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A day in the life of Hermione A. Granger by mione
Chapter 2 : Hogsmeade, Sleep, and Fuzzy Monkeys!
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I, Hermione Allison Granger have never been more embarrassed in my life! There's the whole walking into Hogsmeade meetings late, but then there's what happened after the Girl's dormitory incident. I trust you will tell no one, though I really should not be saying this as, it will be posted on the internet for all Muggle and wizard eyes to see.

* * *

"Coming- HERMY!" Ron yelled as he hopped down the stairs. I was absolutely furious as he had called me Hermy, yet again, but Harry took up my defense.

"Now Ron, you know she doesn’t like being called Hermy. She's only told you about-" Harry stopped pulled out his other hand and began silently counting. "-26 times excluding the look she's got on right now, I'd say she's pretty mad at you."

"No really Harry!" He's a good friend and all, but really, he needs to learn not to state the obvious! "Harry, can't you tell that I'm positively furious with him. I wouldn’t be if this was like the first or second time, but earth to Ron! The whole Grawp incident, him calling me Hermy and all, was in fifth year! TWO YEARS AGO!" I yelled letting all my blind fury out.

"Okay 'Mione, please don't start yelling! I hate it when you yell. Remember last time you had a yelling fit?" Harry said.

"You had to bring that up!" I flashed back to previous yelling fit I had had. I had broken a bowl and had to use the "Reparo" spell to mend it. "Harry, don't you know how much I appreciate you bringing up that I have a horrible temper?! You should know that by now!"

"OKAY, 'MIONE STOP YELLING!" Harry yelled, proving he had completely missed the point of asking people to STOP yelling.

"Oi, Harry, this has been a pleasant morning. I refuse to stand here and argue with you and Freckles any longer. I'm going to the meeting whether you like it or not!" I said hotly and turned on my heel and walked out of the common room. Now all I had to do was stay clear of Slytherins as they might taunt me about not having my "bodyguards" around at the moment. But then again, how surprised would they be when they found out I was mad at both of them at the same time...

I walked down the corridors feeling completely at ease, yet completely tense. The wonders the boys can do are yet to amaze me, as I completely forgot to yell at Ron for being able to get up the girl's stairway. I think I'll put that on my to-do list. As I walked, I saw a flash of black, silver and green. Oh boy, must be Slytherins running around like idiots again I was prefect after all and I did have the authority to give detentions, but first, to find out what they were up to...

I crept slowly behind a huge pillar and listened to the conversation going on between the Slytherins. These Slytherins would be hard to give detentions to because, two were huge, and one was a prefect as well. Namely, Crabbe, Goyle and Draco Malfoy.

Oh great. This is wonderful. Just perfect. What’m I going to do? Not good, very bad. Ooh, very very bad. Oh yeah, back to the eavesdropping thing.

“So in Hogsmeade, I pop the question.” Malfoy began speaking.

“Well, how’d you know he’ll say yes?” Crabbe asked with the regular I-look-big-but-I’m-really-stupid look on his face.

“That’s where you two come in. You’ll make sure she says yes. Then, by the next time you see me, I’ll have a girlfriend.” Malfoy said cunningly. I made a throwing up noise and bent over. How immature of me, but who would want to go out with a scum bag like HIM? Scary thought. Really scary.

As soon as I was sure they were gone, I pivoted around to where the third through seventh years met for Hogsmeade weekends. I had to tell Harry and Ron, but first, to find out who he liked.

* * *

I had almost completely forgotten about what I’d heard from the Slytherins once I got to Hogsmeade. Then, it was really nothing but pure pleasure. As I was shopping, sorry, book shopping, I felt a hard hand on my shoulder.

I turned around half expecting it to be Harry or even Ron, but it was none other than Draco Malfoy. Oh no! What if he’s planning on asking me to be his girlfriend? I plan on saying no, even if it costs me fifty brain cells. As, every time you get hit on the head you loose two of them.

“Nice day isn’t it ‘Mione?” Malfoy said in a soft voice.

“Get away from me ferret boy and I don’t believe I ever gave you permission to call me by my nickname. Did I, Malfoy?” I said coldly

“Sorry for me saying that, but you are looking absolutely gorgeous today.” He said in a mock sweet voice.

“I always look like this. What’re you up to Ickleferretkins?” I shot back. There was no way I was going to fall for sweet talk. Especially if the talker was my worst enemy.

“I’m here to give you a once in a life time chance. I’m going to give you the chance most girls would die for. I’m giving you the opportunity, no privilege to be my girlfriend. What do you say, ‘Mione?” He said looking straight into my deep blue eyes with his stone grey ones.

“There’s no way Malfoy. No chance.” I said hotly and walked off. This was definitely not the way I wanted to spend my Hogsmeade weekend. Definitely not.

* * *

Why does this always end up happening to me? WHY ME? Anyway, I think Neville just broke something and I'm going to go save him the trouble of trying to fix it, by me fixing it myself. After this, I plan on meeting Harry and Ron at the Apothecary. I hope it doesn’t still smell like old cabbages. Ew!

* * *

As you can tell, this was a frustrating morning, and I seriously hope that the rest of the day goes better. Though, I can't say I think it will if I'm currently fighting with my two best friends.



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