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Fallen Angel by sunny
Chapter 3 : Chapter 2: Tasks from the Council
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Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling, except for the names of the Angels, excluding Hermione.

~Chapter 2: Tasks from the Council~
"Honey, we’ve arrived," said Mr. Granger, breaking Hermione’s train of thoughts.
"Oh, ok," said Hermione dreamily. She unloaded her trunk for the car booth and after kissing her parents goodbye, she walked into the station.
While walking to the barrier that leads to platform 9 ¾, she recalled what the events that were mentioned by Gillian when she reported the situation to her….
"Hello Hermione, what news do you have for us?"

"I believe that the council has foreseen and heard of the news that the Dark Lord has once again rise, Cedric Diggory, was his first victim," replied Hermione, grimly.
Cedric was one of the talented wizards of the school and he had a bright future. Due to unforeseen circumstances, his angel, Renova, was unable to protect him when he was teleported.
"Yes, and Renova hasn’t really gotten over the distress of being unable to protect him," responded Kayla with dismay, who is responsible of the angels’ welfare. She has soft light brown hair that falls nicely on her shoulders. She was wearing pink dress, which signifies care and passion to everyone.
"She will live through the pain; just give her time, Kayla. Hermione, your burden has increased. You have to ensure that Harry is never alone at areas around the school, especially late in the evening, his life is at risk. While visiting Hogsmeade, never be distracted or be pulled away from him…" Gillian’s voice was trailing away as she walked towards the center of the chamber.
"We have a visitor," explained Gillian.
With that, streaks of sparkling blue light appear with enchanting harmony of nature, temporarily blinding the sight of every seated. When the light faded, Heather, Angel of Blue Sky appeared. Heather was an angel with pale white hair which was long enough to touch her waist. Her blue dress signifies calmness and peace which she had hoped to bring to the world. Heather foresees everything that happens in the mortal world and reports back to the council. She also has the ability of seeing the future, which allows the council to be able to put a stop to most tragedies.
With a curtsy, she started: "Gillian, I anticipate the Dark Lord causing a stir somewhere at the north of London. According to my premonitions, his is devising a plan to turn everyone into his servant. As to how is he going to do that, I’m not sure. Hermione, please tighten your guards. Harry Potter’s life is at risk."
"Thank you, Heather. Please keep us informed."
As Heather left, Gillian said: "Hermione, I believe that you have heard enough to know what is about to happen. I have told you what to do, and I shall send Kayla to keep you updated with the news of the council. Good luck with your tasks."

Before Hermione left, Kayla gave her warning: "Hermione, I have been observing you for these four years and with confirmation from Heather… May you heed my advice to have control over your feelings. I can’t bear to see you fall…"

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