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only fools fall in love by hothits
Chapter 10 : let the games begin
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im starting a range of jokes
the slytherins will play on
Hermione and her friends
should be funny, involving rumours, fights,
and dares and pranks etc

"what is the meaning of this miss Granger" Mugangal yelled
loudly. Hermione gasped and stoped kicking Parkinson.
Pasny imendinatly starting crying to get Hermione in bigger trouble.
"you have dention and" Mugongal paused clearly upset to punish her prize
student "10 points from Griffindor" Hermione sat down in a sulk.
Draco rubbed her arm afectionatly. Pasny stood up and right before she
headed to her seat she said one thing to Hermione.
"let the games begin, this means war Mudblood" and stalked off.

"are you ok?" Clarissa asked. "im still impressed by your fighting standards, but are you ok"
she repeated. Hermione nodded. Ron grinned. "parkinson was so scared" he said. "were going to go
for a walk" he grabbed Clarrisas hand and they headed off. Awhile later Hermione
and Draco were in the libray when someone tapped her on the shoulder.
"hey Herm" Harry said. "guess what" Hermione turned around and saw Harry and
Ginny holding hands. "are you two toegther" she asked excited. "yes" Ginny said.
Hermione grinned. Draco smirked. They headed off. "Draco are you finished yet" Hermine
asked. "yer almost" he said. "this eassy is hard work mia" Hermione nodded "im done and i did a extra page" Draco snorted "thats casue youre a goody good and dont get out
much" he said. Hermione hit his arm playfully.
Draco smirked and hopped up and started tickling her.
"god stop it im so ticklish" Hermione squeled.
Draco sighed and grabbed his things.
"lets go get sum lunch"

As soon as Draco and Hermione entered the great hall
it went deadly quiet.
Hermione ignored it and kissed Draco quickly. and headed
to her seat.
Harry and Ron were pale looking.
Hermione frowned. "whats wrong"she asked.
Harry and Ron exchanged looks.
"guys" she said nervously.
"hey mudblood how does Justin feel" Pasny yelled out.
Hermione looked at Ron.
"herm" Harry whispered.
" parkinson told everyone you have been givin all the guys
blowjobs and sleeping with Justin" he whispered. Hermione gasped.
Draco came over to Hemrione. "tell me its not true" he said
sadly. "what how can you ask that you know its not true"
Hermione shireked.
Draco sighed. "justin came up to me and told me you two have
been doin things for ages, behind my back" he hissed.
Hermione gasped. "never" she said.
The whole hall was watching and Pasny was laughing.
Hermione took one look at Draco and ran for it.
was it good.
dont worry Pasny will get
whats commin to her

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only fools fall in love: let the games begin


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