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Heart Of Glass by Hermione
Chapter 3 : Hogsmeade
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"Well, if there's one place you won't get ambushed, then it's Hogsmeade." Hermione said. "Are you MAD!!! EVERYONE GOES TO HOGSMEADE!!" Ron yelled at her. "Yes, but it's so crowded there no one even looks twice. They're to busy trying to find their friends they don't think about who they're next to and say 'LOOK EVERYONE!! IT"S HARRY POTTER AND HIS GIRLFRIEND!!'" Hermione told us. "She has a point, Ron." Harry said. Ron releculantly agreed, but he wouldn't admit it was true.

Later at Hogsmeade, Hermione proved her point to be true. No one even noticed us. We had a great time- until Malfoy opened his big, fat, rich, snobby mouth. "Everyone! LOOK!! IT'S POTTER AND HIS GIRLFRIEND!!" Eveyone who heard him turned to look. We all turned around to run.We ran until we made it to the Common Room. "We lost them." I said. "Until all the Gryffindors get back." Hermione added. "But that's just Gryffindors," Ron put in. "At least THEY listen." We all agreed. "Yeah, the rest of the kids won't even let us open our mouths!" Harry said. When the rest of the Gryffindors came in, they didn't mob us at all. We didn't even tell them not to. Hermione and i decided to get some studying in, and we encouraged the boys to, but they refused. "Ok, don't blame us if you get bad mrks." Hermione told them. Ron just rolled his eyes as though grades weren't important. He turned to say something to Harry. Then Hermione whispered to me, "Have you and Harry had your first kiss yet?" I replied with, "No." She gave a look that was kind of like, ' I can't believe you', and also said, ' Tonight would be a good night'. I told her no, though I wasn't so sure I was sincere about it.

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Heart Of Glass: Hogsmeade


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