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Heart Of Glass by Hermione
Chapter 2 : Harry\'s Girlfriend
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Last year was my fifth year. I was completely naive, looking back. I was also dating Harry Potter. People were spreading rumors. I would hear then talking as I walked by. "Did you hear? Harry Potter's got a girlfriend!" some Gryffindor girls said. "I heard it was that Granger girl." some Hufflepuff boys said. "I heard that it was Ginny weasly" some other Gryffindors said. These were boys. "You know, I heard that girl Harry Potter is dating is Jo Gibb." a group of boys and girls were saying. I stopped, hoping none of them knew what I looked like. "Oh, what I wouldn't give to be Potter if it WAS her!" said a Hufflepuff boy. "Yeah I know! And she's even in my house!" a Gryffindor said. "Oh look! There she is!" a girl said, pointing in my direction. I ducked into the crowd, trying to lose them. "Jo! JO!!" a voice said. I looked around and saw Harry. I ran up to him and hugged him. I hoped no one had seen us. "Come on, let's get to the Common Room." Harry said. we went up without being seen again, only to walk up to the portrait of the Fat Lady and find Ron and Hermione. "HURRY!!" Harry yelled. "Alright! Tidilywinks!" Ron said. We got in the Common Room and found ourselves to be the only ones in it. "Hogsmeade day." Ron said. "Good, so we won't be ambushed!" I said, out of breath. "Why were you being ambushed?" Hermione asked. "They know who Harry's girlfriend is." I said simply.

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Heart Of Glass: Harry\'s Girlfriend


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