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Dare or Confessions by Ginny
Chapter 4 : Fred\'s turn.
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When the bottle stopped it landed on Fred Weasley himself. Lavender and Fred gulped.
"I pick dare.Do your worst." He said shakingly. The room turned and looked at her.
"O.k. Fred Weasley. I dare you to call up Pansy Parkinson and tell her you want to SHAG her." Fred gaged as she said it then went white. Seamus and the other's laughed. He sighed and went to the phone. They found her # in the phonebook and Fred began to dial. It rang a few times and she finally answered. He took a deep breath.
"Hellu? Is anyone there?" She sounded confused.
"Yeah hi Pansy. This is Fred Weasley. You probably don't remember me." She snorted.
"Of course I remeber you. You were the one who switched my shampoo with puke green hair die that wouldn't go away for 3months." Fred and the other's began to laugh.
"Well the reason I called is. Well Pansy I did that b/c I am in love with you and I want to shag you scensless." He thought she would hang up but she squealed with joy.
"Really. Oh I love you too!!! I have since our day's at school." Fred almost passed out. He was beyond white and replied shakily.
"Really?" She laughed into the phone.
"No you stupid arse. And don't call me again?!" She slammed the phone and he sighed in relife. The room was in a fit of laughter.

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