Now this is my way to study!” Ron exclaimed as he walked in taking a seat at the table.

Harry and Hermione followed and sat down also, Hermione being intrigued by the strange goblet contraption.

“I know what this is. I’ve read about them! Its a potion tester. People used to have to test potions on people until they invented these, though I think professor Snape only uses them for the more harmful potions, they are very rare!” She picked it up and pulled it closer to the three.

“How does it work?” Harry asked looking inside of it.

“You use a quill and write what the potion is meant to do on this screen.” She motioned towards a screen that was built into the foundation of the goblet. “You then write the person’s name you want to use it on, that's if it is for only one person. In our case, we would write Remus Lupin.”

“The white liquid inside,” She pointed to the liquid inside. “Will turn a deep red if the potion works and a light green colour if it wont work. It also turns yellow if it is poisonous.”

“What we need is a potion that turns red?” Harry asked.


“Okay, lets get to work.” Harry said. He pulled out the book which Dumbledore had given them and turned to the first page.

“Harry, you look through there. I will look up ingredient properties and Ron you try and find out how to make the Wolfsbane Potion.” Hermione said.

“Okay...” Ron said as he got up to look through the many books in the shelves.


“I’ve found something!” Ron exclaimed an hour later.

“What is it Ron?” Hermione said looking up from her book.

“Its about the Wolfsbane potion... The taker has to take it a week in advance, we know that... It smokes even after the drinker has taken it... Never add sugar to it, it wont work. Hey, do you think Lupin’s potion has sugar in it?” Ron asked.

“Don’t you think that Dumbledore would have gone through that already. Lupin knows that and I am sure Snape wouldn’t put sugar in the potion, even if they are rivals, they don’t hate each other that much!”

“Yeah... Your probably right, Hermione.” Ron sighed. “Wait, here is the recipe!”

Hermione yanked the book out of Ron’s arms and pulled it into the centre of the table, so that all three of them could see.

“Oi!” Ron sighed and let her take it.

“Okay, let me see. it contains, powdered root of asphodel to make the inner beast go to sleep, this is kept constant by snake blood and shredded snake skin. There is powdered Boomslang skin, which we will have to get from Snape, this has the opposite effect of what is does in the Polyjuice Potion, making the person not turn into the beast. It also has chopped ginger roots which keeps the drinker’s intellect sharp during the transformation and a bezoar, which keeps the person safe from poisons, seeing that the other ingredients mixed with out this is a lethal toxic.” Hermione flickered through the next couple of pages telling them how to stir it correctly.

Suddenly Hermione’s eyes widened.

“Look at this! it says that if the blood and shredded skin of a snake is substituted with the skin and blood of a Basilisk, the transformations of the person would be stopped, letting them live a normal life. This is the same for Vampires...” Harry smiled, but Ron still frowned.

“How are we going to get... Oh!” Ron finally realised.

“It has only ever been done once, around 300 years ago. No Basilisk has been known to still be alive these days, making it impossible for it to be done... But Harry if you killed the Basilisk, will there still be fresh blood left?” Hermione suddenly asked.

“Hermione it doesn’t say fresh blood, does? It just says blood.” Harry pointed out.


“I think it is time we paid a little trip to the Chamber of Secrets.” Harry smiled as he saw Ron and Hermione’s apprehensive looks.

“We can’t go now, Harry. Its Quidditch trials.” Ron pointed out. Harry looked at his watch and sure enough it was already three thirty in the afternoon.

“Oh... We will have to go tomorrow. You two up for it?” Harry asked.

“Yes. I will go visit Professor Snape this afternoon while you too are at the trials. I need to get some of these ingredients from him.” Hermione said.

“You with me Ron?” Harry asked.

“What? Oh yeah!” Ron was obviously lost in thought about the Chamber of Secrets.

Harry laughed. “Come on Ron, lets go find our new Chasers.” The three of them picked up their things, Harry making sure that they had the potion’s book that Ron had found safely in his bag, and left the room.

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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants: Chapter 22 - The Potion Tester


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