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Fallen Angel by sunny
Chapter 4 : Chapter 3: The Dark Lord\'s Plans
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~Chapter 3: The Dark Lord’s Plans~
"Hey, Hermione!" Hermione turned around as she heard the calling of her name, bringing her back to reality. It was Harry and Ron. During the summer holidays, Harry had spent the last few weeks at the Burrow with the Weasleys.
After the trio had loaded their trunks onto the train, they found an empty compartment and the two boys started updating Hermione with what they had done over the holidays.
"Harry, there’s a new broom model in stalls, called the Silver Star.” Ron said enthusiastically. “I heard that it’s almost the same as your Firebolt, just that it has a nicer tail than it, and it is lighter, good for speeding."
"Oh Weasley, I see that you have a taste for expensive brooms, haven’t you? Sadly, you can’t even afford a Nimbus 2000… don’t even dream of the Silver Star" said an icy cold voice, followed by sneers. It was Draco and his gang, Crabbe and Goyle.
"You three never fail to cause a chaos in our compartment, do you?" Harry replied, his voice as hard as steel.
"Yes, Potter, it is my hobby to annoy the ‘Boy who lived’. So, are you afraid after reawakening the Dark Lord?” Malfoy sneered crossing his arms and leaning against the doorway of their compartment. “You would probably join forces with him and leaving your pathetic mudblood and redheaded friends all alone. Haha... or probably you won’t.” He paused for a second, smirking: “Haha… you’re as feeble as them."
Ron practically burst into flames at the insult. “Why you…” He whipped out his wand, shooting a spell at Malfoy. The Slytherin member ducked just in time. A duel was soon under way, both Harry and Draco drawing their wands and preparing to attack the other.


Malfoy’s legs were suddenly glued together. Losing his balance, he toppled flat onto the ground.

While Harry and Ron burst into laughter, Crabbe and Goyle quickly carried Malfoy out of the compartment, as Malfoy shouting in rage: "Mudblood Granger! I’ll make you pay for that!"
"Thanks, Hermione. That was quick thinking," said Harry, smiling at her.
"It was nothing," replied Hermione. She was blushed, but quickly hid behind her book, ‘Hogwarts: A History; Second Edition’.
"Ma… Ma… Master… Yes, Wormtail at your service." Wormtail trembled as he stood behind Voldemort. The Dark Lord had been reawakened, and he was currently busy examining a map- A map containing the route through Hogsmeade. He had a brilliant plan in mind, but it needed fine-tuning.
After coming alive again, the Dark Lord had a strong desire to mutilate the person who had caused him to suffer such agony over those 10 years – Harry Potter. BUT, he will not be killing him; it would have been too easy, or, too painless a revenge on Potter. He had tried killing him during the boy’s four years at Hogwarts, but he had failed miserably, always missing his chance by just an inch. No, Voldemort thought, this time, I will succeed.
"WORMTAIL!” an ominous voice spoke.
“I have a plan. A plan to ensure that Harry Potter will get out of my way while I turn each and everyone against Dumbledore! Boskull!" The Dark Lord raised his voice to the ceiling, and a black raven flew down from the high window of the dark chamber, landing on one of Wormtail’s arms..
"Boskull, I need you to be a spy. Spy on Harry Potter. Learn about his habits and find out who his close friends are. They will be the first I will turn against him… They shall be the slaves of the Dark Lord! Payment to Potter who has turned me into what I am today! He who must no be named turned around to face Wormtail and the raven: “Remember, and report to me by the next full moon. My plans should be ready by then…"
The raven acknowledged Voldemort’s instructions. With a caw, it flew off through the high window of the chamber. Seeing his raven leave, the Dark Lord now focused his attention onto Wormtail.
"You have failed me once, Wormtail." The deep voice bored into the very depths of Wormtail’s soul.
"Ye… Yes… Master, and I am very sorry, sorry indeed! I…. I promise to do a clean job out of it this time!" Wormtail trembled.
Wormtail can screech and grovel all he wants. He’s the evil bootlicking lackey after all.
"Your last chance, Wormtail, or else…" The Dark Lord slid his icy cold, boney fingers across Wormtail’s throat.
"Ye… Yes… Master, I… I will do as… that you say…" quivered Wormtail.
"Now, your task is to check on the events happening at Hogsmeade. Who is in charge, what are the daily routines and you are to report to me in two days time. Do I make myself clear?"
"Ye… Yes Master." And then, Wormtail whimpered. The fingers suddenly let go of his throat, and Wormtail gladly scampered out of the room.
"Harry Potter, I don’t believe in luck, you will die in my hands either sooner or later. I shall torture your friends and family, everyone who is closest to you until you surrender…. “Sleep well Harry Potter. You might never sleep so well again.” Voldemort leaned back into his high-backed chair, chuckling grimly to himself.
Voldemort’s laughter affected the sky too. Heather was now aware of the dangers that would and could happen. She quickly orbed to the Heaven Chamber to report her insights.
"Gillian! This is urgent!" Her voice was heard before she was even seen. After the streaks of sparkling blue light disappeared, she quickly spoke of the urgent matter.
"The Dark Lord is brewing a plan against Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore. What is essential now is Harry Potter’s safety. As far as I am concerned, I only know that something will happen while he is outside of school. He will not be harmed physically, in direct, but the Dark Lord will mutilate his emotional dilemma. Please inform Hermione of this. I shall continue updating you on this matter." With that, she disappeared.

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Fallen Angel: Chapter 3: The Dark Lord\'s Plans


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