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Fallen Angel by sunny
Chapter 2 : Chapter 1: Journey to King\'s Cross
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Fallen Angel: Chapter1

MOE, Singapore

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A/N: Some info does not tally with the books by J.K., but just let it
be. Hope you guys donít mind!

~Iíve reviewed the whole story for grammar errors. Hopefully there are
less mistakes.


~Chapter 1: Journey to Kingís Cross~

It was a cool summer morning, and somewhere in London,
a girl named Hermione Granger woke up.

A gust of cool summer breeze entered through her
window, making her feel refreshed. Looking at the clock on the table, it was
seven in the morning and it was September 1st. She was to make her
way to Kingís Cross Station in less than 3 hours.

While checking her trunk, ensuring that what was
needed was brought, she looked at the letter of offer sent by the school during
the summer holidays. She had been chosen to become a prefect. However, she had
to decline the offer. "An angel must never crave for power, greed or
lust", was the first rule of the 5 laws. Furthermore, being a prefect
demanded a lot of her time, and she must not disregard her responsibility of
being an angel. That was the second rule of the Laws of Angelica.

On the way to the train station, she sat near the
window and stared at the greenery reflecting upon her past four years at
Hogwarts. She had faithfully carried out her duties of protecting Harry.
Whether it was during Quidditch matches or during any of their adventures, she
was there to shield him. Moreover, she was always there when he needed guidance
or advice on matters; may it be school or personal matters. However, during her
second year when the Chamber of Secrets had been opened, while she was lying in
the hospital wing petrified, Harry had risked his life to save Ginny and had
nearly died. Fortunately, the Council of Angels decided not to strip her off her
duties as she had a valid explanation.

Then, she remembered what she had done at
the start of the holidays after they had just alighted from the train. She had
kissed Harry on the cheek. Thinking of it brought a blush to her cheeks. She
thought of their relationship, from becoming acquaintances to friends to best
friends. Now, she was thinking otherwise. Becoming self-conscious, she
shook the though out of her head. Gillianís shrill voice biding her not to
forget the 5 Laws of Angelica echoed through her head, and a pang of guilt
stabbed through her heart.



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