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only fools fall in love by hothits
Chapter 6 : message, please read
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*Dear fans of my work*

Well thats it
I know its a stupid ending, but
i cant go anywhere else with it.
i want to devote my time to my other 2 fanfics
-cause i cant do more than three at once (sad huh)
ill be spending more time on my story
tears of blood (i think thats the name) - begins tomorow- \\
the sequal to the deep sprial of depression and im also to keep at my other story
the odd couple
after those stories are finished im not sure if ill keep
writing. I will have one more story coming up the date July 18 (not exact)
called Inside the heads of hogwarts cowritten by my mate
**** JAY B ***
after that i might take a break.
you can tell me if you want this story to carry on (the story im on about is only fools fall in love)
but i just want to get the others done first so i cant countinue untill i have done all of my main stories...

see above

*sorry about that*

Thanx for being great reviewers
and to all the others who at least read (even if you didnt review)
thanx alot aswell


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only fools fall in love: message, please read


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