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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants by Iced_Cherriez
Chapter 19 : Chapter 19- Pheonix Feather Quills
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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants

Chapter 19 - Pheonix Feather Quills

Bonjour!! and no I am not french...

anyways my friend is here and we were deciding what to name this chapter... first one was 'The Position', which then made us think of what some dirty minded people out there might think.. then she said the snake.... same effect.. so it is now called pheonix feather quills.. so I hope that does not make out as anything dirty... lol

I am trying to decided who to kill off.... it is kind of funny.. but I promised my friend that I wouldn't kil of Colin.. I might just ahve to put him in intenisive care or somehting.. lol joking.. or maybe being kissed by a dementor, thats not kiling him.. OW! she is hitting me with my toy snake.... great!.. Sorry shel!! NOOOOO - not colin, you cant, if u hurt him (well nearly kill him) i will come and nearly kill you! HAHAHAHA bye bye luv shell .. okay that was my friend shell her account is beetle_shell, check it out!! and no i didn't just write that to pretend I had friends... oh well anyways..

gotta go.. hope you like this chappie!!

Lotsa love Iced_Cherriez


It was now Sunday morning and Harry, Ron and Hermione were making their way down to the Great Hall for breakfast. Harry hadn’t eaten anything since Friday lunchtime, though his mood made him not hungry. he didn’t want to eat and the thought of eating just made him feel sick.

Hermione and Ron were beginning to get worried, but no matter how much they talked to him, he didn’t want to eat. His face was starting to have a hollow sort of look, his pale complexion highlighted by purple rings under his eyes. He didn’t sleep very well each night, his past finally catching up on him.

He dreamt of the prophecy, of Sirius, of Cedric, of his Parents. His day beginning at around four o’clock in the morning after thrashing around in his dreams.

Ron never saw him go to bed, seeing that he was asleep before Harry even came into the dorm, and he never saw him in the morning. Harry would go for a walk around the lake every morning, trying to clear his mind before another day.

Earlier that morning, Harry was met by one of the professors while walking around the lake. Seeing as it was only five o’clock in the morning, Professor McGonagall was surprised to see him as she sat under a tree. Early in the morning was the only time teachers really got to them selves.

“Mr Potter, what are you doing here so early?” She caused Harry to jump as he walked past her.

“Professor, I didn’t see you.” McGonagall noticed his skinny physique, and his pale complexion. There was only one word for what he looked like, sick. “I just felt like a walk.” He said truthfully.

“Very well, you may continue on your walk.” Harry nodded and continued around the lake back towards the castle.

Right now Harry was sitting watching his friends stuff their mouths with their breakfast as he pretended to pick at his toast.

“Harry are you going to eat that? Or are you going to just play with it?” Hermione asked, annoyed at his sudden change in behaviour.

“Harry you need to eat something!” Ron pleaded, but before Harry could answer another voice blocked his excuse.

“Mr Weasley, Mr Potter and Ms Granger, The Headmaster seeks you in his office.” Harry, Ron and Hermione turned to see Professor Snape, sneering at there names. He smirked and walked off over to the staff table.

“I wonder what he wants to see us for.” Ron said, getting himself up off the bench. Hermione and Ron followed and made their way to the headmaster’s office.

“What’s the password?” Hermione asked.

Harry stepped forward and stated it, having seen Tonks make her way to the professor’s office the day before.

Pumpkin Pasties” He said calmly and the statue moved away. The three students climbed their way to the office door. Many voices were heard from behind, one of them Harry was sure was Snape.

“How did Snape get here so fast, I saw him at staff table before we left.” Harry whispered as Hermione was about to knock. She faulted and looked back at him.

“How do you know he is inside?”

“I just heard him speak.”

“Maybe the he flooed to Dumbledore’s after we left. I don’t know.” Hermione said as she brought her arm up again.

“There are a lot of people in there, I wonder what this is about.” Ron said, causing Hermione to lower her arm again.

“Maybe it’s the Order.”

“What do the Order want with us?” Ron asked, more to himself then anyone else.

“I don’t know, now will you please let me knock on the door!” She hissed and brought her arm up and knocked on the door finally.

“Come in.”

She opened the door and the three stood in the doorway peering inside.

Inside was most of the people whom were seen at Grimmauld Place. Most of the Order.

Dumbledore sat in his seat behind his desk as McGonagall and Snape stood next to him. Tonks, Moody and Mr Weasley were sitting on chairs on the right side of the table, while Mrs Weasley and the twins, who were wearing fancy dragon hide suits of a strange orange colour and Kingsley were sitting on the other side.

Bill and Charlie stood behind them, glancing around at the different portraits on the wall.

There were a few other people who Harry didn’t know who were standing around the room, but other than that, it was most of the Order. Remus wasn’t there though. Only Harry knew he was on a mission, and Hermione and Ron frowned as they didn’t see him.

“You can come inside, you know.” Dumbledore chuckled as they stood in the doorway. The three of them hesitantly walked forward into the room.

“Do you know why you are here?” he asked them They are shook their heads and walked closer to the desk.

“After a big discussion with my fellow Order members, we only see fit to accept you into our mist.” What was he saying, were they going to be part of the order?

“We would like to welcome you to the Order. You must each take a vow and take a drink from this goblet.” He motioned towards a gold goblet encrusted with jewels sitting on the empty desk in front of him.

“Harry James Potter, could you please sign here?” He asked and motioned towards a book which sat next to the goblet.

Harry walked forward and looked down at the book.

I Harry James Potter, vow to help the Order when ever it sees fit. When ever anyone calls I will help them in any way I can. I vow to put any conflicts between myself and another behind me and treat all as equals.

I Harry James Potter vow to be kind and helpful in anyway during a mission and out.

Harry read the magical writing as it appeared on the page. Harry thought for a moment, before picking up the Phoenix feather quill and writing his name neatly underneath the vow.

Dumbledore placed the goblet in Harry’s hands and he brought it up to his lips. As soon as the mysterious liquid hit Harry’s lips he felt a warm feeling pass over his body. He felt his wand in his pocket grow warm. His ears rang with a mysterious song and he suddenly knew what the liquid was inside the goblet. It was Phoenix tears.

Harry smiled as he set the goblet back on the table and everyone stared at him. Dumbledore surveyed his through his half moon spectacles, a twinkle in his eyes.

“Albus... How?” Professor McGonagall said from his side. Harry frowned and stepped back a slight bit, taking in all the expressions around him. The professor held up his hand, telling McGonagall to wait.

“Ronald Bilius Weasley?” He said and Ron walked forward. Harry could see Mrs Weasley looking worriedly at Ron, obviously not wanted her youngest son to join in with the adults in the Second War.

Ron read the book and signed with the quill. He then brought the goblet up to his lips, taking a drink from its liquid. He swayed a small bit and set it back down, falling to the ground.

Harry’s eyes widened and he was just about to run over to his friend, when the Headmaster waved his wand. Ron shifted around and finally came back into consciousness.

Maybe that was why everyone frowned at him.

Now was Hermione’s turn and she also fell to the ground in unconsciousness. After she was awoken from her sleep, Dumbledore called them forward once more. He reached down into a draw and produced three cloaks and three golden medallions.

He placed the first cloak and medallion in Hermione’s hands. Hermione’s eyes widened in excitement as a small owl etched into the medallion as she took it into her hand. She placed it around her neck and stood back.

A small griffin etched onto Ron’s medallion as it was placed into his hands. Ron’s eyes lit up and he placed it around him neck. He then put the cloak over his shoulders and stood back, ready to watch Harry.

Professor Dumbledore stopped and looked at Harry before he moved to placed the medallion in his hand.

Harry watched Dumbledore as he faulted beforehand. He watched Dumbledore’s eye twinkle as he handed the cloak and the medallion into Harry’s hands.

The medallion shone and lighted up the whole room. Harry’s eyes glowed green and something was etched into his pendant. A small picture of a Phoenix appeared onto it.

The room gasped at the display, though it was over before anyone could tell what was happening. Harry placed it around his neck and pulled the cloak over his shoulders.

He was now part of the Order of the Phoenix!

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Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants: Chapter 19- Pheonix Feather Quills


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