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Pendent of the Serpent by ChristinaLR
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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“Face it, you’ve gotten us lost!” Jared exclaimed.

“I don’t think so. I know exactly where I’m going and there is a village in…” Cass turned around in place and a second time, pointing to the south, “that direction.”

“I hate following you. I wish we had some sort of map. That way I don’t have to rely on you.” Jared crossed his arms over his chest. “I also hate it when you’re right.”

“That’s why you love me.” Cass smiled, “Jared, why did you come to England?”

“I figured that you needed someone to keep you company and I was right.” Jared answered; he ducked from the swinging branches as Cass led the way thru the woods. “I must add that you are highly unpredictable at that.”

“Well, that’s what you get when you’ve known me for as long as you have. Come on, you are just so slow.” Cass laughed to herself remembering their childhood and growing up together. Those were good times.


Harry sat on the hard bed and for the first time in eight months, he allowed his mind to wonder. Immediately he began seeing the same things as he had just eight months before; images of smoke and bodies flying high in the sky. He knew that the places he saw smelled of smoke and of death.

He had separated himself from his friends so he could think. The dirty window showed the sky a dull gray color and he wondered if they would get any rain or snow from it. Only time could tell, not even magic could be able to predict such weather. Harry lay down on the bed and stared at the gloomy ceiling. He wanted the war to be over now and wish he wasn’t in such a predicament.

“Harry? Are you in here?” He heard someone ask behind the door.

“Yes, come in.” He rolled off the bed and opened the door. “Ginny, what’s wrong?”

“They found Bill.” Ginny had tears streaming down her cheeks. He oldest brother, Bill, had been missing for months and from the way she was acting, they had found him dead.

“I’m sorry, Ginny.” Harry pulled her into a hug, hoping it would help.

“More and more people are dying every day. I don’t want the day to come when most everyone are gone.” Ginny whispered her head rested on his chest.

“It will be over soon, I promise.” Harry whispered.


The sky was darkening with every minute and Jared was slightly worried. He wondered whether it would be rain or snow, either way, he didn’t want to be stuck in the open with just Cass.

“Jared, if you are just going to lag behind, then you can forget about shelter.” Cass sternly said.

“Alright I’m coming. I don’t want it to be rain, then where will we be. How much further till we reach the village?”

“A couple more minutes.” Cass replied. She turned out to be right. Their cloaks still tightly wrapped around them, fighting the cold, they came upon a village. It was a strange village, one neither of them had ever seen before.

“Are you sure this is a muggle village?” Jared asked. The names of the shops and taverns were truly out of the ordinary for muggles.

“No, I thought it was, but the names tell me otherwise.” Cass answered. She knew at once when she found Honeydukes’, they were in Hogsmeade village. “We are not that from Hogwarts now. This is the wizarding village.” Cass was truly excited now.

“Okay, so we are with our own kind. Let’s get something to eat at Three Broomsticks.” Jared suggested and he led her to the tavern for some food and warmth.

Upon entering the tavern, Cass found an empty table at the bar. Both took a seat and looked around. They must have looked strange, as both of them were wearing muggle clothing.

“Are you in the right place?” An older woman behind the counter asked.

“I’m quite sure of where I am now that we have made contact with a wizarding village.” Cass started saying, “Sorry about the appearance, we originally were looking for a muggle village, but to our luck found Hogsmeade.”

“What can I get the two of you? You seem to be like drowned rats.” The woman placed two empty mugs in front of them.

“Butterbeer and some sort of nourishing food.” Jared answered this time.

“Coming right up.”

“I believe we need to get into some robes. I’m freezing.” Jared told Cass quietly.

“Me too. Now that we are close to Hogwarts, we have a better time figuring out where my dad is possibly at. We should stay a few days and I’ll send an owl to him.” Cass said. She gazed at the empty mug in front of her, waiting for it to be filled. A minute later, the mugs were filled to the brim with Butterbeer. Cass watched as her friend chugged three-quarters of his in only a matter of seconds.

“I’m thirsty.” He answered without having to hear the question that she was about to bestow upon him. “Just like you to leave a place with no food or water and travel. If you keep doing this, you’re likely to kill me before too long!”

“I didn’t say a thing, now did I?” Cass chuckled silently to herself.

“Here you go some hot food for you.” The woman behind the counter brought out two plates of roast turkey with some rolls. Both hadn’t eaten for almost 24 hours and they hadn’t had any good food for months.

“I’m glad that this tastes good.” Cass said after a few minutes. Jared didn’t respond; reason being food was stuffed in his mouth. “I suppose you really like it.”

Jared swallowed, “Of course, this is the best I’ve had since I left home. I would give anything to taste my mom’s cooking again. I haven’t had any since you made me come out here.”

His little speech caused Cass to hold her fork in midair, mouth hanging open. “Excuse me? I believe it was you who wanted to come.” Then in baby talk she said, “You wanted to make sure that I had someone to look after me.”

Jared lightly punched her in the shoulder after he finished eating his food. Glancing around the room, he pointed out several people to Cass, ones she recognized from her visions. She didn’t know them personally, only by face and what fate had coming for them.

“You can stop, I have eyes, remember?” Cass flagged down the woman who was just a few feet away. “Do you know where we can stay for the night?”

“No where here. You can take a carriage to the border of a little village and stay at the bed and breakfast there. Names Shiny Bed and Breakfast. Not much money per night. To get the muggle currency there is an exchange shop just down the road.”

“Thank you so very much. Come along Jared.” Cass found her way out of the tavern with Jared following closely behind. After almost losing her before, he didn’t want to get lost again.

Cass wrapped her cloak tightly around her before she walked out the door, running into someone coming into the tavern at the same time. Cass fell to the floor and looked up to the person who knocked her over.

“Do you not know where you are going?” Cass asked, angrily.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Cass recognized the voice that was now criticizing what she had done 23 hours before. Jared helped Cass up and with some difficulty, neither knowing why it was so.

“I want to know what you are talking about.” Cass responded, sounding a little dejected.

The man speaking to her raised the hood that hid his face. Jared glanced over at Cass to see how she would react. She gasped; she thought she had gotten away, at least far enough to go back to the U.S.

“Cass, what the hell do you think you are doing?” He asked again.

“You may be my father, but you certainly have no right to act like one. I am twenty one, in case you have forgotten.” Cass glared intently at him, “I have to get out of this country. Maybe the nightmares will stop if I did.” The last sentence she spoke was a mere whisper.

“Going anywhere will endanger the both of you. You are coming with me.” Remus indicated to his daughter and Jared. They both followed against their will, Cass’s already known, but Jared’s secret desire was not to be found as of this time.

Broomsticks were used to take the three to the Headquarters of the resistance. The flight wasn’t long, but with the cold, it made them all feel a little sick to the stomach. Normally, Cass loved flying, even in the cold, but the thought of her visions came back to her. They were nightmares to her and she wanted them out of her head, knowing that it was impossible.

“Anyone born on the full moon of the first month and given the name of Cassandra as a first name is a very special child. That is you my dear. This gift was given to you for a purpose, which is slightly unknown, but does have something to do with the snake and the son of a stag. Remember these words of caution.”

Cass couldn’t shake the memory, no matter how much magic she used to prevent it. Now the advice beginning to come true, the Dark Lord being the snake of whom the woman spoke about. That woman and only Jared knew about her visions, but even Jared didn’t know the extent of the meaning behind them.


Hours later Remus led his daughter and Jared into the meeting hall. Everyone was ready for the big meeting. Introductions went around the table, starting with Chris and ending with the famous Harry Potter, the one who had cheated death so many times before. During the meeting, Cass stole glances, taking note that he was a very silent person in such times of hardship. His personality said otherwise the type of person he was.

Listening to the older adults argue became stressful and everyone was feeling it. Within two weeks, they had lost more people than in the two years since the war started. The same time the visions became clearer for Cass. All the talk of the war was getting to her and she had to leave, her tough act wasted. Near the closing of the meeting, Cass left the table and left the building, choosing to sit in the little messy garden.

Her eyes closed and leaning comfortably against a tree, she let her mind wander, trying to find a steady topic to think about. She didn’t intend to think about Harry, but it was her mind and it was telling her otherwise. Thinking about him now caused her brain to flood with visions. All of them blurry and having no set action to them made her yelp from the pain.

“Are you okay?” Cass twisted slightly to see the person addressing her. The moonlight wasn’t of any help and cast a shadow over him.

“I’m not quite sure.” She answered after a bit of thinking.

“Care to tell me?” He sat down on the other side of the tree, his back pressed against it as well.

“Not particularly. I’m not even sure who you are. If I tell you, I may have to kill you.” Cass answered. Hearing the man laugh at her joke was a soothing touch that she desperately needed. Her curiosity perked, she crawled to the other side and saw a lighting bolt scar glowing brightly in the moonlight. “I suppose that I can tell you, if you really want to know.”

“I want to know everything because somewhere inside me, I know that you know something about Voldemort and his followers.” Harry said.

“I had several blurry visions about you and I guess it was against the rising evil.” She said slowly, not wanting to cause a panic.

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Pendent of the Serpent: Chapter Two


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