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Beyond The Veil by Secret Lily
Chapter 3 : Happiness Always Leads To Sadness
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Bold- Dead POV

Chapter 3-Happiness Always Leads To Sadness

Harry sat in his Potions class, awaiting the hour to be over. It was well know that Harry’s least favorite class was Potions. He was actually decent at Potions, it was the teacher he disliked. Professor Severus Snape seemed to have held a grudge against Harry for all the seven years he attended Hogwarts. Harry’s father and Snape did not really see eye-to-eye on anything. Harry had been surprised at the fact that he actually received fair marks in Potions last year.

Harry had taken being an Auror seriously in the last year and a half and taking NEWT potions was part of the process. Snape, a greasy haired, dark-eyed man, made his way over to Harry’s cauldron with a sneer on his face. For the first time ever, Harry could not find anything about his potion that Snape could criticize. Hermione looked over at Harry and grinned. She had watched him carefully, making sure he had done everything correctly. Ron on the other hand, had a steaming pink potion. This was not a good sign as they were supposed to be making a still, blue potion.

Harry looked at the schedules in the Great Hall and found that he had Patrol Duty tonight. He was going with Ginny Weasley and that brought a grin to his face. He never thought of Ginny in a romantic way but recently she had been on his mind, along with many other things. He still had nightmares every night; almost always awaking drenched in cold sweat. It had been three years since Voldemort’s return to power and Harry had not felt any safer since then. The fear seemed to increase. He walked over to the Gryffindor Table for lunch and saw Ron. Ron seemed to be absently staring at Hermione and Harry found it suspicious.

“Hey, what are you looking at?” Harry whispered so only Ron could hear.

“Have you ever thought of Hermione as, as a well-girl?” Ron asked.

“Well yeah, since she is one,” Harry replied.

“No you stupid git! I mean like in a way other than a friend,” Ron asked, feeling the involuntary need to blush.

“Um, not really. She’s not my type,” Harry said.

“Harry, no one’s your type. You need to find someone,” Ron said.

“Why? At school relationships never really do get serious,” Harry told his friend.

“Yes they do! Look at me and Luna,” his best friend offered. Harry didn’t find it all too convincing.
“If things are so peachy in the Luna department, why are you staring at Hermione?” Harry questioned.

Ron turned bright red, a Weasley trait, and stared down at his food. He and Harry did not speak another word for the rest of lunch.

“So you think Ron likes Hermione but doesn’t want to break Luna’s heart?” Lily said with a look of pure interest.

“Oh Lil, please tell me you are not thinking of our son’s life as one of those silly soap operas,” James said giving is wife a disbelieving look.

“Well, there’s nothing else to do around here,” she said pointing off to the darkness surrounding them.

“I guess you’re right,” James mumbled.

They sat for a few moments watching their son walk off to Transfiguration class. James usually enjoyed watching his son try to transfigure something new each day but today nothing could lift his spirits. The world he, Lily, Sirius, and all the victims lived in sometimes caused depression. That was the main purpose of keeping the souls of the murdered, to torture them through means of depression.

Lily looked over at her husband James and saw the gloom in his face. At times like these she had no means of helping her husband. It was every man for himself or herself in her situation. Their life had been perfect. They had, had a healthy son and a good, strong marriage. They had good jobs at the Ministry and had good supportive friends.

Why had their life been ended? Why were they cast to live in such misery?

Lily looked over at Sirius. He had not been cooperating with the idea of living a dark after- life. He had envisioned that when he died he would be sent to heaven and would live in paradise with James and Lily. He never imagined such darkness.

“Why can’t I do this?” Ron said, looking frustrated with his wand. The class was trying to transfigure their desks into an animal but Ron found it rather difficult. Hermione had transfigured her desk into a lovely fox on her third try and Harry followed her shortly.

“You’re muttering the spell wrong,” Hermione said.

“Well, little miss I-Know-Everything, how do you do it?” Ron asked, sending a reproachful look to Hermione.

“If you’re going to insult me then I won’t give you my help,” she said, feeling slightly used.



“They remind me of us when we went to school, don’t you think James?” Lily asked.

“Actually, they reminded me of you and I a few years back. I am surprised Mrs. Potter, you didn’t figure that one out earlier,” James said with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh shut it you two. Merlin, you guys are way too competitive,” Sirius said.

“Am not,” Lily and James said at the same exact time.

They all felt a sense of happiness for a moment, but then, it was gone. Just as all the other happiness they felt left them. Lily sat and realized how many times she and James had felt almost normal but then it had been grasped away.

“Please Harry dear, defeat Voldemort soon, before our souls perish forever.”

A/N: Trust me, it gets better. I really hate the beginning chapters. Please post a review when you get the chance. Or, you can check out my other two stories.

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