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Dare or Confessions by Ginny
Chapter 3 : Ginny\'s First.
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Before Ginny could answer Ron shot up."NOT MY SISTER?! SHE IS STILL PURE?! RIGHT GIN?" Ron said looking scared at Ginny. Once again she was cut off only this time by Fred and Gerorge.
"OF COURSE SHE IS!! SHE WOULD NEVER DO THAT?!" Both twins said looking at Ginny with a look that said 'If your not we will kill whoever stole you!' She rolled her eye's at the three.
"For your information I am not. I lost it to..... Oliver Wood." They all lunged at Ginny bumbarding her with questions.
"HE WHAT?! AND YOU....." Ron said as his ear's grew a blood red.
"WAIT UNTIL WE SEE THAT STUPID PRAT!! THAT CRADEL SNATCHER!!" Fred said waving his hands around in the air like a crazzed lunitic.
"WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN! I AM GOING TO CASTERATE HIM!!! HOW DARE HE TOUCH YOU!? I SEE HIM AT WORK I WILL KILL HIM!!!! " George said as each thier girlfriends grabbed them and pulled them back down to the floor.
"You know she is not a little girl anymore. She is 22?! Leave her be." Katie said holding her husband down. Lavender and the other's had to laugh a little.
"How did it happen Ginny? Was he any good?" Lavender said now looking and sounding very curious.
"Well my sixth year. When he came back to see the final game between Gryffindor and Slytherin. I went to ask him about some pointers a few hours before the game. He gave me more pointers then I ever thought." Ginny said with a small smirk on her face. The boys faces were red with anger. Even Harry started to get upset. That suprised Ginny seeing as how they were just friends. She smiled now as she watched them react the way they did. It was now Lavender's turn to spin. She smiled evily.

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