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Come Closer by KawaiiAce2003
Chapter 1 : Meetings & Greetings
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I don't own anything in this story except for the plot, Kris, Tony, James and more fictional characters I will make in the future.

"Hey Kris, do you feel like ordering out tonight?"

I peaked above my paperback book and said, "Ummm…. sure. Chinese?"

James nodded and picked up the phone. He dialed the numbers he knew so well and placed the order.

I didn't say anything because James knew what I wanted. He always knew what I wanted without being wrong. That is why I loved him.

He hung up the phone and sat down next to me. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and kissed my neck.

"Don't start," I warned.

"Start what?" James asked innocently and kissed me on the cheek.

I leaned my head on his shoulder and signed deeply. I have never been so happy with someone before and it seemed that everything was coming into place.

"When will be the next time you got to work?" James asked.

"They said not until the end of the summer," I answered. "But they might need me sooner. The character designs I sent them should have been good enough."

James laughed and said, "Yes, you are good. A little conceited though."

"What?" I exclaimed and punched him in his stomach. "I am not conceited, just confident."

"Well bring that confident ass over here."

James pushed me down on the couch and then started to kiss me deeply when the doorbell rang.

"James…." I said in-between kisses. "Food…"

"Yeah yeah," He whispered against my lips and climbed off of me.

As James paid for the good I went into the kitchen and pulled out some cups and paper plates. He walked into the kitchen and placed the bag on the counter.

"You know, this food will stay hot in the microwave for about thirty minutes," He said mysteriously.

I looked at him smiling and said, "What is your point?"

He creped over to me and put his hand on my hips. He kissed my lips and stuck his tongue my mouth. I giggled in anticipation and gently pushed him away.

"I don't want my food to get cold!" I said backing into the bedroom.

"That is what a microwave is for," He said closing the door behind him and turning off the light.

I pulled my car into the mall and parked as close as I could to the entrance. I noticed that there was a limo near the front but that was normal. I lived in New York City and there were celebrities strolling down the street around me.

I went down the escalator and into my favorite clothing store, 'Urban Fitters'. They had some of the latest designs that come out but at a reasonable price. I may be considered rich because of my high paying job, but I'm not stupid enough to spend it on everything.

"Back again, Kris?" Tony said as he sauntered his thin physic over to me.

"You know it, what do you have for me?"

"Well, Ms. Tony has a cute little sweat suit outfit just for you!" He giggled and pranced over to the storage room.

I laughed to myself at how Tony acted. Even though New York was full of gay people, they never ceased to amuse me. And I swear Tony was the gayest of them all.

"Mmmm-mmm, this color would look great on you!" He exclaimed as he held up a bright shorts set.

"When will you get it through your queer head that I will never wear pink?" I said to him.

"I'll give up when I turn straight," He answered and pulled a red number around from his back.

"Now that is what I am talking about," I said and took the red outfit with me to the changing room.

As I changed into the clothes I heard voices talking in a different accent. I could make out a young girl talking but not to Tony, maybe to her boyfriend or friends. I walked out of the dressing room and ran into a very tall and hard body.

"Oh I'm really sorry," A deep British accent said as they helped me up off the floor. I looked up into the most gorgeous blue eyes I have ever seen.

"Nah, I'm cool," I said and brushed the dirt off my ass.

"Ron, God you are such a klutz!" An equal British accent said and I turned around to face a pretty brunette.

She was holding up the hot pink outfit and I rolled my eyes.

"Tony! Stop trying to make every girl wear pink!" I yelled at him and he stuck his tongue at me.

The girl laughed and said, "It's okay, I like this color, and I was having trouble picking out some new clothes anyway."

"Well honestly," I said as I pointed to a much darker looking pink. "I think this one would look better with your skin tone and hair color."

"I think so too," Another boy popped up and stood beside her. He had blond hair and pale blue eyes.

The guy named Ron walked over to another kid with messy brown hair and glasses and was holding up some underware.

"Don't pay any attention to them. Every time I take them shopping with me they gotta go to the lingerie section," The girl said giggling.

"My boyfriend does the same thing," I grinned to her. "But of course he is buying it for me."

The girl laughed and said, "My name is Hermione Granger and this is Draco Malfoy."

The blond boy held out his hand and I shook it. It was a firm grip that I tried to match but failed.

"And those gits over there are Ron Weasley and Harry Potter," Hermione said pointing to the boys playing with the underpants.

"What is a git?" I asked confused.

"Oh sorry, we are from England and that is slang for idiot," Hermione explained.

"I knew those accents sounded familiar," I said to her.

Suddenly there was a beeping sound and Hermione looked down at her phone.

"Bollocks, we have to go," Hermione said and signaled the other two to come over. "Thanks a lot for your help and it was nice meeting you."

"Bye bye," I said and waved to them all goodbyes.

The cute redhead smiled at me and lingered a little waving until Harry pulled him from the store.

"I think the redhead was the cutest of the three," Tony said appearing out of nowhere.

"Yeah, you would," I said laughing.

"But unfortunately he was interested in you," Tony said sadly and walked behind his counter.

"No he wasn't," I said and quickly walked into the back room to change. When I finished I picked out a few more outfits and went to go pay for them.

"Honey, I have been with men since I flew out of my mother's womb. That boy was interested in you," Tony said while ringing up my clothes.

"It doesn't matter; I am practically a married woman."

"Where is the ring?" Tony countered and snapped his fingers.

I smiled and said my goodbyes. I made my way out the door when I saw a small leather wallet on the ground. I picked it up and looked to see that it was Hermione's.

"Shit," I said and raced through the mall to catch her. I was too much of a good person to not at least try and get it back to her.

Finding that wallet was the start of my life changing forever and I used to always ask myself….

Dammit why couldn't I have just mailed it to her like a smart person would?

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Come Closer: Meetings & Greetings


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