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only fools fall in love by hothits
Chapter 4 : falling into the darkness
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hope you enjoy this chapter
it will be alot more sader (wah!)

Draco woke up and streatched and yawned. His bedside alarm clock said 7:00, breakfast time. Draco didnt want to face anyone after last nights hall incenident. (embarshing) Draco sighed, he would have to do it sonner or later, could at least be now. Draco looked at himself in the mirror and ran a brush through his hair spiking it up. "man i look fine" Draco thought impressed with himself. "Hermione will love it" he countinued thinking, until he relised she still didnt know the truth. Draco flopped on his bed, new tears forming, last night had felt so real. And it was a dream, life sucked. Draco pulled his sleve up reveling the dark mark and his H for Hermione. He felt the prickling at his eyes and rubbed them furriously, willing it to go away.

Hermione looked up as the Great hall door opened and Draco walked in. He stared at her, and for a brief second their eyes locked. Draco broke it by hurrying to his seat. Hermione looked at her food. More memories flooding back, the doors opened again and Hermione looked up and saw the tarty Slytherin Pansy. Hermione clenched her fists. She watched Pansy with her eyes, hatred filling her every being. Pansy sat at her table next to draco who simply got up and moved. Hermione was confused for a second, but shock off the hope that brewed deep insideof her. Ron and Clarissa sat next to her and she quickly struck up a conversation with Harry to get rid of the thoughts of Draco that were plauging her mind.

Proffeser Snape stood at the front with a stassifactory look on his face. "times up" He yelled "hand your papers up" There was a amount of noise as papers flew in all directions. "quiet" Proffeser Snape yelled the class obeyed. Draco woke up with a snap as a pile of papers landed in front of him on top of his half finished work. He felt deep sadness fill him making him numb as he spied Hermiones neat finshed test on top of the pile. Draco couldnt resist the urge, he picked up the paper and smelt her frangrence. "excuse me Master Malfoy care to explain what your doing" Snape yelled in a rather forcefull tone. The whole class looked at him. He put the test down. "what do you think im doing" Draco challenged in a rater bored tone. Snape looked at him surveying him. Draco raised his eyebrows questionly. "well" he stated. "Dentention" Snape snapped. Draco sighed sliding into his chair as Snape went to the front of the class still watching him. Draco couldnt resist, with the class still watching, Draco popped up his middle finger.

"and was that really the most apropirate thing to do" Dumbledore yelled at Draco who just simply yawned. He had been sent to the Headmasters office for well popping his finger at snape. Draco smiled to himself revisting the moment

"WHAT" Snape yelled full volume, sending everyone jumping. He went over to Dracos desk and hauled him out of his seat. "Dumbedores office NOW" He shrieked. Draco just smirked, packed his books into his bags and left, sending the class into a serries of whispers.

"Master malfoy" Dumbledore yelled breaking Draco out of his vision. "yes master Dumbledore sir" Draco said scaristically, his voice ozzing sweetness. "im through with you out" Dumbldore shouted.

Draco trudged along the corrider he heard footstepes behind him. Hermione fell into step with him. "Draco" she said. Draco stopped and looked at her. "dotn you hate me" He whispered, hope still inside him. Hermione lowered her eyes to the floor. "i wont forgive you but i..." Her voice trailed off, her eyes wide and staring at Dracos arm. Draco followered her gaze to his cut spelling H. He quickly pulled the sleve up and hurried ahead. "Draco" Hermione called running up to him. "its nothing" He rasped. Hermioe with frightened eyes grabed his arm and stopepd him. He looked into her eyes. "i did it for you Hermione" he whispered horsely. Hermione gasped. "i love you so much it hurts" he chocked out. "it hurt to see the look on your face" Hermione turned away. Draco spun her around again to face him. He brushed his nose agaisnt hers. "please" he whispered. "i cant" Hermioe said pushing him away. She broke off into a run, her footsteps echoing in the silent hall. Draco just stood there staring. "i still love you" he shouted. Then he left, the air still. Hermione watched him walk away, form where she was standing. "i know" she whispered "cause i do too"


nah im not that mean its still going lol
hope you liked it please review
its getting good
cause i used to suck remember

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only fools fall in love: falling into the darkness


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